Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Media Frenzy

There is a full-page account at the Daily Mail replete with photos of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, his wife, attorneys, and even a view of the prison where he is spending the night.

Discrepancies are maddening in cases like this. For example, in my previous post, based on the French account in l'Express, it states that he had NOT left his phone or any personal effects behind. However, the Daily Mail says that the phone was left behind. Several other sources, including the original New York Times report and American Thinker, corroborate this point. Also, l'Express stated that the chamber maid was from Ghana, while the Daily Mail says she is from Guinea. I am sorry about these discrepancies, but when there is such a deluge of articles, especially about a celebrity's sex life, it is a wonder we get anything right.

Another unforgivable error on the part of the Daily Mail is to refer to "Michael Debré" as the deputy who denounced Strauss-Kahn, when in fact it was Bernard Debré who penned the open letter to DSK that I posted here.

The biggest discrepancy is the the use of the word "conservative" to describe Nicolas Sarkozy. This has been a major impediment to understanding the French crisis, ever since Sarkozy won the presidency in 2007. The world generally regards him as a conservative, and nothing anyone says can change that blind refusal to see him for what he is.

Anyway, you must browse this page, even if there are inaccuracies. There is plenty of background information on him, plus links to more articles than you'll ever be able to digest.

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At May 17, 2011 12:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am being told now my a French person that Michael Debré is anti-semitic.

At May 17, 2011 1:34 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

Well, I knew it would come. BHL is outraged that his friend has been so shabbily treated! I've already heard talk about "American puritanism" by a reporter, talking about the handcuffing of DSK, and no doubt Lévy will soon be on CNN chiding America for treating a member of the privileged "elites" like an ordinary peasant, which would of course never be tolerated in supposedly democratic France.

On another note, when I finished laughing like Obélix (impossible to suppress), and saw the image of DSK in the court, I was a bit ashamed. It is in a way tragic to see another human being brought so low, even if because of his own actions (not yet proven). I feel sorry most of all for the alleged victim, for the media scrutiny she will have to endure. The elites will not go down without a fight and will try everything to discredit her.

At May 17, 2011 2:13 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ anonymous

I do not know who Michael Debré is. We are speaking here of Bernard Debré. There was a family member named Michel Debré who became a minister (I believe).

The Debré family is not anti-Semitic, so far as I know, because they are of Jewish origin. The family patriarch was a rabbi. I believe though that the family (or some members) converted to Catholicism sometime in the 20th century.
Some research on this is needed.

At May 17, 2011 8:33 PM, Blogger zazie said...

Michel Debré was a minister in De Gaulle's time ; he is known as the "father" of the current constitution, that of the Vth Republic ; I also seem to remember that he was the creator of the ENA, that post-graduate school which was supposed to give France a competent corps of public servants, and which eventually turned out all the rotten politicians,left or right wing.....
About "American puritanism", I'll try and forward a post I found yesterday....

At May 17, 2011 9:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dauphin, I read Levy's disgusting defense of DSK and his outrage that "anybody" (meaning, of course, "a little nobody") can accuse a fine noble soul like DSK of such a crime. Of course, Levy also defended Polanski and from what I understand, Levy is not going to win the Faithful Husband of the Year award himself anytime soon.

Levy! I read maybe 20 pages of his book about America before tossing it aside as a silly waste of time. Following in Alexis de Tocqueville's footsteps? Levy would have to stand on a ladder to reach de Tocqueville's ankles!

The reason for the "perp walk" - the parade in handcuffs - is that back in the day, many suspects accused of particularly revolting crimes mysteriously "fell" a great deal while in police custody and ended up with black eyes and cuts and bruises. It was evident to most people, of course, that the cuts and bruises came from police abuse. The very public perp walk was not intended to further humiliate the suspect but to put an end to those sorts of "accidents."

"It is in a way tragic to see another human being brought so low, even if because of his own actions "

True. But if he is guilty than it is one of the very few instances in history in which a rich and powerful man has to pay to some extent for harming a poor and powerless person. It happens every day of the year in every part of the world - and the rich and powerful usually get off scot-free.


At May 18, 2011 1:33 AM, Blogger tiberge said...


Thanks for the information about the handcuffs. As I said to zazie in an e-mail, I only hope our justice system works as it should. We really have to keep our fingers crossed.

At May 18, 2011 12:19 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

@ Diane

Yes, thank you, interesting about the handcuffs. One idiot reporter or sociologist (I forget which) tried to say it was because of the Puritan practice of public humiliation, like putting someone in stocks. French intellectuals love to psycho-analyze America, but this is the kettle calling the pot black.

As to Levy, he is a self-important clown and a joke. He pretends to admire America, while actually condescending to teach it a lesson. It was disgusting to see how he attracted the interest of the American media with that stupid book. No doubt he or Woody Allen or Polansky will start a petition to free DSK.

I'm frustrated to see American news say that "the French" are shocked, outraged or sympathetic to DSK. They unfortunately only have access to the socially-inbred media/showbiz/political Parisian "elites" who are mostly all Leftist "pinheads" (as O'Reilly would say). I think most true French were overjoyed to see a country where equality is actually sometimes practiced, and not just a slogan, as you rightly say. But I don't think Anderson Cooper will be inviting Marine Le Pen to give her opinion any time soon.

At November 26, 2011 7:35 PM, Anonymous Sara said...

He was the first Prime Minister of the Fifth Republic and considered the "father" of the current Constitution of France. He served under President Charles de Gaulle from 1959 to 1962.

At November 26, 2011 8:31 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ Sara

I believe you are speaking of Michel Debré. You didn't specify the name, but it would have to be the elder Debré. As I mentioned in another post, the Debré family is prominent in French science and politics.

The first comment above, from anonymous, makes little sense. First, "Michael Debré" or Michel Debré as he should be called, died in 1996. Bernard, his son, made headlines when he condemned DSK's conduct.

I know nothing about their "anti-Semitism". The family originally was Jewish, but converted to Catholicism. I don't know if they all converted, but I believe Bernard is Catholic.


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