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René Galinier - Update 2

You may recall the story from last month about a 74-year old man whose home was burglarized by two Roma girls. In the darkness, René Galinier took his shotgun and shot blindly at the two intruders who were wounded but not killed. They have since been released from the hospital. "Papy" Galinier, as the French call him affectionately, has been in jail now for 52 days, for the crime of trying to defend himself against burglars, and above all for the crime of calling them "sale race" - dirty race.

Since the event took place there has been an impressive mobilization of support for Galinier, from the people of his home town, from Frenchmen all over France, from certain politicians, candidates, journalists and now even from a Bourbon prince!

Demonstrations have been held in the following cities:
Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, Béziers, Nissan, Montpellier, Saint-Louis, Strasbourg, Altkirch, Masevaux, Thann, Mulhouse, Colmar, Sélestat, Nantes, Trégor, Rennes, Brest, Tours, Nevers, Clermont-Ferrand, Rouen. More are planned.

A website devoted entirely to Papy Galinier's story is up and running - French readers can consult Liberez René Galinier. The driving force behind these actions to liberate him is the Bloc Identitaire, its energetic news service - Novopress, a site I use frequently, and Richard Roudier, president of the Ligue du Midi, another regional party in the south of France.

One article at this new website tells of the visit paid to René Galinier by Elie Aboud, deputy of the ruling UMP party. Aboud who spent about twenty minutes with Galinier relates:

"He is fine, although a bit depressed. He's a good Christian, which means he can face adversity. He's a perfectly charming man who is sorry that the two burglars came close to being killed.

"I am not here to influence the decision of the courts. I'm doing my job. I'm applying the law. I will leave to Monsieur Roudier, president of the national committee, the task of creating in a dignified manner the momentum he feels is necessary."

Note: The law in question stipulates that elected members of the National Assembly and Euro-deputies elected in France have the right to visit, at any time, prisoners and detention centers.

The deputy added that René Galinier had been particularly touched by his visit, that he is following everything that happens in his favor, and that the rallies supporting him give him comfort.

The article then relates the story of one René Dahan, a 58-year old businessman, who in October of 2006 left his home in Nogent-sur-Marne. Three individuals were waiting for him. They pushed him back into his house, pointed a Magnum 357 under his chin, and threw his wife to the ground. He fought back. In the struggle he managed to grab the weapon and shoot one of the assailants three times, killing him. The criminal fell out of the window with two bullets in his back. René Dahan was jailed and charged with voluntary homicide. The Minister of Justice at the time was Pascal Clément and the Minister of the Interior... Nicolas Sarkozy. A few days later, Pascal Clément received a letter from Sarkozy calling to his attention the special case of René Dahan. In the letter he said:

"This affair has aroused strong feelings among our fellow citizens. They cannot understand how an honest man, attacked in his own home, threatened with a gun and fearing for his life and that of his wife, could be charged with voluntary homicide and put in jail."

Ten days later, René Dahan was released.

You can review my two posts from 2006 on René Dahan, the first one dated November 12, the short follow-up dated November 14.

The case of René Galinier will come up again in the courts on Tuesday September 28.

Bruno Gollnisch, vice-president of the Front National wrote an open letter to Nicolas Sarkozy reminding him of the case of René Dahan, and of the obvious differences between the two incidents - René Dahan killed one of his attackers by shooting him in the back, René Galinier did not kill anyone. The former was released after ten days, the latter is still in jail.

The two young female burglars, by the way, are in good shape.

Marine Le Pen, also vice-president of the Front National issued a communiqué in which she made the following declarations:

The announcement that the septuagenarian from Nissan-Lez-Ensérune is still being held shows, as if there were need, that, besides the artificial ministerial claptrap about security, criminals in France have nothing to fear from the justice system, but decent people do.

When a State prosecutor who is expressing the point of view of the Justice Ministry spreads the word via the press that the two female burglars who are part of organized networks were "victims of society", then all citizens can legitimately feel themselves abandoned by the institutions that are supposed to protect them.

It is equally scandalous to find that fifty years later, French public institutions consider service in Algeria as an official indication of guilt, a sort of aggravating circumstance. Could M. Galinier also be guilty of having done his duty when he was twenty years old and of having obeyed legitimate orders of the government at the time? (...)

How can one not be concerned when a particularly condemning and definitive justice system goes, without further ado, to the media the minute a simple citizen who is not about to burn any cars or rebel against authority is involved. The presumption of innocence invoked by the rogues of the Republic and by the multi-recidivists, to justify any and all laxness on the part of the government and the judiciary, applies to ordinary citizens as well, does it not? (...)

All Frenchmen feel it to be true, that the insane judicial-administrative machine against the French people did not stop with the reign of Sarkozy, but worsened and accelerated. In a France ruled by the UMPS, it is always impunity for criminals and more and more severity for honest people. (...)

Note: UMPS = UMP plus PS. Sarkozy's ruling party has long been regarded as hardly any better than the Socialist Party, and France has become a one-party State, unless the FN can gain significant support from a very frustrated population.

Prince Sixtus Henry of Bourbon-Parma, French-born member of the Spanish royal family, and an advocate of Carlism (traditionalism, Catholicism), has taken an initiative in favor of René Galinier. The prince has, in the past, supported the Front National.

Finally, French readers may want to listen to Eric Zemmour, one of the few journalists to espouse a traditionalist and realistic point of view regarding Islam, crime, and national identity, among other issues. The Daily Motion video is posted here.

At top, poster from the Front National website indicating the number of days Galinier has been in jail. The number changes daily. It is now 53.

Below, a portion of a letter the prisoner wrote to Richard Roudier thanking him for his assistance and his support. In the letter, Galinier says that his morale is good, and that he receives medical care, but he is greatly weakened because he has no appetite. He also apologizes for his handwriting and says he cannot go on.

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At September 27, 2010 2:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


France: The Moment Robbers Armed With Kalashnikovs Raid Bureau De Change and Escape With Hostage

This is the moment armed robbers raided a Bureau de Change in broad daylight, making off with bags of cash and gold.

Extraordinary pictures show how the four men, wearing balaclavas over their heads and dressed top to toe in black, held up the shop in the centre of Lyon in France.

The raid yesterday happened at around 3.15pm — and it was all the more audacious because the Bureau de Change is right opposite the city’s town hall.

The robbers, who witnesses said were armed with Kalashnikovs, could be seen climbing running in and out of the building.

They then grabbed a terrified man and bundled him into the silver Mercedes before making their getaway, as crowds of eyewitnesses looked on.

As they sped off, they fired shots into the air. The loot is thought to have been around 100,000 euros in cash but also included gold.

They are thought to have abandoned the car some hundreds of metres away and set it on fire in a bid to destroy any evidence.

According to reports, the car was registered in Seine-and-Mare and was stolen the day before in Villeurganne.

The hostage was quickly released, sources said, and was then interviewed by police. It is thought the robbers may have been slightly injured as they escaped.

A member of staff at another Global Cash shop in Lyon said: ‘The staff are very shocked.’ A shop assistant in a neighbouring pharmacy said: ‘I didn’t see anything but I heard a huge noise.’

She added that there were around 10 police cars at the scene shortly after the raid. Two helicopters also circled overhead shortly after the robbery.

Armed robbers have targeted the centre of Lyon over the past year but have more usually raided jewellers.

At September 27, 2010 2:39 PM, Blogger Arius said...

Jail a man that is defending his home. Insanity!

At September 27, 2010 3:43 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

As you point out, he's being punished mostly for what he said, not what he did. I hope he is released soon.


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