Saturday, January 19, 2013

France 2 - One More Detail

Here is one more bit of information about that France 2 "blackout". It comes from Yves Daoudal who clarifies exactly who it was that put pressure on France 2 to pull the video versions of the evening news. Review the original articles here and here.

Two evening news programs on France 2 were removed from the channel's website because they showed, very briefly, a female journalist (from France 3) smiling at Gilbert Collard who had just responded to her with a joke.

Faced with an uproar that this affair obviously provoked, France 2 finally put the two programs back on the Internet.

The reaction of the young lady who had demanded the removal of the programs:

"I am shocked by the magnitude this microscopic affair has taken."


Somebody should show her the way to the studios of Pyongyang Television.

And first and foremost the executives from France Télévision who acquiesced to her demand.

One reader reflects:

- To censor a smile… and to say so without shame to boot…

These people are moving at a dizzying pace far from all common sense, from all things patently obvious, from all human civilization, from all reality. It will soon be truly impossible, without exaggeration, to talk to these folks, impossible to agree on even the most elementary subjects.

We will have to set up detoxification centers, as we have for drug and sex addicts, etc… six months minimum in the country without the slightest contact with a journalist or a bobo, no telephone or internet or television, with French courses and basic philosophy, elementary courtesy, unmythologized history, natural science, sport, hobbies… and medical and psychological support for the long term.

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