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Thoughts On The Monarchy

Before we leave this unusual, and for some patriots, unhappy, July 14, I wanted to print a personal note from a reader. She sent me this message a long time ago but I neglected to post it. It began with comments about her concern for the fate of animals in an Islam-dominated society, and proceeded to thoughts on French history:

I am an American of French heritage on my mother’s side. I have always been fascinated by the cultural genius of 17th and 18th century France and I truly LOATHE Republican France. I wish I was fluent in that most beautiful of languages, French. I am sure in a past life I fought for the King. I hope there are French Royalists out there who also believe in constitutional monarchy, a Parliament and a Prime Minister. It is has worked for the British for centuries, why not La Belle France!

Their republic does not count minorities, Africans, Arabs and Asians are all instant Frenchmen! So, a family, who had members fighting for the King of France since the 1300’s is as French as an Algerian Family who just settled in Marseilles?? France will never be America. I would hope it never happens. France’s most glorious, culturally significant and militarily superior times were under her monarchs. Period. No Corsican general who butchered a generation of young Frenchmen or the five republics who slaughtered another generation of Frenchmen will ever compare to the monarchy. France’s fatal mistake was the Reign of Terror. If only all society at the time could have compromised and laid the foundation for constitutional monarchy and a real legislative Parlement de France. France murdered her king in 1793, an act of barbarism by an illegitimate cabal of savages who then proceeded to destroy a great nation. France has and will continue to pay a price for this high crime against humanity.The republics butchered so many Frenchmen that now France will become an Islamic Republic in its near future. Long live the memory of the Kingdom of France! Long Live the King!

I'm afraid we cannot restore the monarchy, but we can restore some of its material symbols, and the efforts of the Ministry of Culture are bearing fruit in Versailles where the splendidly restored Gallery of Mirrors has won high praise. I believe that, besides public monies, the Ministry benefits from large contributions from donors.

The supervisor of the restoration is Frédéric Didier. More photos at L'Internaute

The mural by Louis XIV's favorite painter Charles Le Brun (1619-1690) shows "The King, armed on land and on sea" (1672).

The restoration of gilded statues and sculptures required, as for the paintings, a removal of the older successive restorations that hid the original colors.

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At July 15, 2007 1:28 AM, Blogger Chrisos said...

Yeah right!
Slavery was great as well, I guess.
We don't need any king, we just need the presidents to avoid thinking they are the new kings.
A royal family is just like a parasit, they just suck people's blood.
Be serious and think about it five minutes, except maybe for Henri IV, which king did any god to the French Nation?
Napoleon, during his brief reign ha a significant impact on Modern France.
The Revolution also brought the metric system, which is almost universally used.

A half French guy whose ancestors fought in the last major wars, not for a stupid king, but for their family and country.

At July 15, 2007 3:23 AM, Anonymous zazie said...

I have been deeply moved by what your reader had written ; you know I agree with those views ! France "lost her head" on the day she beheaded her king ! I'd like to suggest to Chrisos to have a more serious study of History, at least starting with Philippe le Bel ; he might then read about Louis XI ; Then he could perhaps learn a bit about what I call our "political couples" : Louis XIII/Richelieu, LouisXIV/Colbert..THEY "did some good" to France !
As for The Corsican General (I loved this allusion to one Austrian Corporal!), he was one of the greatest criminals in European history -and we have had many!- ; to put things bluntly, he was the logical outcome of the reign of Robespierre's gang...
So once again, VIVE LE ROY, and thanks to those American people who are generous donors, without whom Versailles would undoubtedly be a heap of ruins !

At July 15, 2007 10:05 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ zazie

Thank you for the comment. I, too, was going to say that Chrisos is in need of enlightenment. The reference to slavery is irrelevant. Slavery predates the Bible. Slavery exists today in many parts of the world where there is no monarchy. The European monarchs are often confused with dictators and tyrants - a total misrepresentation. They were Fathers of their countries, and had an inbred sense of duty, honor and loyalty to their people, something the arrogant, and self-centered Napoleon did not possess.

A reminder too that the mass murders, concentration camps, gulags and intellectual terrorism of the last 100 years or more were in no way connected to the European monarchs. They were, in fact, the result of abolishing the monarchies in favor of popularly elected demagogues.

