Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Catholic cemetery In Algeria

I have on more than one occasion reported on cemeteries being desecrated, both in France and in North Africa. An article in Le Salon Beige led me to this 13-minute video showing the vandalism of a Catholic cemetery in Algeria, vandalism that is the result of years of neglect, as well as criminal acts.

Those interested in viewing the video should be aware that it is very graphic at times, and constitutes a testimony not only to the complete indifference of a Muslim country towards other religions, but also the neglect of the French government in not insisting that the bodies be returned to France.

There is no dialogue, just images and haunting background music. The video seems to have been made in 1997, but it was only recently posted at Daily Motion.

Update: October 1, 2009 - I have decided to embed the above-cited video into the post. If you find my format too small, then click the link to Daily Motion for a larger view. You may have to register, since some Daily Motion viewers reported the video for inappropriate content.

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At January 12, 2008 12:29 PM, Anonymous dauphin_b612 said...

Sorry, Tiberge, but the photos I saw were enough for me, prefer not to see the video. I assume the previous generation of my family got everyone out of the Catholic cemeteries, but will have to discuss this with my cousins, and see if we need to bring anybody home. Even if things were cared for by decent Algerian neighbors early on, this is unfortunately a different time.


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