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Martin Hirsch on "True Integration"

Nicolas Sarkozy certainly knows how to pick them. When he put together his first cabinet, following the presidential election of 2007, he chose with infallible precision politicians who (he must have known) would be loyal servants to the causes of métissage, multi-culturalism and socialism, and to the overarching duty of sycophancy to their boss. Eric Besson, now Minister of Immigration, called France a "conglomerate" of peoples who want to live together. Christine Lagarde, Minister of Finance, has been instrumental in adapting French economic rules and regulations to accommodate sharia law. Both Prime Minister François Fillon and Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux have inaugurated mosques amidst great fanfare. Hortefeux even donned a djelleba for the inauguration of the Clermont-Ferrand mosque in February. Most of Sarkozy's ministers have plunged hungrily into the Ramadan break-fasts as if they were being treated to a full-course feast at Maxim's.

Just when you think you've seen and heard everything, along comes a new nail in the coffin of French pride. At the same time this could be a shot of adrenaline for the Front National, and for nationalism in general.

Martin Hirsch was initially appointed High Commissioner on "active solidarity against poverty", a fancy way of saying that he is in charge of what we would call the "war on poverty". To this title he added, in 2009, a second - that of High Commissioner on youth. In 2010 he left the government to become head of the Agence du service civique, a newly created agency for young volunteers, ages 16 - 25, whose missions will be to serve in the renovation of homeless shelters, in schools (as mentors and tutors), to protect biodiversity, and to aid victims of natural catastrophes, both in France and abroad. The agency was created to compensate for the elimination of compulsory military service. (Source: La Croix)

Martin Hirsch has a long background in the biological sciences, a diploma in neurobiology, has worked in the Ministry of Health (1992-1993), has been head of the Central Pharmacy of the Hospitals of Paris, and has taught political science, having graduated from the ENA (National School of Administration), an advanced school that trains those who would enter into government service. He has worked in cancer research and in sanitation, as well as heading the European agency on the evaluation of medications. He is, however, best known as the former president of Emmaüs France, the French branch of a worldwide charity organization founded in 1949 by abbé Pierre.

What did he say that has caused such a furor?

"True integration will be when Catholics name their child Mohammed."

The message boards all over the France lit up with anger and exasperation at this latest stab in the back from an elected official.

Besides his impressive background in science and his charity work, Martin Hirsch is a member of the consultative committee of HALDE (High Authority in the fight against discrimination and for equality), has been involved in efforts to aid the homeless, and created the RSA - a type of minimum wage designed to compensate those whose salaries were still below the poverty level. His presence in Sarkozy's government aroused some anger among Socialists, who, for some reason, think that Sarkozy is a small-government conservative.

He made his now-legendary remark on television, on July 1. Here are a few comments from François Desouche:

- An astounding statement! Hirsch deserves to be tried for high treason against the French people...

- A statement that at least has the merit of being an admission of treason.

- What is this grave epidemic that afflicts everybody? Shhh (Say it softly: the epidemic in question is Islamization. It attacks weakened organisms, and is difficult to cure. Nasty metastases eat you up completely, and no one knows why some are completely immune.) I think this is the most outrageous thing I have read or heard here in two years.

- I think I have never heard such a disgusting thing. It's political pornography.

- I'm surprised that the government still regards Catholics as the typical Frenchmen. Practicing Catholics are a minority in France. The typical Frenchman today has no religion. Unless Mr. Hirsch thinks that only Catholics are true Frenchmen? And that when they are all dhimmified, then integration will be accomplished? I'm afraid to even think about it.

Regarding the origins of Martin Hirsch (comments 9, 22, 80, 91, 102, 118) with the pseudo of the commenter in parentheses, for clarity:

- Ah, dear Martin... let's acknowledge at least that he took a French first name (Hirsch is in fact a very common name among the Ashkenazim Jews.) (Dies Irae)

- Martin Hirsch does not have a drop of Jewish blood. I've met him and I asked him. Sorry. Hirsch is also a Catholic name. It's maddening when our own elected officials betray us, isn't it? I'm adding this leftist to the list of collaborators, a list that is decidedly quite long. (K)

- How strange. His grandfather Etienne Hirsch (a high government official after the war, and a collaborator of Jean Monnet, the father of the European Union) claimed to be Jewish. As for Martin Hirsch himself, he declared: "I entered Emmaüs without knowing what belief system the association adhered to. I found, little by little that there were quite a number of priests there... I never thought that I, an agnostic, three-quarters Jewish and one quarter Protestant, would find myself at the head of a "Church" such as this. (Neustrie)

