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Twisted, Tortuous Hokum

I've posted several articles on Yazid Sabeg, Sarkozy's "diversity czar", entrusted with the task of seeing to it that France becomes as un-French as possible. This goal is achieved through quota systems, affirmative action and above all, through terrorist-style pressures placed on employers, school administrators, recruiters, real estate agencies, etc...

In March it had been announced that Sabeg would issue a report containing his recommendations on the best methods for keeping ethnic statistics in a country that does not allow such statistics to be kept. Due to be made public on March 21, the report was delayed but has just been sent to Nicolas Sarkozy. According to Novopress, it will not be rejected by the president:

On Thursday (May 7) the Commissioner on Diversity and Equal Opportunity, Yazid Sabeg turned in his report on the "Promotion of Diversity" to Nicolas Sarkozy. Following a meeting with the president, Sabeg declared to the press: "The president will speak about this important question during the latter part of June. At that time he will announce what steps he will take with regard to my proposals."

Already, the seventy-six measures contained in the hundred-page report, that deal essentially with "the education and employment of young people have the complete approval" of the French president, says Sabeg.

Among others, we can point to the desire on the part of the government for "openness to diversity": 20% of the students recruited for the third "concours" (i.e. competition) by the national school of administration (ENA) that prepares students for public office, will have to come from "diversity" (i.e., they will have to be non-French immigrants or children of immigrants). The Commissioner also intends to extend to the sphere of public office the practice of anonymous CV's that is currently used by businesses.

Note: The third "concours" - a competitive entry exam - was set up for people already in the workforce, in particular professionals and businessmen, who wish to change careers and enter public service. Candidates must have at least 8 years work experience, be under the age of 40 and be citizens of France or the European Union. In 2008 there were 8 places open for candidates of the third "concours". Sabeg's quota of 20% would mean fewer than 2 candidates would have been recruited in 2008.

The third "concours" has been controversial for a long time as French readers will learn from this article.

Those interested in the ENA can consult this English-language Wikipedia page.

An anonymous CV is a resumé that does not indicate the candidate's name or any other information that could reveal identity.

On the sensitive question of "measuring diversity", Sabeg favors a statistical database that allows "all of society and the public authorities to be enlightened regarding the mechanisms of discrimination." But the database would operate on the principle of "anonymous and voluntary inquiries". On this point the Commissioner hopes for the approval of the Council of State and proposes a "permanent scientific and ethics committee" to validate the ways in which these statistics are gathered...

Note: The above gobbledegook seems (only seems) to indicate that racial and ethnic statistics will be kept in a database; that these statistics will be gathered anonymously and only with the permission of the person being interviewed; that those who do the gathering will be surveilled by a special committee; that light will thus be shed on what he calls the "mechanisms of discrimination."

If anyone can shed more light on what he is saying, please send your thoughts.

In one of my previous posts on Sabeg I suggested he just separate the whites from everyone else, then shoot them. That way he will have the result he is seeking which is total integration of immigrants into French society. I repeat the suggestion.

"Personally, I hoped that a person could declare his feeling of belonging to a minority", Sabeg argues. On this point, he is supported by CRAN (Representative Council of Black Associations) that welcomes this evidence of an "historical voluntarism at the summit of the State".

In his book Témoignage, published in 2006, that gave a preview of his agenda, candidate Sarkozy defined his "France that is to come" as "a France where the expression 'ethnic Frenchman' will have disappeared". (...)

Note: In August 2006 I posted a few excerpts from Témoignage. Here is one of them:

"This France, that I perceive first and foremost as a free country...A country in which there is no more discrimination by skin color, the sound of a last name or the neighborhood you live this country you can believe and practice a religion without being called a bigot or a terrorist."

Nice words. But in reality, they mean that France is anything but a free country.

Yves Daoudal gives a much clearer analysis of Sabeg, than Sabeg does of himself. This is drawn from his weekly newsletter, Daoudal Hebdo, available through subscription:

(...) Conveniently, a poll, commissioned by CRAN, was published on April 28 by the CSA Institute, showing that the majority of French people are favorable to Yazid Sabeg's idea, i.e., that of "statistical inquiries on a feeling of belonging in order to measure diversity and to better understand discrimination."

Ask anybody in the street what a "statistical inquiry on a feeling of belonging" is... If they have not followed the mental tortures of Yazid Sabeg, twisting into a pretzel to come up with a method for ethnic statistics that do not appear to be ethnic statistics, they cannot understand what it is, for the simple reason that the expression "feeling of belonging" is not part of the current vocabulary.

In truth, this expression is just not part of the French language. An Internet search shows that it only exists in connection to Yazid Sabeg and CRAN. No one else has used it.

