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Femen Violence Unpunished

This article posted at Yves Daoudal's website takes us back a few weeks to the Civitas rally and the irruption amidst the marchers of a group of violent subversive women belonging to the Femen, a Ukrainian-based fringe group (banned in the Ukraine), financed by wealthy Germans and Americans. Despite numerous violations, the mayhem they caused on November 18 has so far gone unpunished. This is not the case of a few demonstrators who attempted to push them away grabbing the fire extinguishers they were spraying in all directions. The French police made five arrests. The following are excerpts from an account by one of the men arrested. The entire interview can be found at La Voix de la Russie.

- The march was about to begin, I was at the end of the cortege with my wife and a couple of friends. Representatives from various groups, with signs pasted on their clothing, were scattered around us. We heard cries, and slogans in English ("In Gay We Trusts", "F… Church", etc…). My wife and I turned around, and we noticed, behind the dense crowd, women with their shoulders bare, wearing nuns' headdresses. It was cold that day and I immediately realized that they were from Femen.

I watched them approach. They made their way through the crowd (that included many families with children and baby carriages, since at this spot the demonstration was less dense), then they began to spray the demonstrators in the face and all around in order to disperse the crowd (at first we thought it was tear gas considering the shape and color of the re-painted extinguishers). I rushed onto one of the women and disarmed her (the photo made the rounds of the Internet that very night) and we chased after them until they left the demonstration and were arrested by the police. (…)

On Wednesday November 28 at precisely 6:00 a.m. I was awakened by the police (the SIT to be accurate) who handcuffed me in my bed, a gun pointed at my temple. I then spent forty-eight hours in custody and fifteen hours in the "dépôt" (a sort of prison under the jurisdiction of the Paris tribunal). I am now under judicial control, forbidden to leave French territory and obliged to check in every two weeks at the police headquarters of my city, until a verdict is rendered. I work, I have no police record, I was treated like a terrorist when, in fact, we were the ones attacked! There were four other arrests that same day…

Note: SIT stands for System of Territorial Information. I don't know what its functions are.

The police explained that our "forceful arrest" was due to orders from "above", since the affair had triggered too much publicity. As for prosecution of the Femen, several suits had been filed, notably by Civitas and other demonstrators, but so far no action had been taken, and I very much doubt that there will be a concrete result. Meanwhile we risk 45,000 euros and three years in prison, not counting damages.

In the longer version of the interview he explains why he went to the demonstration in the first place:

- For several years France has been in free fall, we are in the middle of an economic crisis, the working classes are more and more crushed and pressured by the government, and all our values are trashed. We were there as Catholics, but above all to defend our values and our vision of life. This is the little we have left at the present time. As for marriage, homosexuals already have the PACS and nothing in French law forbids them to marry. If such a controversy exists, it is because of adoption, because if homosexual marriage is trivialized, then access to adoption will be as well, and children cannot be considered as toys or companion animals.

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At December 22, 2012 10:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your government is your no.1 enemy, you must overthrow your governments.

At December 22, 2012 6:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Femen were originally detained by police for interrupting the Civitas rally. Subsequently males who decided to throw punches at these women, were put in jail for two days. What's the big problem with this?

At December 22, 2012 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas Tiberge


At December 22, 2012 7:09 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ anonymous 6:35

The problem is that the Femen were in violation of the law - they demonstrated without permission, they were guilty of exhibitionism, and they were carrying weapons. These are all violations. Law suits by several people have been brought against the group. It is perhaps too soon to say that they will never be punished, only that these law suits have not received any hearing in court yet.

The Femen were the aggressors. Civitas had permission to march. Civitas marchers were not armed, nor were they naked.

The five who were arrested were (in my opinion) perfectly justified in what they did. However, there seems to be some sympathy for these horrible women and for the idea that a man must never hurt a woman, even if she is welding a fire extinguisher and aiming it at a man's face or anybody's face. So the five were arrested SS style - they come to your house at night, stick a gun to your head, and carry you off to jail. I have a big problem with this.

If you cannot see the problem, then you have a one-way mind. Anything a woman does is OK. Nothing a man does is any good. That seems to be what you are saying. If women are equal, and deserve equal rights, then they also deserve equal punishment before the law. If it turns out that these abject females are not indicted, and the men who defended the marchers are indicted, then there is a big problem, whether you want to see it or not.

