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Against Repentance - Marion Maréchal Le Pen

A new law on terrorism was adopted by the National Assembly on November 27, adding to several already existing laws. During the debate, Marine Le Pen's niece, Marion Maréchal Le Pen, the youngest member of the legislative body, delivered a five-minute address explaining why forcing the French to repent for their past crimes, real or assumed, is one way of inciting immigrants to hate France. The text of her speech (video above) was written out in French by Polémia and published by Novopress. Here are a few excerpts:

- Who are these terrorists? From Khaled Khelkal to Mohammed Merah, not to forget Zacharias Moussaoui, why do these persons of non-European origin and often of French nationality choose terrorism in the name of jihad against the country that welcomed them, a country which, in the case of France provided them with family subsidies, free schooling, health care, as well as a standard of living, fundamental rights and security greatly superior to those that exist in their homelands. We must not lie: poverty is not the only cause of their wayward actions. There are others, more indirect.

Note: She cites the failure of education, and then the role of repentance.

- At a time when the leftist majority in the Senate proposes new laws on commemorations every month, laws whose only purpose is to re-open wounds of the past, it is fair to question the timeliness of such debates.

Note: Deputy Sébastien Pietrasanta shouted: "Talking like that is a serious matter!" Marion went on:

- Can one love a country that is depicted throughout long historical narratives as a den of torturers? Can one respect a country where the national police, according to our president, presumably threw into the Seine hundreds of so-called peaceful demonstrators?

Note: Deputy Paul Molac shouted: "But it's true!"

The violent incident in question took place during the Algerian War in 1961 when a demonstration organized by the FLN in favor of Algerian independence was suppressed by the police under orders from De Gaulle. The number of dead has never been definitively established. Some say hundreds, others say a handful. François Hollande commemorated the event this past October 17, arousing angry reactions from those who had opposed Algerian independence and from an historian disputing the claim of hundreds of bodies thrown into the river.

Deputy Eduardo Rihan Cypel shouted: "That's what the history of France is!"

Marion goes on:

- Obviously one cannot. History used as a political weapon has turned against you today. As Mme Malika Sorel stated on November 14, by cultivating an attitude of repentance you end up totally devaluing the notion of French identity.

From that point, the mechanism is simple: since patriotism is old-fashioned, since there is no reason to love France for her values or her history, since growth is not there to offer social recognition and professional emancipation to all, some begin to seek an ideal elsewhere. Not finding it in the prevalent consumerism and materialism, they turn to the path of spirituality that provides an excuse for committing acts of violence.

In the suburbs, where young uprooted people find themselves without work amidst crime and drug dealing, Islamism finds a favorable terrain and wins out on a daily basis over moderate Islam. This Islamism is a hybrid, of criminality and religion gone astray. All the criminologists affirm this, notably Xavier Raufer.

Terrorists come for the most part from the world of bandits and criminals. They find in Islamism a pretext, a justification for their destructive nature, their hatred of France and all that she represents.

And so, before speaking of terrorism we should first attack criminality. Unfortunately, the first months of the minister of Justice (Christiane Taubira) have continued the culture of excuse and of bleeding heart liberalism.

Marion then denounced amnesty for illegal aliens who have no connection to French culture, as deputy Eduardo Rihan Cypel shouted: "Off topic!"

And at the very end deputy Sébastien Pietrasanta shouted: "Far too many unjustified assumptions!" ("amalgames")

Her speech is certainly welcome and there is much to agree with. She assumes a "moderate" Islam which is being eclipsed by "Islamism". But as Muslims become more numerous in a country they are conquering, Islamism is an inevitability, not a result of social problems. She cites the failure of education, but how could education ever have succeeded in transmitting a love of France to a totally alien culture?

The image you see at the very beginning of the video is a smirking Manuel Valls, minister of the Interior.

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At December 03, 2012 1:19 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

She's completely correct, a brave and intelligent young woman. By contrast, Valls is an insult to France and should return to his native country.

At December 03, 2012 4:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voice of the Vanquished: a Warning from History

This is a very interesting essay that was posted in French on the website It is written by a Kabyle, one of the indigenous peoples of Algeria who were subjugated by Muslims. In the essay, the author reflects on the similarities of his own people's historical experience of being islamised and what is happening to contemporary Europe, especially France. I've translated most of it but not all of it. If you can read French, I suggest you read all of it at the link provided.


At December 04, 2012 9:27 AM, Anonymous eah said...

It must be so frustrating for like-minded people in France to see the sheer idiocy and smug complacency of their politicians. Not to mention the insulting-to-the-intelligence nature of the replies to a common-sensical speech like this, replies so politically correct and formulaic that you can predict them in advance.

And so-called French mainstream conservatives? Not much better. As I recall, Sarkozy supported a law to make 'denying the Armenian genocide' a crime. With leaders like that...who needs enemies?


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