Thursday, May 28, 2009

Will France Really Be A Muslim Country?

There's a 16-page discussion at a Muslim forum called Mejliss el kalam, linked by François Desouche. To translate the entire discussion is out of the question. But here is the first page somewhat simplified....

The initial question, dated April 11, 2009, comes from ShamsTabrizi, from Somalia:

- Salam. In a city of 22 thousand inhabitants a few miles from Paris, more than 6 thousand persons participated in the Friday prayer at 2:00 p.m., including a significant number of converted Frenchmen and Frenchwomen. At the end of the prayer, seeing these people, I began to wonder in how many years France will be a mostly Muslim country.

- (Abelatif from Belgium responds): You must not have any illusions, my brother. France as a Muslim country will be several generations form now, or more. But it's true that it's beautiful to see Muslims of all origins at the mosque... Praise be to Allah

- (ShamsTabrizi): I don't agree. considering the evolution of the situation I have been witnessing, I do not give it more than 30 years before we will see mayors giving sermons on Friday to the faithful.

- (Abdel93600 from The Netherlands): Salam. The French are no longer having many children. Let's do France a favor and ensure the renewal of generations. It's a problem for many European countries! The birth rate in France recently reached a record, the highest in Europe, due in great part, to immigrant women.

- (Prince.Hakim from Belgium): I think we're heading for a Franco-Creole-Maghrebin civilization with massive intermarriage under the aegis of Islam.

- (Maléikite from Belgium): Brussels will be majority Muslim in less than 20 years (these are non-Muslim statistics). Inch'Allah.

- (MonSpeudo2 from France): Stop dreaming up tales about our country. It will never belong to you

- (ShamsTabrizi to Prince.Hakim): Then you agree with me. France will surely be a Muslim land for our grandchildren, maybe our children. So we must begin to construct a good basis to avoid unpleasant surprises for them in the future.

- (Maléikite to MonSpeudo2): Don't worry, we'll protect your rights, you will have the status of dhimmi.

- (ShamsTabrizi to MonSpeudo2): Ask your father if he ever imagined so many mosques and Muslims when he was your age. Then you'll have the answer as to whom France will belong. I like France, and I will like it even more when it's Muslim. Don't worry, we will be lenient on Christian minorities.

- (Prince-Hakim to MonSpeudo2): It will not be a matter of conquest, but of adherence to a joint effort between Frenchmen and Maghrebins. You should consider converting to Islam.

- (Ilyas_95 from France to MonSpeudo2): Bah! As far as I know France belongs to me as much as to you, doesn't it?

- (Parisien from France to Ilyas_95): No. I don't think so...

- (Prince.Hakim to ShamsTabrizi): I would even say the French deserve to be a part of the Umma.

- (Ilyas_95 to ShamsTabrizi): It's ridiculous to use threats... We're stuck in the suburbs and the high-rises. To say things like we're going to turn France upside-down, when we are not even able to agree on the best way to scratch our noses...

- (Ilyas_95 to Parisien): Really? Why not?

- (El-che from France): In 1974, at the UN, the Algerian president Houari Boumediene, declared: "One day, millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere to go north. And they won't go there as friends. Because they will be going to conquer. And they will conquer and people the land with their sons. It is the womb of women that will bring us victory."

In Le Figaro, December 19, 2006, our great friend Muammar Quadhafi declared: "Without sword, without rifles, without conquests, the 50 million Muslims in Europe will transform it soon into a Muslim continent!"

- (Prince.Hakim from Belgium): I think we should have a friendly attitude towards the French and convince them to join us.

- (ShamsTabrizi to Ilyas_95): There is no threat but a simple observation, and when you say we can't agree among ourselves you're off the topic. I don't see what that has to do with the evolution of society advancing in the interests of Islam and Muslims. And that is precisely why I said earlier that we must begin to construct a good basis for the future of our children.

