Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank You

Thanks to everyone for your comments and support. I have been trying to respond to some comments over the past several days, being somewhat surprised by the very animated response to the weekend's demonstrations. There will be an even bigger rally on January 13. Let's hope the weather cooperates. We always ask the weather to cooperate as if it cares about what happens to us, but Fate smiles as we make our best-laid plans. America provided the biggest storm of the decade, wiping out a good portion of New York City and the coast, but I think France provided us with some of the stormiest events. From January on it was fascinating to follow the rise of Marine Le Pen, the elections, the success of a handful of patriots who were voted into the National Assembly, the ever-more-obvious coalition, if not coagulation, of Socialists with Islam and other special interest groups such as gays, feminists and "ecologists", the successful march against "Islamist fascism" on November 10 (I read that between two and three thousand demonstrated, a higher figure than originally given), the spectacular occupation of the Poitiers mosque, the growth of the Bloc Identitaire movement, and the phenomenally successful twin demonstrations, last Saturday and Sunday against Christiane Taubira's law that purports to move civilization ahead, and to change forever the way Western democracies regard their responsibilities to children.

And it's not over. I will be posting slowly (do I ever post rapidly?) as I recover from the food and drink (bear in mind that there will be no wine when Islam rules over us, and Thanksgiving may become a part of ramadan). 

In particular I will be working on Part 2 of the interview with Bat Ye'or, conducted by Christine Tasin of Résistance républicaine and Riposte Laïque. Some readers had inquired about this. Apparently it was posted over a month ago at YouTube, but not at her websites. I didn't realize until two days ago that it was there. 

Here's French trumpeter Jean-Claude Borelly performing the Bach-Gounod Ave Maria, in the Metz cathedral (Note: some of the images may be of other churches). Borelly spent five years (1995-2000) in Las Vegas, a city he appreciated for its desert locale, and where he learned the techniques of sound and spectacle. He made use of everything he learned there in his concert tours all over the world. He often performs in cathedrals, as here. The cathedral of Saint-Étienne in Metz (dating from 1220) has the largest stained-glass surface of all French cathedrals - more than 6,500 square meters.

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