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Immigration - The Great Catastrophe Part 2

Here are seven more critical problems that are part of the greater catastrophe befalling France, as reported by Polémia. Read Part One of this article here.

Wage-earners' catastrophe: From the effects of the mindless pursuit of immigration, salaries are lower in numerous sectors and trades: construction workers and public works, restaurant employees and household help, artisans, but also technicians and engineers, notably in computer science, are affected. Young active workers entering the labor market are the first victims of this phenomenon. The opening of borders offers an immense reservoir of labor to capitalist societies while the Welfare State guarantees everyone a minimum wage: hence, the simultaneous growth of unemployment, lower wages and higher deficits. It would be hard to do worse!

Budgetary catastrophe: In a country of unemployment, immigration is an economic shackle: any entry of extra people increases the social welfare burden and the general expenses of the nation, without corresponding revenue. If we apply the method of calculation of Nobel Prize winner Maurice Allais, we can estimate at eighteen billion euros, per year, the costs of investment (housing, hospitals, schools, transport, prisons) and operation (schools, social workers and welfare) that are tied to the entry of more than 200,000 additional foreigners. Those who claim, contrary to all reason, that immigration improves the economics of France are forgetting two things: that France does not have full employment and that it is inaccurate to compare a young immigrant population to an aging French population since the latter includes… older naturalized immigrants. Finally, a portion of wages and welfare assistance - several billion euros - revert to the country of origin, which deepens the deficit in the French balance of payments.

Environmental and territorial development catastrophe - Massive immigration leads to the destruction of urban spaces; it provokes white flight and increases the housing crisis and suburban sprawl ("rurbanization") of the country. The result: artificial land development is accelerated; every ten years an area equivalent to one department is artificially developed, destroying the landscapes - fruits of a millenium-old equilibrium. Waste management in immigrant neighborhoods and in the numerous gypsy camps pose serious environmental problems.

Note: "White flight" was in English in the French text. They apparently don't have an exact equivalent. They could easily create a French version but they regard it as an American phenomenon.

The blood-red blotch on the map above represents the urbanized area of Paris and its surroundings. Yellow is for arable land, green for forests.

Public transportation catastrophe: In thirty years, the public transportation systems of big cities have profoundly deteriorated: first, because the transportation systems must move more users without the supplementary revenue needed to do this; next, because irresponsible behavior (blocking the doors of the trains, descending onto the tracks), acts of vandalism and attacks, particularly frequent on lines serving the immigrant suburbs, have repercussions on the whole system, generating repeated delays. "Metal theft", committed by mafias from other countries, are another cause of disruptions.

Note: "Metal theft" refers to the theft of cables and other essential metal components of the rail system. When these critical pieces of equipment are damaged or stolen, many long hours are required to restore service. A recent article (for readers of French) tells of the problem in Toulouse, and calls it a "nightmare" for the SNCF (national rail).

Political catastrophe: According to the Constitution, "sovereignty belongs to the people", and "the law is the expression of the general will". But, in order for a group to be a people, it must share common values, customs and behaviors. This presupposes assimilation. Ethnic and religious communities oppose assimilation. Minorities trade their votes for favors. Which leads mayors to "court Islamism" and the Socialist Party to base its electoral strategy on the replacement of the French working classes by foreign minorities.

Note: "Those mayors that court Islamism" is the title of a book by blogger Joachim Véliocas. The book elucidates the collaboration between the mayors of France, who always manage to find a plot of land for a new mosque, and the Muslim associations.

Catastrophe for French sovereignty: Eventually, our foreign policy options risk being developed in terms of the possible reactions of Arab-speaking or Islamized minorities present on our soil; already, they are the target of spectacular influence operations on the part of the United States and Qatar, not to mention the financing of mosques by Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algeria or Turkey.

Demographic catastrophe: In the short and long term, we are witnessing a population substitution. This is already the case in Seine-Saint-Denis where more than half the population is black or Maghrebin. It also the case in the vast majority of the eight hundred "sensitive" neighborhoods. And it could be, eventually, the case for the totality of France threatened by the "great replacement", to use the accurate expression of writer Renaud Camus. This slow genocide has two causes: the arrival of fecund foreign populations due primarily to "nuptial immigration" (the entry into France of young women with a high birth rate); but also the discouragement on the part of many ethnic European families who encounter increasing difficulties finding housing, moving about, and finding schools suitable for their children. Excessive birth rates and even just the sudden eruption of foreigners is also a cause of the low French birth rate. This phenomenon has been observed in the past in the collapse of numerous civilizations, notably mesoamerican. The demographic catastrophe is by far the most serious because it is potentially irreversible.

Note: "Nuptial immigration" is not an English expression, so far as I know. It seems to refer to young fertile women who come to France to marry, or to foreigners who become naturalized French citizens and return home to find a girl, bring her back to France and marry her. She then would become a citizen, as would their children. It may also refer to marriages of convenience, for the sole purpose of acquiring citizenship.

Of course, all of France's problems cannot be reduced to immigration. The existential crisis of the French people is the major cause of French decline. But it would be useless to imagine - out of blindness, intellectual laziness, moral cowardice, media-driven opportunism or political cynicism - a French (or European) recovery without tackling the question of immigration. For one good reason: daring to confront the problem of immigration is the first step to recovery, for it is the strongest taboo that must be broken: that of a guilty conscience and repentance.

The following video was uploaded to YouTube in July 2010. It shows graphically the attempt by French police to remove African female squatters with children from the Courneuve housing project. Some say the police were brutal with these homeless women, others insist they did their job and accuse the women of using their children as shields. At any rate, one gets an idea of how impossible certain situations are and how the only solution is to close the borders immediately. To do this requires first a withdrawal from or a conflict with the EU.

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At December 09, 2012 10:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The EU is destroying Europe one country at a time.

At December 12, 2012 10:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the 1960's "Anti-racists" forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigration. Then "Anti-racists" forced ALL and ONLY white people to "integrate" or face penalties for being "naziswhowanttokill6millionjews." Now "Anti-racists" are calculating that ALL and ONLY white children will become minorities and eventually EXTINCT. If "Anti-racists" did this to ALL and ONLY black countries, it would be called a genocide. "Anti-racist" is a codeword for anti-white.

At December 15, 2012 2:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The problem is not economic, environmental or any other social evil. These evils are the result of cultural, and most of all, spiritual decline of the French. Having abandoned the faith that made France a great nation, they are now thrashing around in chaos.

It started with the French revolution, when the revolutionaries destroyed the cultural heritage of France, as well as destroyed ( mass murder) of the people who were its carriers.

Most revolutions are more destructive then creative. The Cultural revolution in China destroyed the cultural fabric of China, as well as killing millions of educated Chinese - the very people who carry civilisation.

Ditto the Russian revolution. Russia has still not recovered from the setback. It will take centuries for that to happen.

The American revolution is slightly different, in that the opposing sides were more less kith and kin. However, by rebelling against lawful authority, Americans legalised rebellion. Thus Americans now are the greatest agents of disturbing the peace around the globe. Syria is the latest. At home, they are given to bursts of unrestrained individualism, which is never good for the nation, all operating under the guise that America is a nation of laws.



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