Friday, October 19, 2007

Today In Lisbon...

One of the first campaign promises broken by Nicolas Sarkozy dealt with the European Constitution, a measure that would ratify Europe as a political entity and definitively put an end to the sovereignty of individual nations. The French people voted against a Constitution in the referendum of 2005, and candidate Sarkozy, vowing that the will of the French people would be honored, led voters to believe he would fight for their nation.

No sooner in office (and if I recall, even a little before the election) he began to hint at something called a "mini-treaty" that he said would not be a real Constitution, but in fact has turned out to be a 3080-page document establishing a presidency and a foreign ministry for the EU, among many other sovereignty-killing features.

I described this mini-treaty and its contents in a post from last June entitled Sarkozy's Simplified Treaty.

Tomorrow, October 19, in Lisbon, Portugal, the member States of the EU will sign into effect this "mini-treaty". Novopress announces a rally in Paris to protest the signing:

The day that the European Summit meets in Lisbon to sign the so-called Sarkozy mini-treaty, instituting a supranational European Constitution hidden in a maze of amendments to preceding treaties, the monthly publication of sovereignty "L'Indépendance", edited by the French deputy to the European Parliament Paul-Marie Coûteaux, and the national committee Non-C-Non (No Means No) are calling for a big public rally as a reminder of the victorious "No!" of the French referendum in 2005.

This rally, fittingly, will take place at Place des Victoires, Paris, 2nd arrondissement, on Friday October 19 at 6:00 P.M.

It will mark the beginning of a long campaign of mobilization of French citizens demanding that their vote and French democracy be respected.


If you review my post from June, you will read these words by President Sarkozy:

"A country that voted yes, or a country that voted no, today share the same analysis and the same desire. We both believe that Europe must move forward, that we must move quickly, that a new treaty is necessary to remove the roadblocks."

He moved more quickly than anyone could have imagined.

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