- (Abdel93600 from The Netherlands): Salam. Are there any cities in France that are already majority Muslim or close to it? Except for Roubaix (that goes back a long time) and Marseilles? We're off to a good start, one at the northernmost end the other at the southernmost end?

- (Ilyas95 to ShamsTabrizi): The political power is now in the hands of a minority that remains in power. The numbers do not in any way change the rules of the game... we just have to see to what extent "our" cities (those that are majority Muslim) represent an enviable model for the entire world...

- (Le Compagnon from the UAE to MonSpeudo2): It already belongs to us. First mission accomplished, second mission: children, third: Islamization. End of operation. You will have the right to attend school without a veil.

- (Shams Tabrizi to Prince.Hakim): Salam. That's the way things are going. In the mosque where I prayed on Friday, it was the number of French Muslims that surprised me the most. Naturally, Islamization of society will take place with their help.

- (Ilyas_95 to ShamsTabrizi): What is "Islamization" of France??? The fact that everybody is Muslim???I say this because it is an important point after all...

- (Parisien from France): Then the Israelis are right after all.

Note: He links to another thread where Israelis are said to call for the slitting open of the stomachs of pregnant Muslim women. "Parisien" was eventually suspended from the forum, not surprisingly.

- (Need_Peace from Morocco): Assalam alaikom to all. I was in France just once, in August 2007. I spent two weeks there on holiday. I did not make any particular acquaintances with our brothers and sisters of Islam, but for the entire time, I had the certitude that it was a country where Islam will be majority, and I said to everyone that France will be glorified by Islam. Inch'Allah. It warms the heart to see the number of committed sincere converts.

- (ShamsTabrizi to Ilyas_95): Who said anything about taking power? Here we are talking about a majority of the population and it's already a good start. If you also want power, then instead of thinking of yourself as weak and saying that we'll never succeed, rise up and give yourself the means to do it. Don't look for excuses to stay in bed.

- (Didyme from France to ShamsTabrizi): Hello. There are about 3 thousand converts to Islam each year. Let's be liberal and say 5 thousand. Let's forget about the Muslims who become apostates. In order for France to become a majority Muslim country only through conversion, 20 million Frenchmen would have to convert (half of the 60 million Frenchmen minus the 10 million who are already Muslim).

Note: Notice that he said TEN million, not the usual five or six we so often hear about.

At the rate of 5 thousand conversions per year it would take... 4000 years! So it's difficult to count on conversions alone.

You can count on the higher birth rate among immigrant Muslim families than among non-Muslims. But as Muslim immigrants attain the same standard of living as non-Muslims, the birthrates will become equal.

You can count on immigration even though the current policies indicate the opposite, that is, a policy of expulsion.

Note: If he thinks Sarkozy is expelling many immigrants, he is perhaps fooling himself. Larger numbers are coming in than returning home.

But some can always dream about a majority Muslim France in a "maximum of 30 years."

- (El-che to Prince.Hakim): We are not supposed to be a people who terrorize and who seek to wage war and cause blood to be shed, so yes, we must have a friendly attitude towards them.

-(Prince.Hakim to Parisien, re: the Israelis): They should go back to Russia or Poland or Ethiopia.

The conversation goes on for 15 more web pages. I have not had time to read through it all, but French readers may be interested. The comments at François Desouche are worth a look, although I can only post a few at random out of the 200:

- I will not have my children baptized, so that they don't appear on the lists of Christians. Islamists, when they are in power in France, like the Nazis before them, love to consult lists.

- History always ends with massacres and bloodbaths! If you know how to read between the lines, you know what you have to do!

- (...) In short, I'm very pessimistic for the future of France. I think that the only element that could change the situation might come from international events and a possible conflict with Iran. The Muslims of France will feel threatened and I think very violent riots are foreseeable on French territory, even kamikaze attacks! At that moment, a possible civil war between pro-Iranian and ethnic Frenchmen (of Christian origin) could break out.

