Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A Prince For Italy

At GalliaWatch I often get nostalgic over the monarchies of yesteryear, and have posted articles on both Louis de Bourbon and Jean d'Orléans. Now it seems that Italy has a dashing young prince eager to restore traditional values to the land of Verdi, Michaelangelo and Dante. This synopsis from Christ Roi is a short version of a longer article in Le Monde.

Prince Emmanuel-Philibert de Savoie, scion of the royal house of Italy, made his entry into the world of politics on Thursday in Milan when he announced his candidacy in the Italian legislative elections to be held in April. His name is being placed at the head of a slate that has been baptized "Values and the Future".

Values and the Future is described at its Internet site as a "party of opinion" that defends "the regional traditions and the national culture, the family, the Christian roots," and aims to define concretely "citizens' rights": housing, employment, safety, justice, health.

Independent, neither of the Left or the Right, this party affirms above all its intent to defend Italians abroad, those that the prince would like to win over during a three and a half-week road tour that he is making without his wife, actress Clotilde Courau. "I lived 31 years unable to go to my Italy, which I knew only from what Italians in exile told me. That is why my first commitment is to them, these victims of oblivion," commented the prince at the Charleroi (Belgium) town hall.

Exiled from Italy in 1946, the members of the royal house were not authorized to return until 2002. They had been expelled for having approved of the racial laws of the fascist regime. Having lived in Switzerland the prince emphasized that he does not "need politics in order to live," but would like to remedy the "very bad situation" in his country. "I suffer watching it decline a little more every day," he explained.

The photo shows the royal couple in 2005.

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At April 10, 2008 11:57 PM, Blogger crusader88 said...

This is excellent news! Wildest-dream-come-true scenario: Prince Emmanuel-Philibert de Savoie wins and restores the monarchy in Napoleon III fashion (although the Bonapartes were hardly a real royal house).


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