- During an interview I did for my class, I asked him if he was a believer. He said no. It was the same when I asked him if he had been raised in a religion. It was confirmed when I saw him eat pork. (K)

- I don't doubt that. In fact I assumed he came from a secularized Jewish line, up to his father who married a woman half Protestant, but that Jewish traditions had not been passed on to him. He was so deprived of any religious references that he did not comprehend that Emmaüs was Catholic-oriented (revisionist, considering the opinions of abbé Pierre) But sometimes, in a way, the secularized Jews are the worst... That's all there was at the head of the Soviet Communist Party in the 20's and 30's. Of course I find his comment scandalous, but strangely enough I feel some sympathy for the man. When you have been educated in a milieu of high functionaries, and are used to looking down on France from the heights (...) there is something to be said for becoming so involved in charity. (Neustrie)

- When Catholics name their child Mohammed it will be disintegration.

- Jew here, Jew there, haven't you had enough!!! Oh I forgot, Freemason here, Freemason there!!! Look guys, go join Dieudonné or Alain Soral. Here we talk about serious things. The future of France gets darker every day. If I understand you, you would like to re-open the camps? Let's be serious, to be credible, you have to rid yourselves of this disgusting gangrene. Learn who your enemies really are.

- Hirsch is not a dhimmi. He wants us to be dhimmis.

- In reality, men of politics are now disconnected from the real stakes concerning the nature of these waves of migrants. Islam will not cease to make demands and to react to the slightest opposition. That is the nature of ideologies. In other words, the West is doomed from the effects of a destructive feminism that destroys patriarchal values - values that confer on the West its richness and its progress, a feminism that engenders a permissive attitude towards the enemies of democracy (due to an underlying sense of guilt following the two world wars), and finally seeks equivalence among cultures - the insidious result of fifty years of Marxist propaganda. The people will rise up or they will collapse. The first solution will be bloody. Have no doubts.

Note: There are ten pages of comments. I only got through four.

Martin Hirsch has three daughters: Rafaelle, Mathilde and Juliette.

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At July 06, 2010 1:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It can get quite exhausting and frustrating going through comments on some sites, including FDS. Comments such as the "Jew here, Jew there" comment (quite sane) are unfortunately in the minority. This is in a way more frustrating than idiot comments from people like Hirsch, because it is wasting time that we do not have and pushes people away who would otherwise support patriotic issues.

In the US, have you heard that the new foremost mission of NASA is to pursue involvement of muslim countries in the space program, a direct order from the Executive Office?

At July 06, 2010 2:54 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ anonymous

I agree completely that anti-Semitic comments of the type we often find at FDS, and other sites, is a major obstacle to both clear thinking and decisive action. Europe, as a whole, is bringing out of the mothballs the old demons we thought we'd never see again. They still need a scapegoat, and the ancient dread of (and curious attraction to) the Jewish people, a dread that began long before Stalin and the Communist Party even existed, is the default position for those who are terrified of Islam, but who project onto the Jews the guilt for the Islamic presence in Europe. It is a very sick situation, and dangerous not only for the Jews, who can, after all, flee to Israel, but for the masses of Europeans who are going to have to face the real enemy in mortal combat one day.

If I printed the exchange on Jews, it was because I found it rather interesting. It shows what happens to people who have no sense of their own heritage, no religious belief, therefore, no real moral compass to guide them. Typically, this happens to Jewish "intellectuals" who renounce Judaism and who compensate for this tremendous loss with Communism (or what we call in the U.S. "liberalism").

Martin Hirsch has dropped from the moon. He has no idea what it means to be Jewish, or Catholic. No Catholic person could ever name his child Mohammed. Some of the comments at FDS suggested that Hirsch was implying that integration was therefore impossible. However, this might be giving him credit for an unlikely level of subtlety.

As for our own leaders, that news is dreadful, but completely in line with Obama's pro-Islamic stand. Unfortunately, most Republicans are such mealy-mouthed spineless creatures, I doubt they would be much different. During Bush's administration, West Point began "reaching out" to Muslims, who now constitute a sizable chunk of our armed services. We have no call to criticize the French unless we take our own responsibilties as well.

At July 07, 2010 6:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the West is doomed from the effects of a destructive feminism that destroys patriarchal values - values that confer on the West its richness and its progress, a feminism that engenders a permissive attitude towards the enemies of democracy (due to an underlying sense of guilt following the two world wars),

I'm sick of reading that.

At July 07, 2010 6:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

«US General Wesley Clark, who led NATO’s bombing of Christian Serbs in Kosovo, stated flatly in 1999 that “There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multiethnic states.”» -- Fjordman, Who Will Protects Us From NATO ?

Fjordman files:



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