I agree that a good president would be welcome, but please remember that a good president would, like a king, have an inbred sense of duty, honor and loyalty - like George Washington.

Finally, if Chrisos' ancestors fought for family and country, they had that sense of loyalty and duty handed down from the European monarchies and the European religions to their descendants, virtues that are now in their death agony as the last vestiges of a connection with European history are obliterated.

At July 15, 2007 1:58 PM, Blogger Chrisos said...

Philippe Le Bel? What a great King, he nominated a new pope in Avingon and exterminated the Templars. A nice tyrant.
Louis XI, aka spiderman? A rebel against his father's authority (he did not mourn him), who married an 8 years old girl.
You wrote it, Louis XIII was nothing without the Cardinal. Same for Louis XIV, didn't Colbert say "Pro rege, saepe, pro patria semper"?
You have the right to dislike Napoleon, I agree that he was far from being a humanist, but the Code Civil is more than 200 years old. He was a slef made man who didn't rely on some unfair inheritage or so called divine right.

Thanks for your advices, but no thanks, I do not think I need nor want to know the virtues of monarchy. What is the role of the British monarchy? If you want some characters to be taken in pictures and appear in tabloids, just get a monarchy. They are useless.

Salvery was just a controversial example, I could have said antisemitism (I suspect that it has a positive connotation to you), sexism, racism...
Not all monarchs are tyrants, but all of them are parasits.
An inbred sense? I am not sure that picking a child with lots of consanguinity and making him king will give him the guts and shoulders that are required to be a "Father".

Democracy and republicanism are not easy to acquire, it takes some time, so there might be some accidents.
George Washington is such a great example. The guy was racist and had slaves.

My ancestors where mid-class and even though I never had the opportunity of meeting them, I guse they where not glad to see that some of their work went to decadent aristocrats, who where fare less diserving than them but who were lucky to be born in the right house. You could argue that the nobles have been replaced by civil servants (the new parasites). I am not happy with that, but it will change.
People rarely fight for a symbol or for someone else (unless they are extremists or brain washed).

George Washington had slaves and was a racist, what a great man!

At July 16, 2007 1:08 PM, Anonymous blondelara said...

A monarch or monarchy is a symbol. The monarch(in France's case)represented by Henri VII, is a legacy of a nation in existence over 1500 years, formed by the determination of its founders to forge a nation. A king, a language, a religion, a culture. A France so defined in its essence, unlike any other state in Europe or the world. Not superior to any nation, just being itself. Democracy,freedom of press, religion, etc., no one disputes that, that is progress. You do not have to destroy the past to create a better and more egalitarian future. The king, the three golden lilies on the azure field, the glorious white cross on the blue banner. These are symbols of an ancient glorious kingdom. They do not threaten any Frenchman, they are part of France's living glorious history. The books of the republic state how the nation became alive in 1789. France lived for more than a thousand years before that. You will never destroy an idea of France that transcends any politician. La Royaume de France is eternal.

At July 16, 2007 3:49 PM, Anonymous zazie said...

à Blondelara
So sorry I can't quite agree ; for me the King is LOUIS XX ! Somehow, I can't trust la famille d'Orléans ; in the latest election, they advised to vote for Sarkozy ; now, how could a king wishfor the election of the president of a republic ? sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it ?

At July 17, 2007 7:58 AM, Anonymous blondelara said...

I will assume most monarchists in France(even republicans like Charles De Gaulle and Jacques Chirac) acknowledge the Royal House of Orleans as France's only royal family.They are French(not Spanish) and descend in a direct line from Louis XIV's brother Philippe. Even the King of Spain acknowledges the primacy of the Comte and Comtesse de Paris. As for the nod to Sarkozy I am sure he was the lesser of two evils. Most French People still believe in their present form of government. I do not see that changing anytime soon.

At July 17, 2007 12:38 PM, Anonymous zazie said...

Sorry again : they unfortunately descend from Philippe-Egalité....

At July 19, 2007 7:59 AM, Anonymous blondelara said...

So you are saying because of the infamous Philippe Egalite the whole family of Orleans is discredited forever!!! Now THAT is some strange reasoning. THAT reasoning would probably discredit most royal families in the world today!There is only ONE French Royal Family, La famille d'Orleans. PERIOD. No Spaniards need apply. Ask King Juan Carlos!


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