Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rachida and Her Brothers

Minister of Justice Rachida Dati has a family that is keeping her ministry busy. Le Salon Beige reports on Jamal Dati:

Jamal Dati, one of Rachida Dati's brothers, is benefiting from a decision to grant him partial freedom as part of a lessening of his one-year prison term for drug trafficking. Jamal Dati, 35, will serve his term in a detention center from Friday evening at 8:00 until Monday morning at 6:00, and can sleep at home the rest of the week. The electronic bracelet is not appropriate for him since it would "hinder his job" as a pipefitter. On August 21 he had been convicted to twelve months without parole for "acquisition, holding, transferring, transporting, usage and importing of drugs."

He is not to be confused with the other brother of the Minister of Justice, Omar Dati, 36, convicted in December to 8 months in prison for repeat drug trafficking, and now placed under electronic surveillance.

Regarding Omar, we learn some details from 20 Minutes:

Omar was placed under electronic surveillance for family reasons. According to his lawyer André Laborderie:

"I requested this measure and a parental release as well because my client has a very sick daughter to care for and must take her to the hospital regularly for extended treatment, but this second request was not granted."

As for the super-star of the family, Rachida Dati is living up to her reputation as a fashion plate. At least that is the assessment of Rama Yade, secretary of State on Human Rights. According to a brief in Le Post Rama Yade declared:

"I have no problem with Rachida Dati, but we don't have the same political methods or the same centers of interest. I tried to share with her my passion for the history of the 5th Republic, but she is only interested in clothes and parties..."

Now people are wondering if Rama Yade will be dismissed for her comment. If she is not, then the rumor that Sarkozy's pretty faces are untouchable and cannot be fired is true. An article in Le Figaro dated April 11 describes the frustrations of the UMP party members over the impunity granted certain ministers:

One unnamed minister sighed: "To survive you have to speak very violently. That's how you become untouchable and climb up in the polls." Another minister questions the "cast of pretty faces for government posts." And a third laments, "To sack Rama or Nathalie is impossible."

The photo shows Rachida dressed to the nines at Windsor Palace. Her life-style was the topic of my recent post The High Life.

The "Nathalie" referred to is Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, also a topic of a recent post: Calculated Mayhem.

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