Saturday, April 19, 2008

Benjamin Stora - Professional Revolutionary

Besides Daniel Cohn-Bendit another celebrated communist from May 68, Benjamin Stora, manages to stay in the news. Stora, born in Constantine, Algeria, is an historian and a specialist of Algerian immigration to France. He teaches North African history and French colonization at the Paris VIII-St-Denis branch of the University of Paris. A militant Trotskyist in May 1968, he was, until 1986, a member of the International Communist Organization, a group formed in 1965 as a result of a split within the Communist Party that had taken place in 1952. In 2007 he campaigned for Ségolène Royal. French readers can view a video of his rant in praise of Royal, in which he also extols the return of the authentic socialism many had hoped would follow her election.

Le Conservateur posted this critique of comments made by Stora on France Culture radio:

Have you heard Benjamin Stora on France Culture? Recently this gentleman proudly announced, with a tear in his eye, that 2007 was that last electoral victory of the Right, because soon new ethnic battalions " would upset the balance definitively." Today Mr. Stora wanted to put us on our guard: staying within the spirit of May 68 is not a matter of commemoration but of mobilization. What is needed, according to him, is to instill in ethnic minorities and the underprivileged (including the notorious migrants created by the Left for its own political purposes) a taste for challenging the established orders, in particular the "ethnic order", by drawing inspiration from the "decolonization" movements.

Note: I take this to mean that Stora wants to revive May 68 with ethnic minorities as his new tools for overturning the government. These ethnic minorities must "decolonize" themselves, the way Algeria broke French colonial rule.

Must we be reminded of how the little powdered prophets of the salons of 1788 ended up, those free-thinking shriveled up mummies professing false enlightenment in the comfort of their sumptuous dwellings, and those philosophizing prostitutes of good society hiding libertarian pamphlets under their skirts? Most of them ended their wretched existence on the scaffold, drenched in blood, or in the gutter, massacred by pikes, massacred by the very "tools" they claimed to be manipulating, and who completely escaped their control. Beware, Mr. Stora... You were forced to leave your native Algeria to save your skin. Your "protégés" might very well remind you one day that they had already chased you from "their territory."

To all those who are in need of a clarification, I dare say, Mr. Stora's thinking illustrates perfectly that massive immigration is a tool invented by the extreme Left to shatter European society, and to destroy it. There is no humanism here; his ideas reek of hatred. It is not freedom that Mr. Stora and the whole Saint-Germain-des-Près clique are calling for, but blood!

Note: For those not familiar with Paris, Saint-Germain-des-Près is an area near the Latin Quarter where left-wing intellectuals and other trouble-makers always gather. The cafés there are famous for their past clientele, including Sartre and Beauvoir.

If Le Conservateur sounds a warning, his readers go further in denouncing Benjamin Stora, calling him an agent of the government in the service of Sarkozy's multi-cultural project, and wondering how anyone can tolerate the Trotskyist and Maoist propaganda that spews forth every morning on France Culture radio.

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