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Sarkozy Assesses Sarkozy

What has Nicolas Sarkozy been up to recently? He's been assessing his term in office thus far, and thinking ahead... Yves Daoudal reports:

Yesterday, according to those present at the meeting, Nicolas Sarkozy declared to the UMP deputies:

"By mid-2011, we will be able to say that we have passed our entire program of reforms. Then, from the end of 2011 on, we will only take care of political matters."

You can decide if that means that he will run for office again in 2012, or not.

But what is most striking in his remarks is that for Nicolas Sarkozy, all his "reforms" are not politics. Not even the reform of territorial collectivities, or of local and regional elections... none of that is politics.

For Sarkozy, "politics" refers only to the little political game that is played before the national elections.

Then what is it that relates to civic affairs?

The answer is anything that is apt to serve the political game. But when the moment arrives, you drop the civic affairs (you pretend to care about civic affairs), and you only concern yourself with the political game.

We are really light years away from concern for the common weal.

Another article on Sarkozy at François Desouche is based on a text published by Elysée Palace itself. The document paints a rosy picture of the accomplishments of Sarkozy's first term:

Three years after the election of Nicolas Sarkozy (...) it is useful to enumerate the reforms launched and the results obtained, for each of the main objectives of the President's actions. And to look ahead to what remains to be accomplished and the new projects to come.

Thanks to the cumulative effect of these measures and the actions of the police, France has witnesses its 7th consecutive year of improvements in the fight against crime. The number of reported crimes, both serious and minor, has decreased by 15% between 2002 and 2008. It had increased as much between 1997 and 2002. Moreover, the rate of crime verification ("élucidation") increased by 50%, and today it stands at 38% compared to 25% in 2001.

Note: The statistics cited by Elysée are not for the past three years, but for a period that includes his term as Interior Minister. Possibly the official stats on 2009 are not yet published? Certainly the stats for 2010 are in progress, but won't be available for a long time. Sarkozy, in the past has pointed with pride to his record on crime, often failing to note that while certain types of crime may have decreased, physical crime against people has increased. Also, it must always be remembered that many crimes are never reported, and that the cumulative effect of crime on the white French population is corrosive, even if statistically there has been a decrease.

Going further, the government launched a vast program of development of video-protection. Almost 20,000 cameras have been installed in France so far. Their number should triple by 2011 and reach 60,000 to allow for much greater efficiency of the police, who are working on behalf of the French people.

The adoption in 2008, during the French presidency of the European Union, of a European pact outlawing massive legalization of undocumented aliens.

Note: lol.

Toughening of the rules on family reunification: mastery of the French language is henceforth imperative. In 2009 alone, 100,000 Reception and Integration Contracts were signed, by virtue of which those admitted onto our territory vow to respect the laws of the Republic. The level of legal immigration has stabilized at 173,000 in 2009, compared to more than 200,000 in 2002 and 2003. Since 2007, the annual average of requests for asylum has been reduced to fewer than 35,000, a level comparable to that of Great Britain and Germany, vs more than 50,000 at the beginning of 2000.

Note: The Reception and Integration Contract can be viewed at the website of OFII - Bureau of French Immigration and Integration. Click the language you want on the left.

The above excerpt is drawn from a very long document published by Elysée. French readers who are interested can click here for the complete text.

The section of the document on crime includes many other points cited by Sarkozy as success stories. Among them:

- the implementation of minimum jail terms for recidivists. The practice of collective pardons was totally abolished in 2007.

- the criminalization of gang membership. Voted on in February 2010: belonging to a violent gang is a crime punishable by three years in prison.

Note: The fact that there are so many gangs in France would seem to make this a dubious success story.

- "security retention", voted on in February 2008. By virtue of this law dangerous criminals who complete their prison sentence may be "retained" in a center where they are under constant medical, social and psychological surveillance.

Note: This has been discussed before at GalliaWatch. It is absurd to "retain" them after their term is completed. Rather they should be given longer jail terms. In France no criminal can be imprisoned for more than 22 years. Thus, a dangerous murderer sentenced at the age of 22 will be 44 when he leaves prison. Retention is a necessity. But life in prison would be a better solution, since capital punishment seems to be out of the question.

- the joining of the police and the gendarmerie under the authority of the Interior Ministry.

Note: This too has been discussed here. The gendarmes are not happy, to put it mildly, about the change. Having been part of the military, they must now behave like policemen, meaning that they have less latitude in using force against criminals.

- 11 new prisons opened as well as 6 new jails for juveniles, resulting in the creation of almost 7500 new places available out of the 13,200 projected to be ready by 2012.

Note: That IS good news. The ever-growing prison population will have the spanking-new facilities they so richly deserve after working so hard to destroy France!!!

The "faux" poster below was sent in by a reader. When Sarkozy was running for president, his theme was "Together all things are possible". Below it reads, "Together, on to Civil War"

Thanks to zazie

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