Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ireland Would Vote "No" Again!

According to a recent poll taken July 21-23 three quarters of the Irish people are opposed to a new referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon. Nouvel Observateur reports:

Seventy-one percent of the Irish reject the idea of a new referendum, after 53% voted "no" on June 12, according to this poll taken on behalf of Open Europe, a London-based Euroskeptic think tank. Only 24% of those questioned favor a second referendum. Among those who expressed an opinion, 62% said they would vote "no" in case of a new referendum, 34% tend towards a "yes" vote. These figures mean that the "no" votes have increased by 24 points, declares Open Europe.

The poll also shows that 17% of those who voted "yes" in June would be ready to vote "no", compared to 6% of those who voted "no" and are now ready to vote for approval of the Treaty.

Another significant factor: among the persons who abstained in June, 57% say they are ready to vote "no", compared to 26% who would say "yes."

Sixty-seven per cent agree with the statement that "the European politicians are not respecting the 'no' vote of the Irish," and 61% disagree with the idea that "if the 26 other members of the EU ratify the Treaty in their parliaments, then Ireland should change her mind and support the Treaty."

And if Prime Minister Brian Cowen holds a new referendum, 53% of the Irish would be less apt to vote for him in the next legislative elections.

"The European leaders who try to force Ireland to re-vote are playing a very dangerous game, and it seems that Brian Cowen could put his political future in jeopardy if he calls for another vote," commented Neil O'Brien, director of Open Europe.

"By appearing to force the voters' hand, the European politicians are in fact leading many people into the 'no' camp," he feels.

Good. This is what we want. Incompetent politicians serve a purpose after all.

This poll involved 1,006 persons questioned between July 21 and 23, as soon as Nicolas Sarkozy's visit to Dublin was over.

Read an interesting analysis of this poll at Craig Connolly's blog.

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