Thursday, November 08, 2012

November 10 Rally against Islam

On Saturday November 10, there will be a demonstration in Paris at 2:00 p.m. sponsored by the Résistance républicaine, a resistance group founded by Christine Tasin, who also contributes prominently to Riposte Laïque. The purpose of the demonstration is to protest "Islamist fascism", a most unfortunate and cumbersome term that should be changed simply to "Islam" or "Islam in France", or the "Islamization of Europe". The French websites have gradually gotten away from associating Islam with Mussolini's fascism, since there really is no direct connection.

Here's a short passage about Mussolini and Islam from Hub Pages.

- Mussolini also reached out to the Islamic world and in the new Islamic states in the Middle East early in his career. In 1937, leaders of Libya pronounced him as the "Protector of Islam" for his alliance with Hitler and acceptance of Hitler's Racial Policies. This changed a year later when all non-Aryans, including Muslims, became the target of Italian Fascist hatred as well.

As for the demonstration itself, they will be meeting near the Alésia metro station and will walk to Denfert-Rochereau where short speeches will be given by some of the personalities present. I believe writer Renaud Camus is expected to attend.

An article by Christine Tasin states:

This gathering of patriots, independent of political affiliations, will be the signal of the popular will not to yield to violence or terrorism - the means used by the Islamists to ban, in France, freedom of expression, criticism of religions and the application of those laws that would be contrary to the Koran.

At the end of her article she lists the numerous organizations, associations, and parties that have responded affirmatively to the invitation. Of course, Marine Le Pen has not responded, unless something has changed since November 5 when Bernard Bayle of Riposte Laïque published a plea to Marine Le Pen to attend the rally:

 I admit that I would not understand, in this context, if you were not present, even anonymously, among the thousands of our compatriots who will brave threats from the Islamists, witch hunts from journalists, insults from the Left. Three weeks after the great initiative of the young identitarians in Poitiers, this effort by Résistance républicaine responds to the urgency of the situation, and the expectations of our compatriots.

Rain is expected. I hope it is not too cold. And I wish them well, whether Marine shows up or not. Since many participants are former rivals of the Front National, it is not likely.

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At November 08, 2012 4:40 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

I think it's important to note that the rally is not against Islam per se. By saying "fascisme islamiste" it is better, more specific. I'm not sure if Marine should attend, but she could send some words of support.

I think if the title of the march were in defence of "laïcité", but addressing islamization in the speeches, it might get more support, because "who can be against laïcité?". Also it might befuddle Hollande's regime a bit. One must learn to use the PR game as well or better than the other side. "Fasciste" is used so much by the Left, that it sounds like hyperbole, rather strident and loses some of its pr effect in my opinion. But perhaps the idea is to turn the term "fascisme" against the Left.

When a group is relatively small in number with less power, one must use tactics of the Maquis, not those of an army, and be "wise as a serpent". Today this means effective use of PR and media.

At November 08, 2012 4:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Agreed. The term "Islamofascism" implies that the rest of Islam is OK. But all Muslims - scholars, imams or lay people, will let you know that there is just one Islam, and it is guided by the koran. Finished. Period. Jihad is central to for the believer to achieve paradise. Its in the koran. Period. No Muslim will betray a Jihadi. Period.

Now what we must be aware of is the Taqqiya spouting Jihadi, aka as the "moderate" muslim, who will tell you that it is only the fanatics that are giving Islam a bad name.



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