Thursday, July 19, 2007

Special Dispensations

According to Observatoire de l'Islamisation, Muslims who marry in France benefit from special privileges. In order to understand the article you have to know that, by French law, a couple must first get married at city hall, before marrying in a religious ceremony. The French State only recognizes the civil ceremony. A reminder also that religious matters are handled by the Interior Ministry:

Many Muslims do not stand before his honor the mayor before marrying religiously. Such a thing, though punishable by law, has become so common that a deputy of the UMP party addressed the question to the Interior Ministry. Etienne Mourut, a deputy from the Gard formulated his question thus: "in most towns, the civil services that provide certificates of a civil marriage, when requested by the couple wishing to proceed to a religious ceremony, are almost never solicited by couples of the Muslim religion."

The law specifies that "any minister in charge of religions who repeatedly permits religious marriages without having received the marriage certificate from officers of the civil services, will be punished with 6 months in prison and a fine of 7500 euros."

In its reply, the Ministry of the Interior, after referring to that very law, tried to defuse a scandal by naively affirming that in Islam marriage is not what it is in Christianity, therefore the law does not apply to Muslims:

"It needs to be pointed out that in Islam marriage is not a sacrament comparable to that of other religions and does not require a religious celebration. It is a civil contract, carried out in a private ceremony."

It's true that Muslim marriages are most often performed at home, but the fact remains that they are prepared with an imam and that they lead to the same result as a Christian marriage: the union between two beings before God. The ceremonies are so private that Muslim marriages are often followed by a cortege through the city, with horns blowing and Algerian and Moroccan flags waving.

It's nice to know that Islam is in a position, on French soil, to produce civil contracts recognized by the State.

Meanwhile, one more free ride for the Muslims.

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