Monday, January 28, 2013

Children of homosexual couples

Left-wing Libération, has posted a three-minute video of children who are waiting to be adopted by their homosexual parents being interviewed during Sunday's pro-gay demonstration, all the "parents" in this case being women. A literal translation of the video is not possible at this time, nor can I embed it. But it is very simple. The children, in all apparent candor, speak of having two mothers, and explain how they call them, for example "maman" and "manou". They see nothing wrong with this, but how could they?

At about 1'33", one of the children (Niels) explains how he was made - his mother placed a seed ("une graine") in his other mother. Another little girl, with two mothers, explains that she had a father who was nuts and who left them. (Note: I have difficulty understanding children. Feel free to correct me.)

Readers point out that children cannot disobey in a situation such as this. The children, for now, are unaware of the future consequences of what their "mommies" have done, and seek only to please the women who are raising them. They are completely innocent.

The video gives some idea of the size of the crowds that came out to demonstrate, but the question of accurate figures remains unanswered.

One reader was clearly not on the side of the government:

- I'm flabbergasted by the ravages done by adults to the minds of young children in the name of their ideology, their egoism, and because instead of acting like responsible adults they have remained adolescents who think the world should bend to their every wish and desire.

This video report shows young children in whom the idea that one can have two mothers has been inculcated (and I wonder if among those children there are some who don't know which one is their real mother), that it was Mommy X who put the seed in the womb of Mommy Y, and that because there are two mothers, a father isn't needed.

One last thing: no one questioned children with two fathers. It would have been interesting to learn how they imagined they were conceived.

The author of the Libération article Fanny Lesbros closes with this comment:

Many children of homosexual parents demonstrated this Sunday January 27.

Her words aroused criticism from this reader:

- That line from Fanny Lesbros is scandalous. How can anyone claim that children accompanying their father or mother are "demonstrating"? The child has certainly become an object, a marionette and the strings are pulled to make him dance to his delight. Using children has always been the characteristic of totalitarian societies, as I have already said, and it is confirmed by these outrageous remarks. It's not surprising that these people invented the camps that, later, inspired the Nazis.

Note: I'm not sure which camps he is speaking of. His chronology could be off.

A pro-gay reader responded in turn to the above:

- As for these children they are only demonstrating their equilibrium, their well-being, and a terrific common sense that some on this forum would do well to have, but that is not going to happen. I also saw the reports on M6 and there too I found the children super well-balanced and the parents very responsible. Is it the beginning of a society of tolerance? I hope so. Stop speaking in the name of these children. In my opinion they speak for themselves very well. Listen to them instead!!!

There were many remarks similar to this one:

- Poor kids, well indoctrinated, and well picked too...

Below, I couldn't help laughing at the sign.

At the top, a committed woman says: 

"I am heterosexual. I will marry when homosexuals can."

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