- What a bunch of rats... but frankly, even if the country becomes Islamized, I don't think it will become a Muslim country so easily. I have hope that the French people in their majority will finally revolt before that happens.

- We still have time. You don't need 50% Muslims in France for chaos to reign. there are about 4-5 million Muslims in France, or 6 to 8% of the population. They already have quite a bit of nuisance value. Not to mention the non-Muslim foreigners. In all, perhaps 8 million non-Europeans, or 13% of the population.

- (...) Really I would tend to say there are about 8 to 10 million Muslims in France.

- With respect, I feel that the number of 5 million Muslims in France was surpassed long ago. There are at least 10 million!!

- I would say 10 to 12 million. Sometimes, I feel like leaving this country. It's becoming too hard, like seeing a woman you love, with her veins slashed, in a bathtub, and not being able to help her.

- Nobody is really fooled. At any rate not the ethnic Frenchmen. Almost everybody knows that there will be violence at the moment of the "passing of the torch", when the Muslim community is almost in the majority and their "cultural demands" become laws... There will always be a temptation on the part of this community to affirm its domination. It's then that things will begin to go badly.

- (...) Our friends the immigrants, Islamists, collaborators should not worry too much: the French are patient, very patient, too much so, but above all they are unpredictable and the day when the fire is lit, no one will be able to stop it. History has already proven that. (...)

- Having worked a various maternity hospitals in Paris and the nearby suburbs, I can attest that black women are in a very large majority. And they don't have just one child... I saw fewer Maghrebins.

- (In response to the reader who said he wants to leave the country) And that doesn't take into account the social climate. I don't know how it is where you work, but at my job it's war.

- At my job if they're unhappy, they back off. But there's a Frenchman who praises the "virility" of the immigrants, but when it's said about a white man, that's no good, it's Le Pen. Yet in his heart, I feel sure that he suspects it will end in complete chaos. But he prefers to live like an ostrich.

Like the discussion at Mejliss, this goes on and on. It's very interesting, but the main question still remains: What will really happen when the tipping point has been reached? Will the French wait until that happens, then rebel in violence? Violence can be prevented by sane immigration policies, a refusal to build mosques and an affirmation of nationalism, if not Christianity. If violence does erupt it will be chaotic and directed at the "collaborators" as much (possibly more?) as towards the Muslims.

One recurring theme is that despite outward passiveness, the French, in general, know that violence will come. This seems to indicate a higher level of awareness on the part of the population than is generally acknowledged. Notice that the Muslims calmly plot the takeover without any thought of a rebellion from the natives.

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At May 29, 2009 11:46 AM, Blogger Deborah said...

Bonjour Tiberge,

(Notice that the Muslims calmly plot the takeover without any thought of a rebellion from the natives.)

Have you read the recommendations adopted on 14 march 2003 at the conference "Learning to live together: What kind of education for what kind of citizenship" jointly organized by the French and Moroccan Commissions for UNESCO in Rabat? It is very enlightening and states;

Some extracts:

We are witnessing today a period of trial for a world order which took half a century to build.
We observe the fragility of what we used to regard as universal values and established
principles, when these are confronted by other ideas which we thought had been unanimously condemned.

Hence the importance of this initiative taken by the national commissions of the Arab and
European States : the idea of a Euro-Arab dialogue able to reveal a historical dimension and an understanding of the changes that the world is undergoing, as well as the will to control their course.

The key to harmonious Euro/Arab cultural diversity is through the education of young children and also adults in "citizenship"

The third issue is education in world citizenship. This must be a form of education which leads to the building of a pluralist, intercultural society in which the catchwords would be solidarity, tolerance, peace and freedom : an education in human rights, which would include rights and responsibilities, and which would make it possible to release creative forces and to develop the ability to think and the critical faculties.

"learning to live together", is one of the "four pillars of lifelong education"

The revision of school syllabuses in the two regions in order to eliminate stereotypes ;
The need for European programmes to present Arab culture on an equal footing ;
The need for Arab programs to present colonization as the aspiration of a ruling class, and not as the imperialist aim of an entire people ;
The development of the teaching of the Arab language as the vector of Arab-Islamic culture.

