Sunday, May 31, 2009

Start With the Children

A reader sent this text in response to my previous post on the Islamization of France. I felt it was worth presenting as a separate item. She opens with a quote from the end of my post:

Notice that the Muslims calmly plot the takeover without any thought of a rebellion from the natives.

She asks:

Have you read the recommendations adopted on 14 March 2003 at the conference "Learning to live together: What kind of education for what kind of citizenship" jointly organized by the French and Moroccan Commissions for UNESCO in Rabat? It is very enlightening and states:

Some excerpts:

We are witnessing today a period of trial for a world order which took half a century to build.
We observe the fragility of what we used to regard as universal values and established principles, when these are confronted by other ideas which we thought had been unanimously condemned.

Hence the importance of this initiative taken by the national commissions of the Arab and European States : the idea of a Euro-Arab dialogue able to reveal a historical dimension and an understanding of the changes that the world is undergoing, as well as the will to control their course.

The key to harmonious Euro/Arab cultural diversity is through the education of young children and also adults in "citizenship"

The third issue is education in world citizenship. This must be a form of education which leads to the building of a pluralist, intercultural society in which the catchwords would be solidarity, tolerance, peace and freedom : an education in human rights, which would include rights and responsibilities, and which would make it possible to release creative forces and to develop the ability to think and the critical faculties.

"Learning to live together", is one of the "four pillars of lifelong education"

The revision of school syllabuses in the two regions in order to eliminate stereotypes;

The need for European programmes to present Arab culture on an equal footing;

The need for Arab programs to present colonization as the aspiration of a ruling class, and not as the imperialist aim of an entire people;

The development of the teaching of the Arab language as the vector of Arab-Islamic culture.

Source: Unesco (a 28-page pdf document).

She closes with this observation:

It is very deviant of them to target our children in order to realise their Eurabian Utopia.

Note: The above text seems to be a ramification into the world of education of the original Resolution of Strasbourg from 1974, in which it was agreed that Arab culture and religion (meaning of course Islam) would be welcomed on European soil and allowed to flourish on an equal footing with Christianity. This, plus the laws on family reunification, were what opened the floodgates to massive immigration.

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