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Abbé Guy Pagès

Abbé Guy Pagès, a priest in the diocese of Paris, makes videos about Islam. According to this item from Le Salon Beige one of his videos entitled "Allah and rape" has been censored by Daily Motion on grounds that it incited to racial and religious hatred. The message from Daily Motion to the abbé reads:

"This has no place on our site. It is not the first time that we have asked you to conform to our charter of amity ("convivialité"). If you repeat this sort of speech in your videos you will be banned from our site."

Abbé Pagès responded to the accusation with proof from the Koran that it is Islam that is guilty of racial and religious hatred against Jews and Christians.

The video below is a good example of his work. Here he critiques a speech made by Nicolas Sarkozy on December 3, 2010, in Algiers. He denounces the French president for pandering to his Muslim hosts and for treating unlike notions, such as Nature and Freedom, as if they were identical.Those of you who know just a little French may find that you understand his very clear diction.

An English version follows the video.

Praise be to Jesus Christ. May his peace be with you.

Last December 3, Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy, the Head of the French State, was in Algiers. There he met with an assembly of French and Algerian business leaders, and on this occasion he felt it his duty to give his hosts an assurance of submission to Islamic Correctness. In this speech, we find the following:

"When you threaten an Arab, a Muslim, or a Jew in France, you threaten the Republic."

But in this sentence there is an enormous amalgam, an enormous confusion between that which derives from Nature and that which derives from Freedom. Being an Arab or a Jew has nothing to do with the freedom of the person who is an Arab or a Jew: it is a fact of nature, you cannot change it, that's just the way it is. It is a gift that precedes us. And that is also why it is completely unfair to reproach someone because of his race, since he is perfectly innocent. On the other hand, being a Muslim is, theoretically, the result of a free personal choice, since Islam presents itself as a religion, that is, a certain conception of God, of Man, of the world that each person is free to identify with the Truth or not. And because this identification derives from a thought process, it should be subjected to the criticism of Reason.

Now, Nicolas Sarkozy forbids the criticism of Islam. In France, nobody yet is forced to be a Muslim although in some neighborhoods it might not be so evident. And each person has the right to express the reasons why he feels that Islam is not the Truth it claims to be, and therefore the right to denounce it as a sham, without being subjected to the wrath and threats of the Head of State. Nicolas Sarkozy goes on, saying:

"Racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism cannot be explained, they must be fought."

"They must be fought." There, Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy declares war on all those who refuse to give to Islam the guarantee of credibility that it demands. Not to love Islam, to denounce it as a sham, is to be in darkness. "It cannot be explained." There is no possible reason for not loving Islam, no possible reason for not recognizing that it tells the Truth. How can I love Islam if I do not recognize that it tells the truth, in fact that it lies?

"There is nothing so similar to an anti-Semite as an Islamophobic. Both have the same face - the face of stupidity and the face of hatred," continues our President. So if you don't love Islam, if you don't give it the guarantee of credibility it demands, you are stupid. Worse still, you are bad, you are full of hatred. You are found guilty, because you want nothing to do with Islam. By forbidding criticism of Islam, Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy not only becomes the enemy of freedom of thought, hence of human dignity - which he claims nonetheless to defend - but a powerful vector of the Islamization of our country.

And so, if you are scandalized, as I am, by the turning over of our country by our President into the services of Islam's designs for planetary hegemony, designs bequeathed to it by its founder, and of which there is unfortunately painful proof throughout its history, I urge you to write to him, to let him know. If we do nothing now, it will not be surprising to find that tomorrow we are living in a Muslim country, ruled by sharia.

Note: Le Salon Beige readers have only praise for abbé Pagès:

- Daily Motion is to be boycotted. They are already subjugated like dhimmis to the laws censoring freedom of expression in France… Now they are enslaved by the Islamists. If Daily Motion sent that to abbé Guy Pagès, it must have been because they received threats from the Islamists. On the other hand, on Daily Motion, you have the right to insult the Pope and the Catholics...

Abbé Pagès himself leaves a couple of comments and informs us that YouTube closed his account for two weeks and threatened to close it definitively if he continues to make this type of video.

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At March 07, 2011 6:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

l am impressed by the good Abbe'. At last there is a real priest saying what needs to be said.
l am very proud that with his words and his actions he honours Christianity - and all of us.

At October 12, 2012 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paroles claires, fermes, concises, efficaces et justes. Je n'aime pas ni Mohamed, ni l'islam, ni le Coran. J'aime les musulmans, même ceux qui sont arrogants, et même si c'est parfois difficile.


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