Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Assaults on Christmas

There are numerous stories about Christmas celebrations being banned, and Christmas itself being blurred from popular culture as Islamic demands take precedence over our traditional customs. A contributor to Riposte Laïque, Josiane Filio, provides a look at some of the measures being taken to denature Christmas festivities that may soon become a dim memory in parts of the West (although judging by the Catholic response this past weekend Christmas is not about to die out completely).

After expressing her doubts over the ability of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree to offend Muslims, she concedes:

It doesn't matter, since a well-established principle of the dhimmis in power demands that we quietly eradicate any risk, however minimal, of annoying our guests… you know, the ones our zealous officials invited here with promises of welfare, subsidies and assistance of all sorts, so that at the right moment, these grateful newcomers will pull the right lever in the voting booth. Hence, the priority of priorities: give them an unrestricted right to vote at once.

And so we see that:

In Amiens, the Socialist municipality has decided to rebaptize its traditional and very famous "Marché de Noël" (Christmas market) as the hypocritical, but Islamically correct "Marché d'hiver"
(winter market). The fallacious pretext being to distinguish this market from all the other Christmas markets that flourish at this time… Unfortunately, ridicule doesn't kill!

In Villebon, the Auchan department store will no longer sell nativities because "it shocks people"!

And in Brussels, the traditional magnificent evergreen (photo above) in the Grand-Place has been replaced by a metal structure that cost eight times more than a real tree. 

A link to has more:

In Brussels, the city decided not to bring out the evergreens for fear the Muslims would be "offended", and an "electronic tree" twenty-five meters high composed of televisions will replace the traditional Christmas evergreen and nativity scenes in the Grand-Place.

As in Amiens, the mayor of Brussels used muddy arguments to hide the shameful cowardice of the city officials. But Bianca Debaets, a more daring official who does not mince words, stated: "I suspect the reference to the Christian religion was the decisive reason for removing the tree. For many people who are not Christians, the tree is offensive." She added: "After Christmas that is no longer Christmas, there will be something else. We will say 'joy of winter' instead of Christmas!"

Below, the monstrosity that will replace the traditional tree in Brussels. Apparently there is a movement to boycott this new artistic achievement.

Regarding the northern French city of Roubaix:

In the Grand'Place of Roubaix, the big Christmas tree has not been seen for two years. On every sidewalk of the Grand'Rue of Roubaix, equipped with city lanterns, there were evergreens, sometimes decorated. As of last Christmas, nothing.

Back to the original article from Riposte Laïque, Josiane Filio mentions England:

In England, certain industries have banned Christmas decorations in the offices. Some claim it is to avoid offending religions other than Catholicism, others take refuge behind the argument that these decorations do not belong in the workplace.

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At November 22, 2012 2:58 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tiberge. Hope you enjoyed the day.

As to the article, I also heard that Santa Monica in California has forbidden crèches ! A city named for a saint !!

At November 22, 2012 3:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is very likely orchestrated. From Qatar, or Cairo, by Qaradawi?

It is seen everywhere in Europe now.

At November 22, 2012 3:42 PM, Blogger zazie said...

Good evening, Tiberge

I have decided to be "positive" ; so let's forget the silly evolution of Christmas, and have a happy Thanksgiving.....


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