Saturday, May 17, 2008

A New Light In the Night

A French reader has started his own website (in French of course!) devoted to the culture of traditional France. Entitled Phares Jaunes (yellow headlights) the site aims to preserve for future generations the sights and sounds of the country he loves and hopes will soon see better days. Here is a rendering in English of his opening post:

Why "Yellow Headlights"? Not only is it an image of the France that existed at the time of WWI when our trucks were equipped with yellow headlights to distinguish them from the enemy's white headlights, it is for me also a symbol of La Belle France of our childhood, a magical light at night that bathed and transformed everything, creating a new nocturnal universe, a symbol of the French exception as we faced cultural and economic globalization.

Here, I hope to be able to offer to you, dear readers, the best of our cultural patrimony in photos, videos, articles, etc... We shall not cry over our "beautiful lost France", but rather celebrate and honor her so as to transmit her culture to the generations that will follow us. To those who call us "old-fashioned" I say: How can we judge the present if we don't compare it to the past?

I leave to other blogs the job of dealing with more unpleasant topics. (Note: I think he means me!) They have an important function, of course, and we must not put our heads in the sand, but I find that sometimes we have to take time to look at the flowers and breathe pure air. You will find here a refuge where you can regain your strength from time to time. At least, that is my hope.

It may be true that the sun is setting on the 5th French Republic, but I hope that with the dawn Eternal France will awaken, more beautiful and resplendent than ever. In the meantime, TURN ON YOUR HEADLIGHTS and MAKE SURE THEY ARE YELLOW!

To hear a variety of French music click the big arrow on the right. Or treat yourself to some vintage Brigitte Bardot. I'm sure a lot more will be forthcoming, and we all wish him well in this happy enterprise.

Dauphin, have you told B.B. of your homage to her? She may want to thank you in person.

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At May 17, 2008 4:03 PM, Anonymous dauphin_b612 said...

WOW, Tiberge! I am astounded and truly honoured--merci mille fois!
Love the title too.

We might further explain to your readers that yellow headlights, except on old cars, were standardized all to white in 1993 I think it was, seemingly a herald of more Europeanization and more loss of national identity to come. (I had heard that the Germans complained of French drivers, that they were blinded by the yellow lights, but I find white much more annoying)

Ha, well, as to "other blogs", believe me, there are many more depressing as you know, and you also have interspersed your blog with art and music as a counter-balance. But I felt there was enought coverage of current events (which you do so ably) and that I would not have much to add.
In any case, I hope people enjoy it and I will add to it as I can.

As to BB, I did send a letter of support through her lawyer about this current MRAP attack. I'm sure she has received plenty of hommages in her time from her many fans, so wouldn't trouble her with my humble blog, but as I consider her a cultural treasure (more than just a sex symbol), and politically relevant
as the Jeanne d'Arc of our time, she is given the honour of the first postings.


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