Friday, June 08, 2012

BHL Struts His Stuff

A photo of Bernard-Henri Lévy is circulating on the web, showing him in Libya marching in a desert, or a deserted area, surrounded by soldiers bearing arms, notably AK47's. BHL was the voice behind Nicolas Sarkozy's disastrous intervention in Libya to "liberate" the oppressed people and to replace the infamous Qadhafi with the infinitely worse Islamists, no doubt part of a larger plan to obtain cheaper oil from the country. In exchange for this oil, he knowingly advanced the cause of Islam in the world. A buffoon at best, an incompetent and pompous threat to world security, he knows no limits in the search for ego satisfaction. He would be comical were the stakes not so high.

Someone named François Frichon has debunked this photo as a staging. In his amateurish attempt to show himself off as a type of conquering hero, Lévy made some blunders. First, at the top of the photo it reads:

Impeccable hair-do's, not a drop of sweat, a disorderly group, no organization, lost gazes, fingers on the trigger! One rule of thumb for anyone who uses a weapon: Never put your finger on the trigger.

Bottom left:

Immaculate clothes, the new pants still have creases, new shoes, disparate uniforms… etc

Bottom right:

Plug for firing blank cartridges!!!

Note: It has not been verified that the photo was pre-arranged, therefore, the above comments are tentative.

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At June 09, 2012 3:24 AM, Blogger عشتار العراقية said...

Thank you very much for the explanation in English language. I have been searching for a good translation for what the photo is all about. I know just a little of French. I am an Iraqi journalist.

Thank you again.


At June 09, 2012 12:50 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

As they say in New York, what a schmuck! BHL is the epitome of narcissism.


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