Thursday, July 07, 2011

Anne Sinclair Settles Accounts

Here's an article by Renaud Revel from L'Express about the rage of Anne Sinclair and her desire to protect and avenge her husband:

All those who spoke on the phone with them recently or who entered the Strauss-Khan (sic)-Sinclair apartment say it and confide it: while the American justice system is preparing to review its charges, after a rocambolesque legal process, the two tenants remain furious. Closer than ever, they are preparing to settle the accounts in an affair that will leave deep wounds. Not only in the hearts of the two primary players, of course, but also in their entourage, of the first, second, or even third circle.

And it is Anne Sinclair who, as usual in such situations, took the initiative of the fatwa. DSK's shadow, fully complicit in all his fights for 22 years, has drawn up a precise list of those men and women - journalists, politicians or friends - who uttered inappropriate and critical remarks, or who distanced themselves during the troubled days.

DSK's wife, who has never seemed so close to the man about whom, she said privately, she has never had any doubts, is sparing no one. She tears to pieces the "inquisitorial" press and executes those who felt authorized to send out warnings against "Dom", while American justice was publicly destroying the man in her life.

In the name of who, in the name of what? fulminated an Anne Sinclair who knifes a large number of higher-ups in the Socialist Party (Ségolène Royal, François Hollande, Martine Aubry, Harlem Désir, Jean-Marc Ayrault…), whose vacillations now appear unbearable to her! And more so now that the Tristane Banon affair is only adding to the problems of a Socialist Party that is ostensibly keeping itself at a distance. To the disgust of DSK's wife.

As for Dominique Strauss-Kahn, his anger is primarily directed at the IMF. The former head of this institution blames his administrative council for having judged him hastily, without even waiting for the decisive hearing set for July 18. The rapid appointment of Christine Lagarde is one more slap in the face, since he was legitimately hoping to return to his function, once cleared of all accusations. The pill is even more bitter because of the strange lawsuit by Tristane Banon coming so late, which adds to his already heavy burden. In the space of 48 hours, the couple has gone from warmth to ice. And in the weeks to come, we may see DSK and Anne Sinclair once again confronted with embarrassed or falsely compassionate looks from an entourage that finds itself either at sea , or in an awkward position.

Notice that he hints that there have been other situations like this one. That may be true, but this is the most spectacular yet. He uses the word "fatwa" indicating the fierceness of her retaliation. And Tristane Banon is mentioned twice, both times as a late addition to the story that may change everything.

Here is one rather long comment from a reader. He appears to be a disenchanted Socialist, and his remarks were widely applauded by other readers. (P.S. refers to the Socialist Party):

- For years the P.S., that accepted into its ranks the "economist" DSK because of his unquestioned competence in this domain, has tolerated, pretended not to know about, or covered (what in Marxist terminology is called "objective complicity") the pathologies of Strauss-Khan (sic), namely his mighty invasive ego that makes Sarkozy's bling-bling look like an apprentice, and his uncontrollable unleashed sexuality, attested to by numerous collaborators (men and women) who are asked to keep silent.

Never has the P.S., who justifiably stigmatized Sarkozy for Fouquet's and everything that followed, who opportunistically criticized the behavior of Minister Georges Tron and demanded his resignation, never has this P.S. reacted to the "spontaneous indiscretions" of its opulent and libidinous sixty-year old.

Note: Fouquet's refers to the posh restaurant Sarkozy went to the night of his election. It caused a stir, but I never felt it meant much of anything. I wrote about the Tron case.

Besides this generosity, the pals and scoundrels surrounding DSK contribute, through their statements, to the transformation into females famished for power and money any woman who approaches their "great man" and uses the weaknesses of the Law against the rigors of a Justice system. And we know the extent to which this Justice system is vulnerable to assaults from power and money.

Even today, the P.S. makes allowances for the megalomania of DSK and his spouse, though their presence in the institutions of this party, which advocates humanism plus respect for the individual and equality of the sexes, has become indecent.

It would be nice if the indignation of the Socialists went in the direction of the values they claim to represent and if they drew conclusions that are obvious regarding those who have always trashed these values.

Note that both Renaud Revel and the reader use the spelling "Khan". This may not be an error, but a reference to DSK's Turkish roots.

Here's another comment:

- These people consider themselves to be of a superior caste: they accumulate a fortune, fame, political power and media influence. With this infernal couple we have gone far beyond the category of "limousine Left" and are now in the realm of "Byzantium in its great decadence!"

And this:

- The most important goal has been accomplished: never allow a sex maniac to become president of the Republic! Sorry Madame Sinclair, you will NEVER be "First Lady"...

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At July 09, 2011 3:24 PM, Blogger John Sobieski said...

I bet all the elites are saying watch out for Anne Sinclair. She will mow you down! and back up and do it again!

At July 09, 2011 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet all the elites are saying watch out for Anne Sinclair. She will mow you down! and back up and do it again!

and to think people were calling camilla the rottweiler lol!


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