At December 23, 2012 1:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the men resorted to unnecessary violence. if they were Arabs, or blacks, you would have understood this. How the French police carry out their job, is unrelated. Do you know the difference between criminal and civil law?

please stop trying to distort the record so you can justify violence. and stop conflating violence with nuisance.

no fire extinguishers were aimed at anyone's face. a fire extinguisher aimed at your feet, is not a cause to punch anyone. some videos portray violence by FEMEN to weak males. The victims are free to use this evidence in court. Why don't they? FEMEN is merely using video evidence.

The incarcerated men are better off in prison. This way the January march will go off without incidents.

you should be wiser Tiberge. If Le Pen isn't moving on this, neither should you. You should moderate opposite opinions, not push for a rift.

At December 23, 2012 3:33 PM, Blogger tiberge said...

But I am not pushing for a rift. Justice should be done. If those men are in jail, so too should the women be in jail. They were the aggressors. If the men acted impulsively, fine them and send them home but don't treat them as enemies of the State. The police methods are very much related - it shows that they are under orders to protect the women and to punish the men. We don't know what would have happened if women had punched the Femen. Would that be OK? Is this a male-female issue? Or an aggressor-self-defense issue?

When you say I would have felt differently if the men had been black or Arabs, what are you getting at? If, by some remote possibility, there was a peaceful black march against gay marriage and the Femen burst in and the blacks punched them, how would it be different?

If on the other hand you are referring to the totally unfair fights and acts of extreme violence by ethnic gangs where one white kid is beaten to death by a group, then yes, I would be very much in favor of putting the thugs in jail, and you know perfectly well they would not stay there very long.

I think the crux of the problem is that you don't want to make waves and ruin the image of a peaceful march by having men rough up disruptive armed women. My point of view is decidedly that of a potential marcher, who suddenly is confronted with a bunch of shrews spraying some undetermined substance on me and my instinct is to defend myself. No one knew what was in those extinguishers at first, and I do not believe the spray was directed at feet. The video clearly shows the spray is going in all directions. To reward this kind of behavior by pretending it is just a nuisance is exactly what the Left always does. The Left does not expect anyone to fight back because the law is on the side of the Left no matter what it does. So a few guys fought back, and risk jail and fines, while the shrews continue to parade naked somewhere to the delight of all. Ridiculous!

If Marine Le Pen cannot take a stand in favor of the occupation of the Poitiers mosque, or the anti-Islamist march of November 10, or the anti-gay marches, then she had better re-think her objectives. You will not win any battle or any war if you insist on turning your eyes away from the truth, and appeasing your enemy while your enemy has the complete freedom to threaten, disrupt and even harm with impunity.

As for my wisdom, I am an observer. I do not at all regard myself as a moderator of opposite opinions, and I'm surprised you think that way. I held out hope for Nicolas Sarkozy for a while, but turned against him as he turned against France. I was very much for Philippe de Villiers and held out for a long time until it became clear he had abandoned the patriotic cause (though some are asking him to return to politics). The same is true of Marine Le Pen. Her road to success has been very uneven - she had to overcome the evil influence of left-wing "philosophers" and others to establish herself as a winning candidate. But she still has a lot to reflect on. So do all Europeans. When you fully realize what is at stake and how close you are to a total collapse of your civilization it will be clear that to even consider any sympathy for those women is ludicrous. You seem to be horrified at a very insignificant act of violence against those women, not realizing that by not punishing them (in accordance with the law) you are opening the way to even greater violence in the future. The Catholics are right to defend their faith. Even though I'm not a Catholic, I now see much more clearly than I did six years ago how much has been lost by the continuous anti-Catholic propaganda that has permeated the French psyche over the years.

What I say of France is equally true of the United States. I do not mean to imply things are better here. They are possibly worse.

At December 23, 2012 7:23 PM, Blogger Mark Richardson said...


If it's true that the police burst into this man's house at 6.00am, handcuffed him in his bed and pointed a gun at his temple, then the French state is engaged in some serious anti-Catholic activities. And this is what should concern you most, not the welfare of the Ukrainian nihilist women who are bent on destruction.

I don't think either of us believe that it should be open season on the Femen women, but it seems reasonable to me that they should be forcibly expelled when attacking a demonstration the way they did - firing off extinguishers (labelled "sperm"), naked, their bodies daubed with foul slogans.


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