Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Imitations of Life

We don't need a crystal ball to know we are in serious trouble. Here are some items culled from various sources that remind us of how bad things are and what we can expect. First, an article by Frank Kacer at the Washington Times, excerpted at VFR, about the next four years under Obama. If you read the original article at the WT, you will find some angry comments over the author's Biblical references. They are offended by a few pertinent allusions to the Bible (and they claim to be conservatives!)

Regarding gay marriage, I know your spirits will be lifted by this photo (below) of the first gay marriage at West Point's Chapel. Laura Wood has posted it at The Thinking Housewife. She says that Liberalism "has defeated God himself". True. Sometimes I think that Liberalism has appropriated God for itself the way it has appropriated classical music, classical literature, classical education, etc… The finest that we produced as a culture, mocked and scorned by the vandals of the 1960's and 1970's, now belongs to them. They have re-interpreted the canon, eviscerating the great works of art and replacing their human dimension and transformational moral purpose with one-dimensional liberal interpretations, immature anti-Western prejudices, and racial and feminist dogma: Huckleberry Finn is racist, The Odyssey was written by a woman, Hamlet was gay, Shakespeare too was a woman, Jane Austen was a feminist, and Socrates was a homosexual, Billy Budd is about homosexuality, The Great Gatsby is misogynist, etc… They may even marry in a chapel (whenever it is convenient for them to express their Tartuffian spirituality) and they may admire Jesus - after all he was a social reformer just like themselves wasn't he? Doesn't George Soros say he has always felt like a messiah? They may rankle if someone talks about Christianity, but it is forbidden to question the motives of their own hand-picked messiahs. They always claim, as Jane Fonda once did, that they have "found God". In this way, they are off the hook. We can't deride their lack of culture or spirituality. After all, they go to operas, read books, and listen enraptured to PBS gurus. Accuse them of anything and they will accuse us of "hatred" "hatred" and more "hatred". They have simply denatured human relationships and Western culture and religion to suit their own astoundingly empty hearts. They had nothing new to offer, so they took what others before them had achieved and now they play-act at being married, at being cultured, at being educated, at being "wives" or "husbands" or "moms", at being innovative and revolutionary. They are, in fact, the most conventional unimaginative, uncreative apers imaginable.

For a while, in those decisive decades, I found intense spiritual repose and consolation in great opera, music, books, and in soul-searching. I would leave my demoralizing job in the public schools and go home and listen to Mozart. I believed the vandals (who hated culture) would leave that realm of human output alone… or ban it. Art was difficult, requiring great discipline, and the vandals had no discipline. But that was a pipe-dream. They soon moved into this haven of civilization that we call "culture". They had to have it for themselves on their own terms, so that we could not have it. Unlike the famous Nazi, they did not reach for their guns to kill culture. They laid claim to it. So now they have it. It's all theirs. Since they are incapable of doing anything right, they can only deconstruct what others slowly and painfully built over thousands of years.

The happy sexless couple in the photo (note that the "groom" looks a lot like Garrison Keillor) are doing just that - they have internalized the ghetto mentality of entitlement. Like our millions of inner-city beneficiaries of unjustified largesse (i.e., blackmail), women and homosexuals too saw that juicy advantages could be extracted from an exhausted, guilt-ridden civilization. Such freebies would eventually cost the country its economic prosperity, its mental health, its ability to defend itself militarily and its will to survive. But by extorting from a dying body, they have hopefully shortened the life span of their own vampirized imitation-culture.

Even though homosexual marriage may affect a small portion of the population, there could be dire consequences for those dinosaurs of tradition who refuse to capitulate. A reader has sent two articles on the possible sacking of British primary school teachers and military chaplains who oppose gay marriage.

I conclude that even though its proponents claim gay marriage to be every bit as normal as male-female marriage, there is an abnormal string attached to any negative reaction. Hence, gay marriage IS different: it is NOT equal to traditional marriage: it is in fact more privileged, and entitled to the use of terrorism to dissuade dissent.

