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Cemeteries Profaned

Last Saturday night into Sunday morning acts of profanation were committed in the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette military cemetery near the city of Arras in the department of Pas-de-Calais. One hundred forty-eight Muslim tombs were desecrated. It is one more of a long series of acts of cemetery vandalism that have plagued France for many years, but when the tombs affected are Muslim or Jewish, there is usually an uproar of indignation, while desecrated Christian tombs receive much less publicity. It is this double standard that angers many nationalists, especially since it leads to a rekindling of feelings of guilt in ethnic Frenchmen, cowed into believing their country is a hotbed of racists.

This summary is from L'Express.

Four young persons were placed in custody for one day before being released.

Note: This article does not indicate the ethnicity of the four, but other articles lead one to believe they were white males.

"The four youths were released late in the afternoon. The D.A. felt that there wasn't enough evidence to detain them longer," declared captain Jacky Lefort to Reuters (...)

Jean-Pierre Valensi, State prosecutor of Arras had spoken on Sunday of a possible "skinhead" connection, but Jacky Lefort refused to confirm this. "I insist that all hypotheses are possible, the inquiry is proceeding on its course," said Lefort.

The discovery on Sunday morning of 148 tombs covered with obscenities painted in black, targeting Islam and the Minister of Justice Rachida Dati, as well as a severed pig's head, aroused general indignation.

Nicolas Sarkozy promised that the perpetrators would be "punished as they deserve" and spoke of an act of "the most inadmissible racism."

Large forces of gendarmes were mobilized to look for traces of DNA on the tombstones.

Previously, on April 19, 2007, swastikas and Nazi inscriptions had been painted on 52 tombs in the same Muslim sector of this cemetery. Three young "skinheads" were arrested at the time. Two adults, 18 and 21, were sentenced to two years in prison, one with parole, and a minor of 16 received 7 months in prison with parole. They have all since been freed.

Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, the largest military cemetery in France, dedicated to the combatants of WWI, contains 40,000 tombs including 576 Muslims grouped together in one sector.

Le Salon Beige reveals other acts of profanation, committed at the same time as those reported above, at the Saint-Eloi cemetery in La Rochelle. According to the prosecutor:

"About 30 crosses were removed and turned upside down. One of them was broken. Several inscriptions of a Satanic nature were found on the ground in front of several chapels. The interiors of the six chapels were blackened by fire lit with refuse or plastic jars (...) The common grave for children was desecrated."

Le Salon Beige wonders if the outcry over La Rochelle will match that generated by the crime in Arras:

(...) Judicial investigation, condemnation of "racist" acts (is religion a race?) by government agencies, from the president to the political parties, not to mention the prime minister and ministers of immigration, justice and veterans, the MRAP, the CRAN, the grand rabbi of France, the bishop of the diocese, the CFCM, which is calling for a multi-faith reunion....

Note: MRAP, CRAN, and CFCM are all associations that protect blacks and Muslims, although theoretically MRAP is against all racism and anti-Semitism. I said "theoretically"...

Finally, Pierre Vial, founder of Terre et Peuple, asks with regard to the profanation in Arras:

Why do such acts? Who does these things? From all evidence, individuals who are manipulated idiots. But the real question is: on behalf of whom and of what? At the very moment when the question of national identity is raised more and more pointedly, when so many activists make us believe that the future of France and of Europe cannot happen without Africanization, it is only right to wonder about the exploitation of justified anger following such acts. Good questions. And the answers are easy to detect.

The "skinheads" of France are a useful tool for the Left, and for the Muslims. They conjure up memories of Nazis, and are often associated with some neo-Nazi movement. By vandalizing Muslim tombs they arouse sympathy for Muslims, and by extension for immigrants. By vandalizing Jewish tombs they arouse sympathy for Jews, not to mention memories of the war. By exhibiting racist behavior they arouse contempt from the media and fuel the anti-racism movement. But many questions remain as to their motives: do they act on their own, or are they mercenaries employed or manipulated by someone else? It is always convenient to blame them, but never convenient to analyze who really benefits from their actions.

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At April 09, 2008 11:55 AM, Blogger zazie said...

He who has no regard for the dead can't have any for the living, that is obvious ; having so expressed my disapproval of all desecrations, I'll come to your question, who benefits from such vandalism ? Just now, I'd point to the UMP, perhaps manipulating puppets from the extreme left, or even the extreme right, if we are talking of anti-islam or anti-jewish crimes ; now, talking of anti-christian crimes, I'd say they are used by the power that be to persuade the French that christianity is of no importance in the EUSSR! I'll post one or two cartoons on this topic, by gmail.

At April 09, 2008 12:34 PM, Anonymous dauphin_b612 said...

Terrible, the desecration to any cemetery, and idiotic for those who would do this. Of course, patriots are harmed politically and multi-culturalists helped. If it is some identitaire kids doing this, they might be manipulated by someone who seeks political gain, or perhaps the strategy is just to increase tensions to create a war. I'm wary of conspiracy theories which are of course possible, but ultimately it is the kids themselves who are responsible, whether acting on their own, or being paid or taking orders. If the Right is smart, they will vehemently condemn this and be louder than any one else to call for the ultimate penalties, but also the next time a Christian church or cemetery is vandalized, in France or in North Africa.

EUSSR? Ha, I like that, Zazie! Well, someone once called France a "more successful Soviet Union".

At April 09, 2008 6:14 PM, Blogger Dr.D said...

Why are there muzlim graves in a WWI cemetery in France? I don't understand this. Can someone explain this to me, please? Were there muzlims living in France and serving in the army at that time?

At April 10, 2008 2:31 AM, Blogger zazie said...

In the early XXth century, Algeria, Tunisia were French colonie, Morocco wa a "protectorate," under the influence of both Spain and France. The French administration gave French settlers every possibility to build Christian churches, of course, but never tried to destroy Islam among the natives ; that may be one of the reasons why at the outbreak of WWI many (not all of course!) Noth African young men VOLUNTEERED to fight to defend France which they had come to consider as their "Mère Patrie" ; Those who died on and for the French soil were buried according to the Muslim rituals, and that was absolutely the thing to do, wasn't it ? Other young men came to the rescue in WWII too, which amused Hitler who treated them as "untermenschen" when they were taken prisoners...After the war, the North African veterans were NOT given what they had been promised before, French citizenship. I believe that is one of the -many- causes for the Algerian independence war.
Now, it is a pity that the Christian cemetaries in Algeria have been desecrated without any official protest from the French authorities ; that would make the indignation at the desecration of Muslim graves more valid...and credible!

At April 10, 2008 11:21 AM, Blogger Dr.D said...

It seems that France, and all of Europe, would have been better off if none of these muzlims had ever come to Europe. These few buried in the cemetery died for France. Today, France dies for their successors. I'm not convinced that is a fair exchange.


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