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Four More

I turned off Fox online and its chattering females who were unbearable and turned on Le Monde "en direct" (live from Chicago), and its chattering males and females, who were almost as unbearable, but at least it was in French. They had a white-haired smirking know-it-all American journalist named Axel Krause speaking flat but grammatically correct French and explaining how the attempts by the Republicans to destroy Obama failed. What attempts? What did they do? Did they tell the truth about black-on-white crime? Did they support a stop to all immigration? Did they tell women their primary responsibility is to care for their children and to see to it that their children have a father and a mother who are married? Did they denounce women in the military? Did they deplore the demographic disaster befalling America as we metamorphose into a black/brown/feminized country of repulsive jigging rappers, beer-clogged sexually super-active females whose only goal is to suppress the white male whom they hate (but with whom they sleep, often in groups) and beer-clogged eager-to-be-emasculated young males? Did they denounce the refusal of the media to mention race whenever there was a black or Muslim crime? Did the Republicans do any of this? Possibly here and there an occasional pundit wrote a perceptive article. But not as a committed party. Romney's a bright affable American with white skin and lots of children. He did not have the guts to tell the truth forcefully enough to win the big liberal States that have the electoral college votes. But here's a question: if he had focused more intently on issues critical to the salvation of Western Civilization, would he have won? Theoretically yes. But if those big States are inhabited by leftists, nothing Romney could have said would have changed the outcome. In other words, there may not be a way to retrieve the older traditional culture in any significant way.

I have no affection for the cynically street-smart Christine Ockrent but she told the truth - women and Latinos counted more in this election than ever before, and Romney basically is the last hurrah of the white American male. Furthermore, since he did win the popular vote, this is payback for Bush's controversial victory in 2000 when Al Gore won the popular vote. The French do not like or understand this electoral college system. It depends on who benefits from it. 

Update November 9, 2012 - The above information was inaccurate. Romney did not win the popular vote, Obama did by about three million. But the media were announcing a Romney popular victory before all the votes had been counted. There are still many votes to be counted, and they will probably be in Obama's favor.

Here we have no "Résistance", no Marine Le Pen, no Bloc Identitaire, no Riposte Laïque, no moral force strong enough to fight the sacralization of immoral practices, despite our many churches and supposed religious fervor. But only time will tell if things are really as bad as conservative bloggers say they are. Will the Tea-Partiers become, in the next four years, the conservative revolutionaries we are urgently in need of?

French reporters spoke of the "turning point" in the campaign. Guess what that was. Hurricane Sandy! So the determination of the Democrats to prove that Sandy was not Katrina because Obama was not Bush is what gave them their victory. I suppose everybody thinks Obama did great and wondrous things after hurricane Sandy. Some New Yorkers might disagree. Read this from November 4 about those who are still without housing:

And this entry from VFR with several links to articles about the disgraceful but not surprising looting that's been afflicting certain neighborhoods (note: the first two links are repeated).

As I post, Obama is delivering a typical victory speech. His diction is excellent, his English more than acceptable. I shudder when I remember that George W. Bush could barely answer questions from Bob Costas during the Olympics, and that he appeared almost catatonic at the second debate in 2004. The Republicans in America are responsible for their failure to do their duty and uphold positions that are just, noble and patriotic because of their fear of appearing racist, sexually repressed, xenophobic, misogynist or just plain out-of-touch with the times. And there's another reason for their failure: in their hearts, they really want to please the leftists, not out of fear, but out of admiration for the overwhelming cultural seductiveness of the Left as it transforms the country from a great Christian power into an adolescent's hedonistic paradise. Today, the fictional villains in cowboy movies, who were punished by law and order agents, have been replaced by real rapists, muggers, and murderers whose victims are punished by the coagulating totalitarian forces closing in on the dying republic.

Now it's on to the next giant step down for mankind.

P.S. In his concession speech Romney said:

- We look to our pastors and priests and rabbis and counselors of all kinds to testify of the enduring principles upon which our society is built: honesty, charity, integrity and family.

