Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Fifth Resignation

A few weeks ago I reported on several resignations from Rachida Dati's Ministry of Justice. Now, a fifth employee has taken leave, leaving behind many unanswered questions.


Another resignation from Rachida Dati's team!

What is going on at the Chancery? After the resignations of Michel Dobkine, Philippe Lagauche, Fran├žoise Andro-Cohen and Xavier Samuel last July, a spokesman for the Ministry has announced the resignation of Michel Marquer, Rachida Dati's new bureau chief.

He had barely served a month and a half at his post, having just replaced Michel Dobkine, who resigned in July.

If the Ministry speaks of reorganization, and rotations that are completely "natural", and mutual agreements... in the corridors it is still said that these departures are due to the very bad atmosphere that reigns in the Ministry, and the rather authoritarian manner with which Rachida Dati conducts business... At least some unions think so, while others prefer to wait and see.

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