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Goldnadel Urges Caution, Reviews the Past

Lawyer, writer, and activist for Israel, Gilles-William Goldnadel has given an interview, part of which is posted at Nations-Presse, about the killings in Toulouse.

- At this point, it is urgent to wait before starting to conjecture. Unfortunately, I have had too much experience with antisemitic attacks over the past thirty years not to know that the first clues are rarely accurate, not to be suspicious of rash declarations made by politicians and even more so by antiracist associations. But I do not know if this morning's drama is connected to what has already happened… (…)

One thing is certain: from rue Copernic, to the shooting on rue des Rosiers, to the sad Halimi affair, it is clear that the Jewish blood that has been spilled since the Second World War was not shed at the hands of the extreme Right, but rather of new-age antisemitism linked either to Islamism or to the conflict in the Middle East. This is an absolute certainty. The historical background is undeniable.

- You seem to forget Carpentras and the profanation of Jewish tombs?

- Carpentras was something else. During the first few days they waved their finger at Jean-Marie Le Pen's followers. But in the end, they came upon a group of semi-retarded thugs involved in Satanic rites. Yet each time the Jewish community and the national community were pushed against the wall.

Note: Please see below for information on rue Copernic, rue des Rosiers, Carpentras, and Ilan Halimi.

The Ilan Halimi affair is quite clear on this. They tried to repress the antisemitic dimension precisely because Fofana did not fit the standard portrait of the ideologically detestable antisemite. But you have only to look at recent videos to realize that Youssef Fofana espouses Islamism. There is unfortunately no doubt that Halimi was kidnapped because he was Jewish and also that he was tortured for two weeks because he was a Jew. I say this with regard to the past, but I am not making it a rule for the future. The rule that I impose on myself and that I urge others to adopt is - beyond our sad experience of history - do not exploit this drama for ideological purposes.

Note: Goldnadel insists we wait for the truth before making any judgment. Nonetheless, his look back at past attacks on Jews is instructive. So far, it has not been the Front National or Jean-Marie Le Pen or Marine Le Pen who are in any way guilty of these acts.

I remember when Yitzhak Rabin was killed, his widow Leah Rabin blamed Benjamin Netanyahu. Not personally, but for having created an atmosphere in which her husband was likely to be killed. Netanyahu, at the time, was the conservative hopeful. He was not then, nor is he today, extreme right-wing, but he doesn't have to be. His mere existence was enough to make him seem guilty of Rabin's death (which has never been clarified completely). Here is one excerpt from a 1998 article in Jewish News of California:

Though a right-wing, religious extremist pulled the trigger, (Leah) Rabin still contends that Netanyahu was responsible for helping create the hate-drenched atmosphere that led up to her husband's assassination.

Note: Rue Copernic was a bomb attack on a synagogue in Paris on Friday October 3, 1980, in which four people were killed and 46 wounded. An anonymous phone call claiming responsibility on behalf of FANE, an outlawed right-wing organization, led the police astray at first.. Later they learned the phone call had been made by one Jean-Yves Pellay who claimed to be a Zionist activist. FANE was ruled out as the culprit. The perpetrators were never found, but the police sent out a portrait of the man who had planted the bomb: Arab, with a mustache, 1.70 meters in height. (This attack took place a few months before the presidential election of 1981 that put François Mitterand in power for 14 years.)

On August 9, 1982, there was a bloody shooting on the rue des Rosiers, a Jewish neighborhood of great historical interest, in which six persons were killed and 22 injured. Carlos the Jackal and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine claimed responsibility. (See my article from 2008)

Regarding Carpentras, please see my article from 2007 and its sequel. They will tell you how Le Pen was deliberately implicated in the profanation of the graves. Read the comments from zazie and dauphin as well.

The whole world knew about Ilan Halimi who was kidnapped and tortured to death in 2006. See my article from February of that year. This story was one of the first catastrophes I wrote about shortly after starting the blog. The killer, Youssef Fofana, is still in jail, BUT the girl who set the honey-trap into which Halimi fell, has been released without serving a full sentence.

Final note: Regarding the author Gilles-William Goldnadel, he is an active supporter of Israel, but he is fair to those unfairly accused of antisemitism. He was the most fervent supporter of Marine Le Pen's hypothetical trip to Israel in 2011. Israel refused to let her in, a big mistake (in my opinion). He has also supported writer Anne Kling who was pursued by anti-racist association LICRA for connecting crime to immigration. He was generous to do this since Mme Kling has said some less than kind things about Jews.

Below, a commemorative plaque on the rue Copernic:

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