Thank goodness he did not add "imams". At least he had the decency to stick with Western religions.

P.P.S. I mentioned Marine Le Pen. But did you know that 67% of the Front National wanted an Obama victory! French readers can check this out.

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At November 07, 2012 9:59 AM, Blogger W.LindsayWheeler said...

"The Republicans in America are responsible for their failure to do their duty and uphold positions that are just, noble and patriotic..."

You can bold that plate in gold that sentence! It is exactly right. Do you remember any Republican asking about the Natural Born requirement of Hussein? Did Mitt Romney's campaign ever mention that? Do you really need a birth certificate? Natural Born means having TWO Americans as parents. His father was an African with a British passport! So how can Hussein be natural born?

"...because of their fear of appearing racist, sexually repressed, xenophobic, misogynist or just plain out-of-touch with the times."

Because Political Correctness rules this country. Political Correctness is Marxist ideology. The term was coined in the Soviet Union. It is called "cultural Marxism". It is about deracinating the European in order to destroy him. The Repukes are deathly afraid of Political Correctness. 90% of all Repukes subscribe to political correctness. The Republican Party at its beginning was progressive, it was anti-slavery. It is the party of Abe Lincoln.

America, as I knew it is over. It is done. It's finished. It's over. Kaput. America is a Marxist country ruled by a Marxist.

At November 07, 2012 1:16 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

Yes, the last hurrah of the white male. The white feminist females finally have their revenge against "daddy". The Republicans seem to be scratching their heads, but they did little wrong I think; they just woke up to the new demographic reality without realizing it.

I did see quite a bit of resistance from the Catholic Church, and news people on Fox, but as you said, not strong enough to be able to fight these demographics. Well, maybe getting rid of the electoral college might give some hope, but only for a little while.

Yes, there is strong anti-Americanism in much of the FN; they want a weaker America. Now they've got it, the world is a more dangerous place for them as well.

I got an e-mail from a Parisian friend this morning, thrilled that "we" (meaning France) had won. I politely had to give a reality adjustment. I hope he will not be too offended.

At November 07, 2012 2:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Keep an eye on Ann Barnard's site.

Her bravery puts us all to shame. In fact, she has stated explicitly, that what she is doing is to show that masculine bravery, an attribute on which all women rely on, is dead in the Western male. And that it is upto her, a mere woman, to take a stand, and die if necessary.


At November 07, 2012 7:36 PM, Blogger marsouin said...

America came to save Europe from barbarism in the three great conflicts of the 20th century: WWI, WWII, and the Cold War. Apparently it was for naught. Europe is descending into barbarism anyway, as are we thanks to the corrupted ruling class.

American patriots cheer on the Europeans defending the values of the West and their countries. Evidently, the sentiment is not reciprocated.

The West has crossed the Rubicon and is now entering a dark epoch.

At November 07, 2012 9:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is scary to see the haleluya ambiance all over the globe. This only goes to show that the global propaganda has worked out just like the plan has been.

I noticed that Alex Krause, but turned the sound off to all channels, since they pretty much all had the same message: "Praise The Obama!" and "Peace be upon him!"

A sad day, indeed.

"Peer Gynt" comes to mind, with his big lies, larger than life, the madhouse in Kairo - of all places! Ibsen had it thought out already then.

Now it's again time to roll up your sleeves, and do what Americans are good at, Get the work done. Build a propaganda machine, bigger and stronger than that of the destroyer of The Land of The Free and The Brave.

At November 07, 2012 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Born in The USA!"

Was there an underlying message there, using Bruce Springsteen as his buddy in the campaign? Quite clever, that one.

You realize that the propaganda cirkus has many clever heads working out how to best make it trick you into believing things.

Did you notice how the always impeccable, always dolled up Eva Longoria, all of a sudden, the other day went to a grocery store just like any Plain Jane totally make-up free? That one was remarkable. She played her role very well.

Guess they all did. The actors set to work for the election campaign.

