Friday, September 10, 2010

What Really Brings Them Out

Three days after the poorly attended Apéros and the better-attended demonstrations against the expulsion of criminal immigrants, there was yet another demonstration, this one a massive show of opposition to the new policy on retirement, which has been pushed ahead from age 60 to age 62. This really brought out the crowds. Read about it at the Independent. Readers of French can check out the report at the Communist website L'Humanité. While figures vary, it appears that there actually could have been over a million demonstrators!

At least it shows what the people are interested in, doesn't it? They have little or no concern about the de-Christianization of France, or the take-over by Islam, or the crime rate. Even the anti-expulsion-of-immigrants rallies, though large, were no match for this one.

H/T: Lawrence Auster at VFR.



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