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Cutting the Ribbon

The inauguration of a new mosque has become an everyday event in France, but when the Prime Minister is the one doing the inaugurating, it is news. On June 28, François Fillon inaugurated the great mosque of Argenteuil, called the Al-Ihsan mosque. In nº 88 of his weekly newsletter (available through subscription), Yves Daoudal reviews the event in an article entitled "The French Islamic Republic", a title that summarizes in few words the institutionalized dhimmitude of the current French government:

On Monday, Prime Minister François Fillon inaugurated the great Al-Ihsan mosque of Argenteuil. It is the second mosque for Argenteuil, that has, in addition, eight prayer rooms.

It was the first time that a Prime Minister of the Republic inaugurated a mosque. When Sarkozy created the French Council of the Muslim Religion (CFCM), Cardinal Lustiger had noted that Islam was becoming the State religion. By inaugurating the Al-Ihsan mosque, François Fillon confirmed and illustrated that Islam IS the religion of the French State (my emphasis).

Note: Lustiger was Archbishop of Paris, until his death in August, 2007.

But what became of the law of 1905, you will ask. Does it not stipulate that the Republic does not recognize any religion? The law of 1905 was a law to fight the Catholic Church. The Republic does not recognize any Christian religion (there was no other at the time). Now, Islam also fights Christianity. Islam is, therefore, an ally of laïcité. The 1905 law is still in effect: there has never been a high representative of the State sent to inaugurate a church. (...)

Naturally, François Fillon launched into an apology of Islam, since he was there for that purpose. He assured everyone that "the reality of the Islam of France today" is "that of an Islam of peace and of dialogue."

The Islam of France, at the Al-Ihsan mosque, are the two imams who work for the Algerian State.

Then Fillon gave an Islamic theology lesson on the burka, condemning, in the name of the "enlightenment of the faith", the "religious fundamentalism" that would impose the burka, the "extremism that disdains your full and complete adherence to the republican and secular principle of France" (sic), and that constitutes a "deviation from the religious message."

Note: It is interesting to note that when public officials address Muslims, they do not have much of a problem deciding what to say - they simply say the exact opposite of the truth. Nothing could be simpler. They know they are lying. The Muslims, who are the beneficiaries of the lies, know they are lying, and everybody manages to play the assigned role. Fillon conjured up his most hyperbolic purple prose, cut the ribbon and kept a straight face,

As the Prime Minister went on about the evils of extremism that prevent Muslims from participating fully in the secular republic as they would gladly do if only they could, a small girl gave the lie to his words:

To his right, there was a little girl wearing a veil: the perfect example of Islamist extremism, since the veil is not required until puberty.

The photo below shows the scene. The little girl hardly looks like proof of extremism, but the cutting of the ribbon is certainly proof of the government's indifference to its own law of 1905. Many of the posts that I have done on the issue of laïcité have attempted to show that the 1905 law has not prevented the Islamization of France, rather it has facilitated it.

The presence of François Fillon at this inauguration caused some talk, because originally Brice Hortefeux, Minister of the Interior (and of religion) was scheduled to officiate, but he bowed out at the last minute. Possibly because he has been cited for making anti-Arab comments? Here's a short comment from a website called Nouvel Hermes:

The fact that the Prime Minister of the Republic inaugurates a house of worship is an unusual event that speaks volumes about the collapse of republican values. Without droning on about secularism, we ought to examine more closely this event.

Especially when the house of worship is a mosque, and when - until it is proven otherwise - Islam is a minority in France! Why, then? To redeem the errors of Hortefeux who should have been present, since he is in charge of religions...

So, the man who leads the government is the one who cuts the tricolor ribbon, a cut that is fully symbolic in this context. It is the flag that he is cutting, as the bearded men and the veiled women look on tenderly.

Along with the shameless blackmailer - the grand mufti of the Paris Mosque, who said:

"By lining the park with mosques, the situation in France will be completely calmed down."

"It is truly an act of appeasement to open a mosque."

Note: The grand mufti is Dalil Boubakeur, bending over, to Fillon's left.