It is very deviant of them to target our children in order to realise their Eurabian Utopia.

Yours kindly, Deborah

At May 29, 2009 12:12 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ deborah,

Thank you very much. I may post your text later today, time permitting. At any rate it is a faithful reflection of the Resolution of Strasbourg from 1974, where the countries of Europe signed a type of agreement to bring in Arabs, allow them to practice freely their religion and their customs, in exchange for which the Europeans would curtail (to put it politiely) the influence of Israel.

This was the Eurabia project. Everybody loses except the Muslims. The European countries lost their systems of education, their individual cultures, their religion in the wave of multiculturalism that gradually swept over the West from 1974 onward. It was not really so much May 1968, but the change in immigration policies in 1974. Insofar as Israel imitated the West, it too lost its patriotic zeal. America had started losing in 1968 with the race riots (and we had already changed our immigration laws in 1965). Only the Muslims gained. Of course, children are the first targets. Did not Machiavelli say that as long as memory is alive the enemy cannot fully conquer, but when all is forgotten - then there is no longer any need for conquest, as the Muslims in the dialogue I posted indicate.

At May 29, 2009 12:21 PM, Blogger tiberge said...


Those interested can consult the last comment at my February post on Nice:

A reader left excerpts from various resolutions of Strasbourg, the first one going back to 1974. There were apparently a series of resolutions reaffirming the goals of the first meeting.

I would like to do a bit more research before I post this material.

At May 29, 2009 12:23 PM, Blogger tiberge said...


I should have said January post.

At May 30, 2009 12:41 PM, Anonymous dauphin_b612 said...

Just a reminder that today May 30 was the true Feast Day of Ste. Jeanne, not the national holiday of May 10 which has become something of a joke, where speeches are made about the slave trade, colonization, etc. Would Jehanne accept this new invasion? No! Her example must be followed politically by the French people.

At May 30, 2009 3:13 PM, Blogger crusader88 said...

Don't worry, we'll protect your rights, you will have the status of dhimmi.I feel completely reassured!

Problem is, their reasoning appears spot on. Their cool calculation, noted by Deborah, is quite justified by the passivity of native Christian Frenchmen. For the time being, I have to concur with the assessment concerning the "bunch of rats," though who knows, maybe the upcoming elections will shed a glimmer of hope on the situation.

At June 03, 2009 11:40 AM, Blogger Yorkshireminer said...

These posts by the Muslims are Treason.

At June 05, 2009 4:41 PM, Blogger Carlos said...

antes os expulsaremos de aquí a patadas como ya expulsaron avuestros salvajes antepasados de España. ¡¡¡Muerte al Islamofascismo!!!

At June 05, 2009 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Antes os expulsaremos de europa a patadas. No seria la primera vez

At June 05, 2009 5:26 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

The previous two comments warrant translation, but my Spanish is inadequate. However, this is what I think they mean:

From Carlos:

First, we will kick you out of here as we already kicked your savage ancestors out of Spain. Death to Islamofascism!

From anonymous:

First, we will kick you out of Europe. It wouldn't be the first time.

At June 10, 2009 5:48 PM, Anonymous Nicolas Krebs said...

"in order to realise their Eurabian Utopia." (Deborah)

There is no such thing as Eurabia except in the mind of conspiracy theorists and Europeans-haters.

"the Resolution of Strasbourg from 1974, where the countries of Europe signed a type of agreement to bring in Arabs, allow them to practice freely their religion and their customs, in exchange for which the Europeans would curtail (to put it politiely) the influence of Israel." (tiberge)

At best you are nightmaring. At worse you are an Europeans-hater relaying a false claim that you perfectly know being a lie.

"This was the Eurabia project."

There is no such thing as Eurabia except in the mind of conspiracy theorists and Europeans-haters.


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