It proves that this plan to measure groups according to the subjective perception that individuals have of their potential belonging to a group does not correspond to any reality, except for the fact that it is a statistical aberration.

Daoudal wonders how the CSA arrived at its findings, then moves on:

But that is not the issue. The issue is to be able to trumpet the news that the French people agree with CRAN, and to be able to demonstrate that this racialist (if not racist) lobby is in step with the government...

(...) The poll informs us that 34% of persons interrogated belonging to a visible minority stated that discrimination has increased. You may be wondering how, in the absence of ethnic statistics, they were able to interrogate "persons belonging to a visible minority", and which "visible minority", and how many actually belong, and how many just feel that they belong...

Here is the answer. Now listen well:

Note: There follows an untranslatable text. But I'll give it a try.

"The sampling was of 493 persons declaring themselves as belonging to a visible minority, derived from four national samplings representative of persons ages 18 or older, constituted according to the quota method (sex, age, profession of the head of household), after stratification by region and category of urban area, and an representative oversampling of 152 persons declaring themselves as belonging to a visible minority, ages 18 or older, constituted according to the quota method (sex, age, profession of the head of household), after stratification by region and urban area."

Note: "Oversampling" is defined thus:

The deliberate selection of individuals of a rare type in order to obtain reasonably precise estimates of the properties of this type. In a population which includes such a rare type, a random sample of the entire population might result in very few (or none) of these individuals being selected. Oversampling implies the deliberate sampling of a much higher proportion of this type than of the rest of the population. This is a form of stratified sampling.

Patrick Lozès (left), president of CRAN declared:

"This is a terrible record for the president and the government, for whom the question of minorities was a cause for combat, at least in speeches. We're waiting for action."

Daoudal closes:

It seems that Patrick Lozès is already making the rounds of the ministries to submit his plan (for a publicly financed employment agency serving those who come from "diversity"). While waiting for Nicolas Sarkozy to create the Ministry of Diversity he so ardently desires...

Note: It isn't clear if the "he" in the above sentence refers to Sarkozy or Lozès. Does it really matter?

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At May 14, 2009 3:56 PM, Anonymous dauphin_b612 said...

"That way he will have the result he is seeking which is total integration of immigrants into French society."

I think the actual result he is seeking is dominance by immigrants and eventual destruction of French society. It always starts this way. "Poor, struggling immigrants just seeking equality." But this new wave of immigrants doesn't really want just equality or a fair chance, they want to mold the country to them, to see people who look like them reading the news, acting in our films or tv, and eventually running the government. It's not like Italians, Armenians, Poles, etc. who molded themselves to the country and had no agenda to replace or destroy the indigenous, ethnic French. They are using this crazy self-hating political correctness of whites to win concessions that would never be given to whites in any Arab or African country.

I wish statistics were open and available. Then the magnitude of what is happening to France would be unmistakable to everybody.

At May 14, 2009 5:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

«"a France where the expression 'ethnic Frenchman' will have disappeared". (...)»


At May 14, 2009 5:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch the speech of Cavaco Silva (Portugal President) in Turkey. He says France and Germany might change their opinion regarding the admission of Turkey in EU after the elections.

Watch out!

At May 16, 2009 9:49 AM, Blogger Afonso Henriques said...

What would you expect from a "multicultural" Jew?

Come on people...

And I mean no anti Semitism here. But, if a multicultural Jew is what is a "French Conservative" these days... what were you expecting?

At May 17, 2009 1:31 PM, Anonymous dauphin_b612 said...

Sorry to question your "un-anti-semitism", but Sarko is 3/4 Catholic and 1/4 Jewish, and to my knowledge goes to Church at least on occasion. There are plenty of ethnic French who have gotten us into this mess. Making anti-semitic pronouncements only hurts the patriotic cause.

At May 17, 2009 3:46 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ Alfonso Henriques

I posted your comment because there is a relative truth in it - Sarkozy is not Berlusconi. But, as Dauphin has pointed out, Sarkozy's presence in Elysee is the culmination of a long process that began decades ago and involved many people, the vast majority of whom were not Jewish. And, also as he points out, Sarkozy has all but renounced any claim to following Judaism - his family converted long ago. Furthermore, he has pandered to, aided financially, set up institutionally, legislated for, offered asylum to, and all but gotten in bed with (maybe he's done that too) Muslims. He has been instrumental in the building of mosques, the formation of the CFCM, etc... He is much more a friend of Islam than of Israel.

Still, he is not a Frenchman. But it's not just a question of blood, but of spirit. He's a 21st century emblem, raised in the spirit of 1968.


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