Thursday, February 28, 2008

Opening the Flood-Gates

In keeping with the promise to practice "selective" immigration, Nicolas Sarkozy's Minister of Immigration Brice Hortefeux has signed an agreement with Senegal on the management of migrations into France. Included are four principal changes to the original 2006 agreement: long-term travel visas will be granted to "those in need of medical assistance,"108 trades in the fields of fishing, construction and hotel work will be open to Senegalese nationals, "the best conditions of respect for the dignity of the person" will accompany the repatriation of those in an illegal situation. Finally, France is committed to invest one million euros for two years, then five million per year in co-development projects.

Source Yahoo.

From his website Jean-Marie Le Pen raises his voice:

Brice Hortefeux has just demonstrated concretely that the so-called "selective" immigration of Nicolas Sarkozy is nothing more than the promotion of massive immigration.

The agreement concluded with Senegal opens wide the flood-gates. No fewer than 108 trades are open to Senegalese immigrants, and it is specified that that covers unskilled workers as well as skilled.

The unemployed French people will be happy to see jobs taken by immigrants who are not demanding on the questions of salary and work conditions.

Brice Hortefeux stressed that Senegal thus becomes the first non-European beneficiary, on such a scale, of the opening of the French job market.

Others will follow.

It is the destruction of French identity that is being programmed.

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At February 28, 2008 10:36 PM, Blogger Dr.D said...

It sounds like they have been in collusion with Washington politicians and bureaucrats. It seems that all national governments today think that population replacement is a good idea and that the new population will be better than the one to whom they are currently responsible. They have all been reading Marx again, that is evident.


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