As I pursue this topic, I keep coming upon more quotes from François Fillon. I'm sure his entire speech is online somewhere in video or audio format, but I prefer to find speeches in writing whenever possible. The following is taken from an article at France2:

Monsieur Fillon spoke of the right of French Muslims to "indifference", and of the "bravery" of those who "fell serving France". This community is "too often the target of attacks that we cannot tolerate." He revealed that in 2009, "30% of the racist violence", mostly threats, were directed against Muslims. "The enemy of national cohesion is clanism, communitarianism, religious fundamentalism... When you fight fundamentalism, it is not Islam that is stigmatized," he added.

Note: He persists in the notion that Islam is one thing and Islamic fundamentalism is something else. This illusion is still the only life raft the politicians can cling to as the ship of State sinks.

The Prime Minister explicitly brought up the burka - a "caricature" of Islam:

"Make no mistake: by displaying a somber and sectarian image, the persons hiding their faces on the pretext of their religious belief are, consciously or not, the opponents of the Islam of France that you have helped to build...."

"The Islam of France, the Islam that you live in your daily lives, has nothing to do with this caricature that dims the enlightenment of your faith... "It has nothing to do with this extremism that disdains your full and complete adherence to the secular and republican principle of France, and it is for that reason that you must be in the front ranks against this deviation from the religious message... You must be the first to make intelligence win out over obscurantism, to make tolerance win out over intolerance", added the Prime Minister, whose speech was greeted with applause and ululations.

It is hard to know what to say. So I won't say anything. However, I will move on to one more article, not about François Fillon, but about a new type of burka seen in Paris. The article is from Louis Chagnon, writing at Bernard Antony's blog:

On July 29, on rue de Rivoli in the middle of Paris, we came upon two Muslim women wearing a head covering that allowed their faces to be visible. Nothing unusual in that. But besides the covering, they were wearing a metal mask! Yes, you read it correctly, a metal mask! In the middle of Paris in the 21st century! It consisted of a vertical hoop and a horizontal hoop forming a cross on the face with, at the mouth, a metallic plaque. So the nose and the mouth of these Muslim women were hidden. This is a tradition among women from the Emirates. The worst thing is that this mask resembling a muzzle was most likely worn voluntarily, since these women were walking freely through the streets of Paris and nothing was preventing them from asking for help or from taking refuge in the nearest police station in order to put an end to their calvary.

The fight against Islam is indeed a fight to liberate Muslims from their ideological chains.

Note: There may be truth in what he says, but we have to set our priorities. Our own ideological chains have to be broken first, then we have to de-Islamize the West, either non-violently, or violently if necessary. The Muslims have to reform themselves, we cannot do it for them.

The picture to the left that accompanies the text above is obviously not exactly what he saw, but it conveys the idea well enough. It may actually convey the wrong idea - that of a women held in a cage. Comments at various sites indicate that Muslim women enjoy wearing this sort of mask. Now, we may wonder at that, but I do not believe Muslim women necessarily feel themselves to be slaves or prisoners in a cage. They want to be Muslims, they do not want to be European. This is why we must not interfere in their culture - we must simply separate ourselves from them, and them from us. Not all Muslim women are Hirsi Ali or Wafa Sultan. And the idea of integrating two such distinct civilizations, on grounds of some hollow ideology such as "diversity" or "métissage" is sheer insanity.

However, now that the damage is done; now that millions of Muslims have been allowed into Western lands; now that we are all living in a state of suspended animation, so to speak, waiting for the dam to burst, it may be that we will have to fight a bloody apocalyptic war to save what is still salvageable of our own civilization. A conflict that could have been prevented by simple basic patriotism on the part of Western leaders. But they are ALL (look at David Cameron) products of the Stalinist upheaval of the sixties. Not one, not even the Pope, is exempt.

The discussion at this Qatari website might be of interest to you. It seems that the mask is not really made of metal, but only appears that way because of the ink they use (on plastic or cardboard).

I did manage to find this photo at Toy Town Germany. It looks like sci-fi.

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