Saturday, December 15, 2012

America's Violence

I suppose I must say something about the school massacre in Connecticut, but there is very little left to say. "Deinstitutionalization" began decades ago. We began seeing crazy people on our streets, and "senseless" violence quickly became a new American sport. There was no way of convincing anybody who was a liberal or who was enthralled by media propaganda or who was an advocate for a mentally ill person or who just wanted to be in tune with the times and feel good about him(her)self that opening the doors to our psychiatric hospitals was in itself an act of sheer insanity. We were told that mistakes had been made and that people who were not ill had been locked up. And so to prevent that from ever happening again we just let everyone out. French Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira must be taking her cue from America when she says that the answer to overcrowded prisons is to let the prisoners out.

The children who witnessed the event will never recover, and the adults who condone deinstitutionalization will never admit that they are the guilty ones. Instead they will blame guns. Guns did it. If it weren't for guns it wouldn't have happened. Of course, the fact that arson, home-made bombs and other explosive devices, acid, knives, machetes, etc… would all become the weapons of choice of killers is of no importance to the anti-gun lobby. And the fact that the mother of the killer owned two guns, thus participating fully in her son's deed, (even though she would deny this were she alive, but she is not alive because she was as crazy as her son) would only lead our bleeding hearts to blame the guns, not the mother. The fault dear Brutus is in our guns, not in ourselves.

The T-shirt above is a priceless depiction of the insanity we have chosen.

H/T: VFR, here and here and here. Or just view the whole home page. The point Lawrence Auster makes (and is both praised and upbraided for) is that we all become guilty by accepting the normalization of violence which itself stems from the denial of the existence of good and evil. When all things become relative, then violence itself is trivialized. Then, when terrible deeds are committed, the liberal society pretends to be shocked, as it witnesses the predictable consequences of that denial. How many times have we read about families of murder victims who tearfully absolve the criminal, or refuse to accept that the deed was anything but a random, senseless, inexplicable act that could not have been prevented? This type of reaction, multiplied many times over creates a profoundly guilty (and sick) society, that no drug can ever cure. This society is saying that there is no standard of conduct that is better than another, and then relegates all heinous crimes to the realm of the "random, senseless and inexplicable."

America is in need of an exorcist to purge our collective brain of evil. Have you seen the one-character play based on C.S. Lewis' The Great Divorce? In this play one man wrestles with the Devil inside of him for over an hour, making slow steady progress, struggling, doubting his own strength, sweating with his demons until, at the last moment he finally expels the evil within him and becomes a human being again. Actor Anthony Lawton gave a great performance in his own adaptation of the work. We need to expel from our souls the evils of superstition, relativism and intransigent adherence to value-free doctrines.

BTW, the issue of mind-altering drugs is discussed too in the above links. An unusual topic at VFR (so far as I know).

Finally, I should add that in a relativistic society like post-Western America, there is still a method in the madness: any crime that is the result of liberalism itself is labeled as "random and senseless". But a crime that results from the God-given instinct of self-preservation such as when a white man kills a black man whom he catches in the act of committing a burglary is a crime that is never discussed or analyzed in any meaningful way by today's media except insofar as the white man is regarded as no good because he violated the underlying taboo that forbids self-defense.

In reality we live in a social system of highly structured taboos. Hence, we are governed entirely by superstition. Reason has no place and varying degrees of mental illness are inevitable.

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At December 16, 2012 6:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Post-Western America

This is an absolutely perfect expression. Sad, though, it is.

This tragedy at Sandy Hook, would presumably never have happened had the system - of Western America - been in place.

In European, Post-Western Europe, the MSM are surprised that the tragedy could happen, now that Obama is the president, which is to say that the anti-Americanism has been laid aside. They are also focusing on "the tears and the trembling voice" - that never were there(!) - of the dear leader.

At December 16, 2012 12:51 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

Most every school shooting that I read about in the US and the one in the movie theatre in Colorado, involved kids who were being prescribed anti-depressants, ritalin, or other "behaviour modification" drugs. The link to aggressive and suicidal thoughts has been noted in about 5% of subjects with these drugs. 11 million kids in the US are on these drugs. Take 5% of that and do the math. Combined with further conditioning by Hollywood violence, by violent video games, and the uncontrolled access to assault weapons, and you have a deadly combination.

France actually takes the most psychotropic drugs in the world, but the difference is that there is harder access to weapons and a smaller population. In the US in the 1950's, there were probably more weapons in homes, but what has changed is the introduction of dangerous drugs by Big Pharma, the cheapening of human life in the culture, and of course more sales of assault weapons. It's probably too late to find all those weapons, even with a total ban, so stopping the drugging of kids and outlawing violent video games would also have
to accompany gun legislation to have any real impact.

I pray for the victims of this terrible crime and their families. The devastation must be just unimaginable. It is sickening.

At December 18, 2012 6:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon wrote: They are also focusing on "the tears and the trembling voice" - that never were there(!) - of the dear leader.

When one is moved emotionally, the first thing that happens is that the voice catches. One finds it difficult to speak. In the case of Obama's tearful speech, his voice was clear. There was of course the symbolic wiping the bottom of the eye, though I didn't see any tears. Even wiping the cheek just below the eye was in the manner of Hollywood actresses of the past. You know gracefull.


At December 18, 2012 12:58 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

PS - I found this English language blog on the subject which I think makes some good points:

At December 19, 2012 10:21 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ dauphin,

A good article. I recommend others read it. I wonder if they will ever question the doctor (possibly they already have) and reveal what he said.

I think that partial institutionalization for the boy would have been a good idea. He should have been spending his days under supervision in an institution, possibly spending the night there too, with visits home, also under supervision.

He needed some kind of medication, but I have no idea what they give to autistic people with violent tendencies. He may have been lacking in nutritional substances such as minerals, vitamins; or there was a hormonal imbalance. But he still needed to be out of society.

At December 19, 2012 1:19 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

@ tiberge

The problem is that he was ON a very dangerous medication, which he would no doubt have gotten as well in an institution. They would eventually release him, but he would still be on those drugs. Now it is coming out, at least in French news:


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