Sunday, April 19, 2009

Facing the Truth About Islam

Two items of interest from Scandinavia support the belief that Islam is not compatible with Western cultures. Europe News, a Danish website that posts English-language articles, has an extended interview with a young Danish psychologist, Nicolai Sennels, who recently published a book entitled Among Criminal Muslims: a psychologist's experience from Copenhagen. Here are several excerpts:

My encounter with the Muslim culture has been a meeting with an exceedingly strong and very proud culture. This is certainly something that can ensure an ancient culture’s survival through changing times – Islam and the Muslim culture are excellent examples of this. A strong and proud culture unfortunately also makes the culture’s members almost unable to adapt to other values. In Germany, only 12% of their 3.5 million Muslims see themselves as more German than Muslim; in France and Denmark, only 14% of the Muslim populations respectively see themselves more as French or Danish than Muslim. Research among Muslims living in Denmark also shows that 50% of the 1st- and 2nd-generation immigrants are against free speech and 11% would like to see the Danish constitution exchanged with the sharia law (more numbers from this research can be found in the printed issue of the newspaper). These high percentages are of course frightening, but especially disturbing is the fact that there are no differences of opinion on this topic among Muslims who are born and raised in Muslim countries and the opinion of their children who are born and raised in Danish society. When it comes to identity among Muslims, nationality does not count at all in comparison with culture and religion. The consequence is a powerful and growing opposition to Western culture and values in Muslim ghettoes throughout Copenhagen and other major European cities. (...)

People hope that most Muslims are modern and accept Western values. My experience is different, and this has been proven by the statistics in Europe that I just quoted. In February 2008, we had some deadly serious riots by young Muslims in Denmark. (...)

Unfortunately many politicians see poverty as the main cause of integration problems. I think this is a horrible and one-dimensional view of poor people and of people in general. The idea that people’s behavior is decided by the amount of money they have on their bank accounts every month is an exceedingly limited view. (...)

The psychological explanation is actually simple. The Muslim and the Western cultures are fundamentally very different. This means Muslims need to undergo very big changes in their identity and values to be able to accept the values of Western societies. Changing basic structures in one’s personality is a very demanding psychological and emotional process. Apparently very few Muslims feel motivated to do so. (...)

Firstly, we should immediately stop all immigration of people from Muslim countries to Europe until we have proven that integration of Muslims is possible.

Secondly, we should help Muslims who don’t want to or are not able to integrate in our Western societies to build a new and meaningful life in a society they understand and that understands them. This means to assist them in starting a new life in a Muslim country. We actually have the economic means to do this.(...)

Read the whole interview with this lucid and courageous young man.

Another post from Bivouac-Id, using a Norwegian paper as its source, reports that Norwegian police have just published new statistics on rape in Norway over the past three years:

The 41 rapes reported were ALL committed by "non-Western" immigrants, mostly Kurds and Somalis. Hanne Kristin Rohde, of the Oslo police, declares that the "guilty are foreign men, relatively young. They are often asylum seekers and come from countries at war or countries that have totally different view of women from that of Norway." These rapes are accompanied by great violence.

(...) The Norwegian paper VG published the story of a 40-year-old Egyptian who could be expelled from Norway. Having acquired refugee status because of his homosexuality in 1995, he became, in the same year, the concubine of a male Norwegian. He obtained Norwegian nationality seven years later; shortly afterwards, he ended his relationship with the Norwegian. During the same period, he had three children with two different Norwegian women. The police believe he committed 8 rapes in the past 9 years. One of the victims committed suicide after the assault. He also had sexual relations with a girl under 16. The Immigration Bureau has just withdrawn his nationality because it had been granted on a false basis. None of which is preventing the "bleeding-hearts" to mobilize in an effort to prevent his expulsion from a country to which he never should have been admitted...

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At April 28, 2009 8:11 PM, Blogger DP111 said...

One of the greatest scholars of Islam, Snouck Hurgronje, wrote this many years ago.

In their political and to a great extent in their social life, Mohammedans have been compelled to sail with the stream of the time or take the risk of being left halting behind; the course of that stream, however, is shaped by other hands than theirs.

It need not, however, be imagined, that as a result of this change, the Mohammedan will be compelled to embrace another creed, or to sacrifice that innate allegiance to the name of Islam which he esteems his highest honor.
There is no ground even for the supposition that he will gradually reform his religion. The necessity for such a reform is not felt, and even did such a tendency exist in some few cases its fulfillment would be thwarted by insurmountable obstacles. For we must always recollect that reason, education and other similar influences gain no hold upon the self-esteem of Mohammedans until they find themselves opposed by irresistible force. Such is the tendency of their doctrine and their practice accords therewith.Sad though that this is, it is true for Muslims. Theirs is a religion that cannot be reformed, as Muslims feel no requirement for it. Only overwhelming force applied overwhelmingly, has ever had any effect on Islam. Unfortunately it has never been applied consistently and for sufficient time, for it to have a lasting effect.


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