Monday, April 20, 2009

UOIF Convention

On the weekend of April 11-12 the UOIF (Union of Islamic Organizations of France) held its annual convention in Le Bourget, just north of Paris and welcomed as special guests, comedian Dieudonné and Marxist "philosopher" Alain Soral, a man who has said that Robespierre and Stalin were the two greatest men in history. Together these two celebrities are running on an "anti-Zionist" ticket in the upcoming European election.

A Daily Motion video posted at Islamisation shows the arrival of Dieudonné, his casual conversations with people milling about, and scenes of Soral also in casual conversation. The video is too difficult to translate because so many people are talking simultaneously, but Dieudonné stresses several times that for the first time, Europeans will have the choice of voting for an "anti-Zionist" party.

Joachim Véliocas, author of the article goes on:

This meeting would be a bit of a joke if the UOIF were not the premier Muslim association of France, and the premier builder of great mosques in France. Besides the plans for monumental mosques in Bordeaux, Poitiers, Nantes and Mulhouse, Hakim Nazir, vice-president of the UOIF recently announced the 24 other mosques were being projected throughout all of France.

Not only does the UMP (Sarkozy's party) let it happen, but the members of the governing party make land grants to the UOIF, in the form of emphytheutic leases (symbolic rent, with the lease being transformed into a mortgage after several decades), as in Bordeaux, or they finance directly projects such as the mosque in Mulhouse that received 235,000 euros donated by Mayor Bockel, of the Modern Left Party, a splinter group affiliated with the UMP; or the mosque in Woippy, run by UMP deputy-mayor François Grosdidier.

Besides Dieudonné and Alain Soral, a prominent historian, Marcel Gauchet, was expected to attend but cancelled at the last minute, claiming illness. Joachim Véliocas, who had announced the presence of Gauchet at the meeting, believes his revelations may have induced Gauchet to cancel. He had wondered:

What is the author of The Disenchantment of the World doing side by side with UOIF fundamentalists on Saturday April 11? (...) The man who claims that Islamic fundamentalists are a minority in France must be unaware of the fact that the UOIF is the premier network of Islamic associations in France, and that its historic leaders, with whom he will be associating, are far from being moderate.

Note: A very quick look at the biography of Gauchet reveals a man who flirted with Marxism, who welcomed May '68, but who found the aftermath unbearable, and eventually broke with Marxism. Nonetheless he remained close to "center-left" movements. Born a Catholic, he was an assiduous student and energetic seeker of the truth about the purpose of religion in our lives. According to Wikipedia:

In his book The Disenchantment of the World, he explains that Christianity is "the religion of exiting from religion", that is, a religion that contains potentially within itself the dynamics of secularization. This secularization (or "disenchantment") does not mean the end of private and personal beliefs, but that henceforth religion no longer structures society, it is no longer the principle of organization or legitimacy.

Those interested can read an English-language review of the book here.

Véliocas goes on:

But the presence of this philosopher among the Islamists will not surprise his readers. In an interview he granted to Le Point in 2003 he was asked:

- Does Nicolas Sarkozy's decision to collaborate with the ensemble of the Islamic agencies in France, including the UOIF, its radical branch, seem convincing to you?

- His calculation vis-à-vis of Islam is not absurd. And it continues the doctrine of the Ministry of the Interior, since it goes back to the days of Pierre Joxe. Why not seek an alliance with the moral authority of the imams, and play the card of religion against crime, when we know - let's forget political correctness - that the hotbeds of crime are mainly in the projects where young North Africans live? (...)

Note: Pierre Joxe was the Socialist Interior Minister under Mitterand.


Marcel Gauchet, after blundering with Communism, is today very close to the Socialists, and ends his career in a surprising way... naïveté remains his unifying thread. (...)

At any rate, he did not attend, and they had to settle for Dieudonné and Soral. Among the other guests were Muslim leaders such as Tareq Oubrou, the imam of Bordeaux, and Issam Al Bashir, former minister of Islamic Affairs of Sudan, whose president is wanted for religious cleansing and genocide.

The photo below of the two celebrity guests is from the blog of Yann Redeker, a nationalist blogger of the "identitaire" movement, and an advocate of the Front National.

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