Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pro-Gay Marriage Demonstration

Warning: Obscene slogans.

On Sunday December 16 there was a pro-gay marriage rally in Paris. Reports vary wildly, but on the whole it seems to have been moderately successful, despite attempts to manipulate the figures. About 60,000 marched in support of the proposed "Marriage for Everyone" law, according to Le Figaro. Earlier reports from Le Salon Beige had declared it a flop, but although it never matched the November 16 national demonstration of 100,000 against gay mariage, and even if the figure of 60,000 is exaggerated (as LSB contends), it still brought out plenty of vulgar slogans and banners. Former minister of Health under Sarkozy, Roselyne Bachelot, was there; the Socialists and Communists, including former presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, were there; and minister of Housing Cécile Duflot was there despite orders from Prime Minister Ayrault not to attend.

Photos attesting to the scarcity of participants are at Nouvelles de France..

The next big event - and BIG is the word - since it is all they are talking about at the websites (except for the matter of Gérard Depardieu's exile, which I hope to report on) will be JANUARY 13. This is the date for the second national no-holds-barred do-or-die organized protest against the government's proposed law on "marriage for everyone". One by one bishops, politicians of all stripes, writers, and various groups and associations are saying they will be there and ready for the action. So far, they say that all slogans, signs and banners will be banned, but I don't see why. What is the objection?

We'll see. Often the best laid plans go awry. And fate can be cruel - bad weather or some unforeseen internal dispute can always intrude. There is already a rift between the more traditional and reasonable Catholics and those who are desperate to show they have no grudge or animosity towards gays, they really love them, they just don't want them to marry, etc… A basic principle is at stake, and to soften one's stand so as not to hurt someone's feelings may be self-defeating.

The photo above is exceedingly vulgar. "Bite" in French is "dick". The sign held by a little boy says:
"A dick in the asshole or not, we want equality of rights."

Feast your eyes on the festivities:

"Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Bin Laden, Marc Dutroux also had a mother and a father. It's love that counts"

Note: Marc Dutroux is a notorious murderer accused among other atrocities of burying people alive. He was condemned to life in prison in Belgium.

"Jesus also had two fathers":

The boy scouts (or at least one of them) marched also:

The Freemasons in a light blue scarf (one seems to have a bucket on his head):

"For all":

Won't it be beautiful when the world is one?

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At December 18, 2012 4:21 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

It's disgusting to see a child being given such a sign. This is the part of France that is a toilet. American readers might be surprised (in the UK perhaps not as much) by the film and tv rating system in France. There is a hypocritical ongoing campaign to get parents to monitor what kids watch, but when you see what is supposed to be acceptable for a 10 year old, you would be shocked! I'm sure Zazie knows what I am talking about.

As to the demonstration, more hypocrisy. While the news media is careful to put in parentheses most slogans ("so-called"), especially from the right, when reporting the evening news, they transmit without qualification the propagandistic "Marriage For All" slogan. Of course, how can anyone be against that? Just more proof of France Télévisions as the Ministry of Propaganda. As to the demonstrators, I could say something rude, but they speak for themselves.

At December 20, 2012 6:17 AM, Blogger zazie said...

"Zazie sans le métro" used a lot of rude words, but never displayed vulgarity or obscenity ; that is the difference : nowadays, people will use a refined vocabulary and correct grammar (sometimes!) to express the vulgarity that is deep-rooted in their minds.
You will be pleased to learn that France is not so far down on the slope to savagery as Germany is : There, they have an association that protests against a new law banning zoophily....
As to the official media, I have long given up watching, reading or listening to them! They are subsidized by the "Ministry of Truth", aren't they?

At December 20, 2012 11:41 AM, Blogger Reality Check said...

Homosexual agenda vs Muslim agenda, Radical feminists vs Muslim agenda. Homosexual, radical feminists and Muslims vs traditionalists. It won't be today, but as the Muslims assert themselves, these clashes will be fierce. It's all bad news for Europe and Western civlization.


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