Sunday, September 21, 2008

England Bound and Gagged

An article at the Israeli-oriented, French-language website Bivouac-ID tells of more censorship in England (as if the UK weren't already bound and gagged) relating to a BBC documentary on Islam:

After the London attacks, BBC reporters began an in-depth inquiry to better understand the defenders of terrorism and its social and religious outcomes on their soil. They went into Muslim neighborhoods of London where the terrorists implicated in the murderous attacks had grown up.

The result of this investigation was supposed to lead to a television documentary in which the reporters would explain "how Muslims of British citizenship, having grown up in London, had become terrorists and provoked the death of dozens of people." To do this they obtained the consent of the families of the terrorists to investigate and to film inside their homes.

Journalist Nick Cohen of the Jerusalem Post, wrote that "it was one of the most impressive and audacious (not to say explosive) documentaries that the BBC would ever broadcast."

But since the religious element predominated in this investigation, the network's administrators decided to stop the investigation and to call back the reporters, on the pretext that "this documentary smells of Islamophobia and runs the risk of offending the Muslim population of Great Britain and the world."

(...) This attitude is typical of the way the Western media and governments react today to Islam. (...) their attitude is precisely the one hoped for by the Muslim world: the imposition of self-censorship by the "infidels" vis-à-vis anything that relates to Islam.

From the Danish cartoons, to a movie from Holland, from work on the Temple Mount to a documentary on Great Britain, there is a connecting current that signifies the presence of a psychological terrorism imposed by Islam and weighing ever more heavily on the West and on Israel, who, for their part, regularly abdicate in the most cowardly manner possible.

Read about the work on the Temple Mount at Honest Reporting.

The BBC logo dates from 1962. The logo has changed many times over the decades. The presence of the map is a reminder of the days when the "Beeb" considered itself British.

H/T: Yves Daoudal.

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At September 22, 2008 1:47 AM, Anonymous NPS said...

What England you're talking about?

It's called "Englandistan."

And the BBC is the official media of the new citizens of Englandistan, the Muslims, same as CNN, NBC and MSNBC are for the Muslims who live in America and around the world.

Don't you love multiculturalism, globalism, political correctness and cowardice?


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