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From Kärcher to Kalashnikov

While he was still minister of the interior, Nicolas Sarkozy promised he would clean up the ghetto of Seine-Saint-Denis with a power-cleaner, known as a "Kärcher". This phrase become a household expression overnight, and he became known as a "tough cop".

Naive or misled voters put him in office on grounds he would attempt to clean up crime. Today these voters have to acknowledge that the never-used "Kärcher" has been replaced by a Kalashnikov rifle (AK-47), turned on the very police entrusted with the thankless job of protecting the population, including the immigrants who commit the crimes. An incident that occurred on May 16-17, in the notorious project of La Courneuve is the subject of this article from Marianne2:

In the ghettoes the important thing is what tools you utilize. Nicolas Sarkozy, a long time ago, chose the Kärcher. The problem is that he never allocated sufficient funds to actually use it. If he had, he would have been able to offer the inhabitants of La Courneuve, in addition, what he had promised them: elevators as clean as a newly minted penny.

Across the way, the little dealers of the neighborhood have grown up. Now they are adults. They saved their profits and got enough money together to buy the tool they had been dreaming of: assault rifles. Not to put behind glass in the family living-room, but to use. At first they drew their guns to kill a few rivals. But last weekend was unprecedented: they used their rifles to attack a police van. The tool gave them satisfaction even though they did not attain their objective: to liberate their two comrades in the van who were under arrest.

The president of the Republic cannot help but admit the damage done: if he stayed at the level of rhetoric, the thugs, for their part, kept their promises: each new generation displays a determination superior to the preceding one. (...)

A royalist blog called La Faute à Rousseau reports these statements from various police unions:

"Our colleagues are worried about the trends and the violence that is on the rise in Seine-Saint-Denis," declared Thierry Mazé, a representative from Alliance, the second largest police union. He tells how the police who went to La Courneuve "fell into a veritable trap set by individuals with war weapons." In La Courneuve inscriptions on the walls warned the police that violence "would be used against them" after several previous incidents.

Questioned by France Info, a colleague of Thierry Mazé said she heard these heartening comments: "A good policeman is a dead policeman..." "We'll raid the police headquarters...", "We'll burn police headquarters...", etc...

For UNSA, the largest police union, it is "urgent" that the "judicial police possess the necessary means to put the caïds out of business." The SGP-FO police union stressed in a communiqué that "to shoot the police is no longer a taboo," and spoke of an "event of exceptional seriousness... troubling... in a context of urban violence."

Note: In France the judicial police is the branch of the national police in charge of criminal investigations.

The author closes by suggesting that all foreigners who commit crimes be expelled immediately, and that those with French nationality be stripped of their nationality and expelled as well.

The Minister of the Interior Michèle Alliot-Marie paid a surprise visit to La Courneuve late Tuesday night, to express her support for the police and to announce a plan called "opération coup de poing", roughly translated as "operation punch". In French a "coup de poing" is a punch in the face. Here it refers to the sudden police raids she is hoping will stop these criminals. A comical if not pathetic solution to the serious problem of immigration, and to the frightening level of danger that prevails in Seine-Saint-Denis. Already one such raid took place in Orly, south of Paris. One hundred fifty police, plus dogs, did not find any drugs or weapons, only five stolen bicycles.

Jean-Marie Le Pen issued this pertinent communiqué:

It has been known for a long time that war weapons existed in the lawless zones, of which the project called La Courneuve is one of the most typical.

It is quite evident, with all due respect to the ostriches that are governing us, that these weapons are not meant to serve as decorations in your basement.

The attack on a van transporting a "young person" who had himself used lead shot against the forces of law and order is but the start of a new escalation of violence in the ghettoes.

Remember that in 2002, seven years ago, Monsieur Sarkozy became minister of the interior and boasted that he was going to take action to restore security. Seven years later, Monsieur Sarkozy is president of the Republic. He still boasts, but it is the thugs who act, and insecurity has crossed yet another limit.

The Kalashnikovs of La Courneuve demonstrate the extent to which the French people have been dupes.

I have already reported on the existence of war weapons here.

Highly recommended too is this post from December 2007 about a French judge's warning...

The beautiful black and white photo, taken by Arnaud Schelstraete, of La Courneuve Park is from Libération. I believe the buildings are part of a project, but in this photo they look almost surreal. In some other photos I've seen they are depressing, nondescript structures lacking in character.

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At May 25, 2009 4:37 PM, Blogger spackle said...

I dont know if you are familiar with "Cabrini-Green" on Chicagos south side, but this sounds like a French version. The place was a virtual fortress with active snipers (gang members) shooting people from the project. It got so bad (children being shot) that front area (Green) became a virtual DMZ. Wikipedia has it listed but soft soaps the Hell out of it.

At May 30, 2009 5:53 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ spackle

A very belated thank you for your comment. Either I had not heard of Cabrini Green, or I had forgotten, but I will check out the Wiki article nonetheless.

Much of Seine-Saint-Denis could be called a DMZ. Some have called for a secession of the SSD, on grounds that it is no longer French!


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