At November 07, 2012 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A speech very well written
To Dear Leader

"Mr. President — or, Comrade President if I may be so bold, — let me be the first to congratulate you on this joyous occasion. I delight in the reaffirmation of your leadership by the millions of citizens who have come to rely on your wisdom, courage, intelligence, and boldness. Together we can look forward with confidence to another four years together — or, if it be the will of the sovereign American people, even longer!"

At November 07, 2012 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I got an e-mail from a Parisian friend this morning, thrilled that "we" (meaning France) had won."

The French MSM is convincing the French that with Hussein everything is fine. Now you can "Like" the USA. The sheep are following. Totally the opposite to the before 100% anti-Americanism in the same MSM.

At November 08, 2012 2:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Thank goodness he did not add "imams". At least he had the decency to stick with Western religions. "

- I, too, noticed that one, tiberge:)

At November 08, 2012 3:12 AM, Blogger ENGLISHMAN said...

Why all the fuss,this is not the victory of the democratic vote,but an engineered outcome that was probably decided at the last bilderburg soiree,and this pretense cost 5billion?Why are the Americans so protective of thier guns,yet refuse to use them in defence of thier futures?

At November 08, 2012 1:35 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

My friend was so upset by my e-mail response that he called me immediately. Poor guy, I really shook his assumptions to the core, so I tried to replace them with some facts about Obama. But he is not to blame, he is just a victim of the media propaganda and pensée unique, particularly in the fish-bowl of Paris.

There seems to be a need to say that "we" (the French, or more usual, the "Europeans") all think a certain way, a desperate need for agreement and conformity of thought. And yes, as was stated above, now it is ok to like America because Americans now think like "us". (ignoring the nearly half that did not vote for Obama) I find it very Soviet and Orwellian, but such is leftist politically-correct thought.

Looking at the political situations in France and the US, I realize that beyond the demographic time-bombs that are exploding, one cannot win votes for traditional values and common sense when the culture has drifted so far from Judeo-Christian values. I think the only way to make change politically, is to bring people back to a recognition of God and of natural law, a difficult task. It requires the courage to engage people, "evangelize" if you will, using secular terms if necessary. One can be afraid of losing friends and family, so one avoids contention and remains politely silent. But the only way to make change in the culture is to respectfully engage people, so that they are at least aware of another point of view. Then over time, the landscape might change politically.
For the Republicans to try to cater or pander to one group or another to win votes will achieve nothing, because they will be conforming themselves to the culture.

At November 08, 2012 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


America did not voluntarily come to Europe's help. It only did so because there was no option left. In WWII it only did, only when it was attacked. IN WWI, it was much too late.

It was Britain that stood alone against the Nazis. It was Britain that unambiguously declared war on Germany, after Germany attacked Poland, even though Germany did not wish a war with Britain.

In addition, the USA made a very healthy profit from WWII.

But what really annoys me is that post WWII, the US shoved its "melting pot" policy on Europe, thus creating the growing menace of Islam within Europe. It attacked Serbia, and handed over historic Christian parts of Europe to curry favour with the Saudis. What the 1000 year Jihad against Christendom failed to achieve, the US did.


At November 08, 2012 8:37 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ DP 111,

I think you are being hard on America. We may have resisted entering into European Wars because we did not trust Europe - and we were right. They were never really grateful and they hated us and continue to hate us for our necessary, if unwilling, intervention. We did not shove our melting pot on anybody until after 1968 - before that Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and even Johnson and Nixon were still roughly within the limits of the Old America. Jimmy Carter started us on the path to perdition, but he was quickly booted out of office by a population that still had some sense. Ronald Reagan made the mistake of granting amnesty to millions of Mexicans, but he naively did so on grounds they had to adjust to American life. Even George Bush père had Lawrence Eagleburger in the State Department who was very much against any intervention in Kosovo. It was really the Clintons, and George W. that renounced traditional America. By this time the generation of vandals from 1968 were reaching the seats of power and they did to the country what they had done to the classroom - they forced the teacher to kiss their a... (forgive language). They turned the whole country into a gigantic homeroom where thuggish spoiled brats run roughshod over authority figures, crap music is blared, and in-your-face attitudes become the norm. The racial question was settled by these vandals - they hated the white culture that spawned them and they determined to turn the country over to the blacks and similar diabolical groups (feminists, gays, etc...) who would finish off the agonizing country.

