Sunday, July 29, 2007

Testing the Law

Fabrice Robert, founder of the Bloc Identitaire, a nationalist group with branches in many regions of France, has taken a stand on the L'Oréal scandal by writing two letters, one to Louis Schweitzer, president of HALDE, the so-called "high authority in the fight against discrimination, etc..." a government sponsored agency that hunts down those accused of unfair hiring practices, and one to the CEO of L'Oréal Jean-Paul Agon.

Both letters, posted at Novopress, barely conceal a bitter irony. HALDE has never been known to come to the aid of ethnic Frenchmen turned down for jobs on the basis of their race. And I doubt that Agon will lose sleep over fear of being sued.

To Schweitzer he says:

Mr. Agon makes known in terms admitting of no ambiguity that he practices systematic discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, in the hiring of his workers. That is a clear violation of the existing laws.

(...) we would like to know what your organization intends to do about this case.

No reaction on your part could imply that HALDE never intervenes in cases of discrimination against ethnic Frenchmen.

To the CEO of L'Oréal he says:

(...) This is an obvious violation of the laws against racism and discrimination. Perhaps you feel that your position or the financial weight of your company place you above these laws of the nation, or, perhaps you are right, since, for the moment, no lobby or special administrative authority in the fight against racism has shown interest in this case. Likewise, no prosecutor, no judge, seems interested in suing you as they have the power and duty to do. But perhaps judges don't read Le Monde.

(...) This is why Bloc Identitaire has decided to launch a campaign informing (the public) of your policy of discrimination in hiring. Targeted especially will be business school students. And any ethnic Frenchman who is turned down by your company after sending a CV or being interviewed, will have the legitimate right to question the reasons for your refusal. We will also ask our lawyers to study the best way to file a complaint against you in French or European courts.

There are laws to punish Frenchmen suspected of racism. It is high time to apply them equally against those who practice racism and discrimination against the French - so-called ethnic Frenchmen in your case. You can count on us.

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