I'm wondering if Brussels is behind this (and the proposed bill in France). 

Note: As I post, I feel I should add that lesbians have in the past served their country well, from what I have heard. Physically strong, grouped into separate units, they were determined to prove themselves competent in combat duties, whatever they were. But that was sixty years ago and in the climate today, they are apt to become spoiled and anti-American as rewards are heaped on them by a society that cannot say no to unreasonable demands. Satisfying such demands usually results in contempt by the beneficiary for the benefactor, the benefactor (and potential loser) in this case being the United States.

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At December 04, 2012 10:44 AM, Anonymous Jewel said...

Tiberge, that was perhaps one of the most eloquent and heartfelt articles you have ever written. You certainly speak for me.
My only response is to shut it all out. The noise of their theft clatters all day long in my ears. I can almost understand why monastics took vows of silence. In fact, I would recommend seeing the movie, Into Great Silence.
You've planted a sturdy tree today.
Thank you.

At December 04, 2012 7:02 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

Very well said, Tiberge. The "groom" looks a lot like Garrison Keillor? ROFL !!!

As to Jewel's recommendation, I second this. Into Great Silence is worth seeing, a good antidote to this non sense.

At December 05, 2012 5:16 AM, Blogger zazie said...

I can but second Jewel ; I don't know if you feel bettter after writing this article, but I certainly feel much better for reading it ; thanks to you, there must be quite a few who feel less lonely.
You have reminded me of my reaction the first time I heard the title "Mozart, the opera rock" ; I said "can't they just keep their dirty hands and hoarse voices off Mozart?" Need I tell you what answers I got?
You are so right about 1968's children claiming that culture is theirs : just think of Jack Lang...Or the younger Mitterrand....
I understand Jewel ; sometimes "seul le silence est grand, tout le reste est faiblesse"; Yet I feel some things must be spoken out ; we can't turn a blind eye on the waste of beauty and the denial of truth that take place every day.

At December 05, 2012 7:52 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ Jewel and dauphin,

I'm embarrassed to say I hadn't heard about the film "Into the Silence". I have just researched it at IMBD and Amazon, and will certainly purchase the DVD.

It's true that we have to be ready to give up everything. This happens to all of us when we die. We have a million things to do that we think are important, and then suddenly it's the end. And what does it matter that we didn't accomplish everything we wanted to?

It would be both exciting and comforting however, if the civilization we still live in fought for its life, even if it lost. We really don't have an equivalent of the monasteries today - pure contemplative societies devoted to the eternal values. The Internet is too noisy, the think tanks rarely face the truth squarely. But I don't think I could live in that much silence. I already live in silence a great deal of the time. It's extremely important to me to have some silence. But I need the world too. I'm sorry I bought my house on a nice quiet street where nothing happens. I need some action. The type of dedication and concentration these monks possess is to me astounding. I can only watch in awe, but could never match what they do.

At December 05, 2012 7:55 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ zazie

Yes, they take everything as if it's theirs and play with it like toys. Operas are deconstructed, professors have to teach literature form a politically correct point of view, and I feel sorry for history teachers. Even forty years ago they had to start revising history to please their audience. And there was no authority to stop it. No one cared. Everyone said "You've got to roll with the punches." We rolled.

At December 05, 2012 2:24 PM, Blogger lara77 said...

You all see a threat by gay people and I do not understand the threat. They are among the most creative,intelligent and caring people I have known over the years.Would any of you compare the "threat" to Western Civilization you see in those women marrying to mobs of youths burning churches or insulting people on the streets? Do you really think the waves of Moslem immigrants who think women are less than men and that live animals can be slaughtered on the streets are a welcome addition to Western Civilization?? Are you all that homophobic that you do not see the real threat to the West? Seriously?

At December 06, 2012 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a must see video


And now wears a tie as a rule. I believe she is showing her contempt for Western man, and American manhood in particular.



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