You must make a distinction between pre-1968 and post-1968 America. We were still breathing in 1980, but the death rattle began in 1992.

The same approximate timeline is true for Europe. It was still breathing in 1980. Then France had fourteen years of Mitterand, who barely managed to stay in office. By the time Chirac took office, the vandals of 1968 and the new immigrants who had started to pour in after 1974 were grown up and seeking power and privilege on an unprecedented scale. Clinton was in power, and Europe began imitating our ways (which were really by then their ways too) - affirmative action, habituation to crime, collapsing schools, violent popular culture and violent music used as a way of intimidating the population. So at this point America and Europe were joined in a destructive plutonian pact to annihilate the remains of white civilization. The Old Order was near extinction.

If anything America remained more true to herself than Europe because millions of people here still voted for Romney.

Now it's on to secession - the only solution at this point. Some States will have to secede and form white pockets of civilization. They will need an army, and they will have to be well-armed. If they don't do this, we will become South Africa rapidly, and white will perish in a genocide condoned by the media and ruling elite.

Post WWII such a scenario was not on the radar screen at all. And the men in office never dreamed it would come to this (though FDR had warned about the "dark continent" - Africa). Possibly some clairvoyants saw into the future, but it took the cosmic upheaval of 1968 (preceded by the two Kennedy assassinations) to undo five thousand years of civilization.

The Age of Aquarius had moved in to replace the Age of Pisces (Christianity). The forces of destruction cannot be stopped, but nobody has to acquiesce or sell his soul. We will just do whatever we can. Maybe God is on our side, or maybe God cannot intervene. Maybe Fate is stronger than God. That is how the Greeks felt. I'm a Christian, but I have a strong feeling of Fate. However, we can work with Fate to bring out the best and repel the worst. We just don't have the courage to do it.

At November 09, 2012 12:39 AM, Anonymous Robert in Arabia said...

Like millions of white Americans, I chose not to vote. The whitest thing about Romney was his complexion. The only value that separated him from the other candidate was his blatant celebration of greed. He only promised more immigration and more wars.

At November 09, 2012 6:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Forgive me. I'm being too hard on America. But it is because of incessant, ignorant and proud boast by some Americans, that America saved Europe in WWI and WWII. It did not. America acted for its own survival. Besides, the invasion of Britain was put-paid long before America entered the war. So too in the ME. Germany was defeated also because of its catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Russians.

There are many reasons why the elite on either side detests each other, and fosters that hatred in each body politic. It is common to all politicians. They are doing so now, fostering hatred between Germany, France and Britain. It is what they do best for their own survival. But there are concrete reasons as well.

1. America entered the war for its purpose, and only when it became impossible for it not to do so. For Americans to claim that it did so for generosity, is not only not true but hurtful. It is trying to claim gratitude when it was just selfish.

2. America made Britain pay heavily, in financial terms, as well as politically and technologically.


I have noted, that many Americans think that they invented Western civilisation, and at the same time think they are separate from the civilisation that founded and created them (American exceptionalism). They continue to boast about it, just like adolescents who have acquired little knowledge. I have generally let this go. But at times I lose patience (Only twice in 10 years).

Forgive me. We must not fight. We are one civilisation.

The situation is so bad that I can think of nothing to stop and reverse the drift towards decay and dissolution. When one is faceed with such a situation, the only think is to pray and ask for God's forgiveness. I see no other way.


At November 10, 2012 12:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

George Wallace was such a person as you say America is lacking today. The last politician with national stature who was an unabashed champion of the White middle class. But of course the media depicted him as a boorish know-nothing. He came before the invasion of the USA by the hordes of meso-American Indians, but we know where he would have stood.

He had what White politicans today don't: guts.


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