Thursday, November 29, 2012

Posting Delay

I have been trying unsuccessfully to get back to regular posting and feel sure I will be able to very soon, but many things have interfered. First, the number of comments to the Civitas post were unexpectedly numerous and many of them required a response on my part. Second, I have been answering e-mails, that I greatly appreciate, from readers. Third, I have been working on a translation into French of an English-language text on immigration in France. I do not like to translate into French since it is not my native language and I only do it reluctantly. It takes a great deal of time. Most of the above tasks are completed or close to it. There is much news from France, but I think I can catch up in the coming days. It looks like Sarkozy's UMP party is falling apart, as Marine Le Pen long ago predicted it would. There was a terrible crime on the Paris regional rail - a young girl who is described as "blond" was pushed onto the tracks. They had to amputate both legs. She was pushed by another girl whose real name is not given. The media with unrepentant nastiness assigns the name "Marine" to the criminal. Some websites picked up on that and accuse the media of choosing such a name out of political motives, though it can't be proven.

One thing about that Civitas rally: the militant lesbian Caroline Fourest who took part in the Femen attack was not injured. She claimed she had been beaten twice. There is no evidence she was beaten at all. The only men who shoved the women were security personnel who tried to take the fire extinguishers away from them. Regarding the presence of babies in baby carriages, there was at least one. There is a photo of the police report filed by the mother of the baby. Both mother and baby suffered skin and eye irritations according to the report, but this all has to be proven in court. Just above this photo is another one of the Femen attack that seems to indicate (we cannot be certain) that the woman on the left is aiming her extinguisher at a baby carriage (which is encircled in red on the right). It is difficult to determine from the photo if the baby is being deliberately targeted, though I don't think it matters. What matters is that the women were engaged in an illegal action, with weapons, and were naked. Three charges right there that should result in a penalty.

Finally, for those interested, at my previous post Freedom of Conscience, in the comment section, I summarized the opinion of homosexual writer Renaud Camus on gay marriage. His words are given in French, followed by my English-language summary.



At December 01, 2012 12:28 PM, Anonymous Steven Cornett said...

It wouldn't be surprising if the Femen person deliberately aimed the fire extinguisher at the mother and child, and likely because the mother had a child.

The reason it isn't is that FEMEN, as a promoter of the redefinition of marriage, sexual hedonism, and anti-Catholic attitudes, is a follower of an immanent form of gnosticism. Both the ancient and modern form of gnosticism held that salvation was obtainable by a technique that made you better than the common herd, and while the modern form supposedly gives primacy to the material, it seeks to transcend the material through the embrace of the unnatural. Women are androgynized through second-wave feminism, marriage is made androgynous by the new "same sex" marriage definition, and children are to be obtained through artificial means so as to be perfect.

In the embrace of the unnatural, children are reduced to commodities to be perfected, and others of this strange religion reject children altogether. So in the same nation you see the movement to rented wombs for artificially conceived embryos (and perhaps one day artificial wombs?) along with those who attack mothers with children for bringing life naturally.

One can see in the FEMEN incident an echo of the ancient gnostic Cathars, who also had a habit of spitting in the path of a pregnant mother. They hated the natural world too!

At December 01, 2012 4:37 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ Steven Cornett

Thank you for the comment. I had read about the Cathars, but only as a "persecuted minority". I didn't realize they spat in the path of a pregnant woman. I would like to do more research on this. We certainly are going to the devil!

(And I think of Charles Manson as well.)


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