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Three Mosques for Nantes

There are always many articles of great interest at Islamisation, the anti-Islamic website administered by Joachim Véliocas, and it is difficult to choose, since they all deal with the implantation of Islam on French soil, and the refusal of the authorities to stop the fatal process.

The following article is drawn from a recent issue of Daoudal Hebdo, Yves Daoudal's Catholic-oriented pro-sovereignty newsletter. It deals with the city of Nantes and its three mosques:

Last Monday, Easter Monday, the local paper Ouest France published an article in praise of the "mosque of the Turks", in Nantes, that is nearing completion. "It will enrich the architectural heritage of Nantes". "It will be worth a side-trip," insisted Ouest France. "Stone cutters from Anatolia are hard at work on the facade of the mosque. They attach and seal sculpted stones on the wall of poured concrete. Looking up at the cupola, one's eyes are greeted by the jaw-dropping beauty of miniature paintings." "A final significant detail, the door of wrought iron, to be installed at the entrance, will be decorated with traditional motifs that mix tulips (symbol of the Ottoman Empire) with roses (symbols of Islam)."

Very significant indeed.

You're thinking that this is the great mosque of Nantes? No. For besides the mosque of the Turks in the Bellevue section of Nantes, there is another "great mosque" also nearing completion in the northern part of the city (Nantes-Nord), And then, there are plans for a "great mosque" in the Malakoff district.

And so, in the city of the Dukes of Brittany, home of the very Catholic Duchess Anne, three great mosques with their minarets and cupolas will be erected.

Why three? It was a decision made by the city, explains Patrick Rimbert, in charge of urbanization: "Given the varying strengths of different movements within Islam, the risk of having just one mosque would be that one community gets the upper hand over the others." To avoid problems, each one will have its own...

In short, the city of Nantes, run by Socialist and secular deputy-mayor Jean-Marc Ayrault, decided on its own to build three great mosques. The land is rented through low-cost long-term leases and the city finances one half of the "cultural" buildings, including of course the "classrooms": madrassas where children learn the Koran by heart. And the associations that back these mosques are, naturally, subsidized by the city.

The Arrahma mosque in Nantes-Nord is almost finished, with its two (small) minarets and its copper cupola. It is expected to open before the summer. This is the mosque of the Muslim Cultural Association of Nantes-Nord," that appears to be of Algerian affiliation.

As for the "mosque of the Turks" lauded by Ouest France, the 20-meter minaret is being erected and this mosque should also open in a few months. The project was officially launched by the Turkish consul, and is backed by the Turkish Cultural Association. One feature will be a "large research library on Turkey."

Finally, in the Malakoff district, where the number of veiled women and bearded men is striking, the Assalam mosque of the AIOF will be erected on land "made available" by the city. This mosque will be the largest of the three, with a total surface area of 3000 square meters, as well as being the most fundamentalist - there, Islam will be practiced to the letter. It figures as part of deputy-mayor Ayrault's Grand Project for the City.

Currently the mosque of the AIOF is... a chapel, Saint-Christophe chapel, donated by the city.

The article explains that the AIOF - the Islamic Association of West France - is an offshoot of the UOIF: Union of Islamic Organizations of France, the most powerful Muslim organization in France. The UOIF, in turn, is closely connected to the Muslim Brotherhood (emblem left):

To understand the AIOF (i.e., the UOIF), one line drawn from its defense of the "great mosque" project should suffice:

"The population of Nantes is visibly in need of a place to meet and pray."

The population of Nantes is, henceforth, considered to be Muslim, since Islam is the best religion and its mission is to spread across the the entire earth.

Whether we like it or not.

Below is one scene of the construction of the Arrahma mosque in Nantes-Nord.

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At April 18, 2009 6:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

--- Wasn't it British Prime Margaret Thatcher who once said that the Muslim call to prayer would be allowed in the United Kingdom once church bells were allowed to ring in Saudi Arabia?

Wonder what will happen here in France ?! ---

At April 22, 2009 9:17 PM, Blogger crusader88 said...

Ah yes, and France is sold out yet again!

At April 29, 2009 6:38 AM, Blogger DP111 said...

Why are there so many Marxists(they call themselves socialists) in France, and in power?

Marxists are committed to the destruction of the West, and that means destroying Christianity as a first step.


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