Friday, July 18, 2008

The Imams Are Coming

Joachim Véliocas at Islamisation writes tirelessly about the infiltration of Islam into France. Whether it's the latest giant mosque being inaugurated amidst much rejoicing, or the spread of Islamic doctrines through preaching, or the cowardice of the State in its dhimmitude, Véliocas sends to whoever has ears a clear warning. He reads the major texts of Islam, and has authored a book entitled L'Islamisation de la France published by Godefoy de Bouillon. His latest post deals with the decision by the King of Morocco to send 176 imams to Europe for Ramadan 2008:

At the request of King Mohammed VI, Morocco will send 176 imams throughout Europe in September for Ramadan. These 167 men and 9 women have as their official mission:

"(...) to respond to the needs of the Moroccan community residing abroad in its religious life, to arm it against any speeches of an extremist or deviant nature, and to shield it from all fanaticism and extremism. They must also reconnect (the community) to its Moroccan roots and to the Malekite rite, and implant in it the values of citizenship," according to a communiqué published Wednesday by the Moroccan Ministry of Habous (religion) and Islamic Affairs.

One hundred imams will go to France, 31 to Belgium, 10 to Italy and Germany and 7 to Spain and Holland.

Le Monde, in collaboration with the Agence France Presse, reports the story, adding in all seriousness that the purpose of the imams is "to fortify (Moroccans abroad) from extremist ideas." The title of the article is cut from the same cloth: "Morocco is sending 176 imams to Europe to fight extremism." (sic)

Véliocas says that those who are familiar with the Malekite texts are justified in rising up, since the Malekite rite, if practiced to the letter, is as dangerous as the Wahhabism of the Saudis. He cites the names of the works that will be used by the imams in their mission to Europe and quotes a page from Al-Risâla by Zayd al-Qayrawani (922-996) on the jihad:

Al-Jihâd is an obligation incumbent on certain people towards others. In our opinion war must not be waged on enemies before inviting them to join the religion of Allah (unless they take the offensive). They are commanded to embrace Islam or to pay the head tax (jizya), otherwise we will wage war on them. We accept the jizya of our enemies if they live in a place that submits to our laws. If they are far from our reach the jizya is not accepted unless they come into our territories, otherwise we will wage war on them.

To flee from the enemy is a major sin if their numbers are double those of the Muslims or less. If they are more numerous than that there is no harm in fleeing.

The enemy must be defeated without any need to know if their chief is pious or depraved. There is no harm in killing prisoners of war that have been taken from among the whites; however no one must be killed once security (amân) is given, since any promise made to the prisoners of war cannot be violated. Women and children cannot be killed, and unless they take up arms, the killing of monks and Jewish doctors is to be avoided.

Note: Though I'm familiar with the words "jihad" and "jizya", I could not find anything specific on "amân".

Véliocas continues:

The Moroccan Ministry of Religion acknowledges on its website that Al-Risâla is part of the traditional school curriculum and is highly regarded by theologians. (...) Chapter 37 of Al-Risâla contains 38 laws, including the following:

Heretics must be put to death and their repentance is to be rejected. A heretic is one who hides his lack of faith by pretending to embrace Islam. (...) An apostate must also be killed unless he repents. He is allowed three days of grace, and if he refuses to repent, he must be executed. The same applies to women apostates. (...) If someone insults the Messenger of God, he is to be executed even if he later accepts Islam. If a man consents to the act of sodomy with a consenting adult male, the two must be condemned to death, whether or not they are Muslims.

And what does Act-Up do? They throw a pie in the face of Catholic priests. But it's a fact that this is less risky than going after imams...

Note: Act-Up is a gay rights organization. I don't know of a pie-throwing incident. If anyone does, please give me a link. Possibly he means it metaphorically?

By authorizing the importing of imams who teach hatred of the Other, jihad, and the murder of Muslims who convert to Christianity or any other belief, the French Republic demonstrates its total inability to guarantee the protection of its citizens against a massive and organized foreign invasion, guided by Morocco and Algeria (which also sends imams as missionaries).

Faced with such madness, the French people, misinformed by an Establishment media that claims these special visitors are coming "to fight extremism", seem to be completely lobotomized and incapable of reacting.

Since this website is read by politicians and journalists I can only hope that a courageous voice will denounce this State scandal.

I was not able to locate the Le Monde article referred to above. A Google search led to archives that I cannot access, nor is there a cached version. But the story has been covered by many websites including Web-Tele Libre.

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At July 18, 2008 2:22 AM, Blogger zazie said...

Tiberge, I think (without being sure!) that an "amân" is what we call "un laissez-passer" ; during the German occupation of France inWWII, there was a word the French knew pretty well : "ausweis", wasn't it ? I suppose the idea is the same.


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