Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Photos

 Warning: Vulgar slogans.

Here are the first photos of the pro-gay marriage and adoption demonstration in Paris.

Below: "If Hollande backs off, we'll screw him." (Note: "encule" is more vulgar than "screw". It means "sodomize".)

Below: You can read the message on her tee. That comes from the Femen.

Below: "Priests stay in your diocese. We're screwing." (Note: "baiser" is the common, but vulgar, term for what used to be called "making love". "Baiser" in older dictionaries means "to kiss", but the meaning changed, as I and many others learned to our embarrassment when we first went to France.)

Below: "We are gay. We are not priests. No danger to the kids." There may be some justification for this sign, until we realize that if the Church has to pay for harm to children (which it does), then gays who advocate pedophilia and "man-boy" relations also have to pay. As do gay couples who adopt, considering the serious effects on the child, many of which are documented.

How many showed up? We don't know. The organizers say 400,000. The police say 125,000. Le Salon Beige insists it was a flop. My first impression is that it was a mitigated success. More later.

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At January 27, 2013 6:40 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

The coverage on France 2 by Delahousse seemed much more smiling and approving than for the Manif pour tous, which seemed politely tolerant if a bit uncomfortable.

As to the sign about priests, I found some facts in English on this website which points out, among other things, that most of the clerical abuse involved homosexual attraction to adolescents, not pedophilia:


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