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Mali - A Legitimate Intervention

Those of you following the story of French intervention in Mali are aware of the bitter irony that characterizes this worthy effort on the part of the French. The Islamists that the French are now fighting at the request of the Malian government are the same Islamists that the French, under the leadership of the clueless Nicolas Sarkozy and the inane Bernard-Henri Lévy, assisted and supported in Libya and Syria. The same ferocious Islamists that were touted as heroes of the media-concocted "Arab Spring."

In the following communiqué, dated January 18, Marine Le Pen denounces the alliance between the French ruling elite and the Emirate of Qatar that, not surprisingly, opposes the Mali operation:

The denunciation by Qatar of the French intervention in Mali confirms the terribly perverse role of this country that supports Islamist forces in the four corners of the world, in particular in Libya and Syria.

If Qatar does not want France to be engaged in Mali, it is because we are attempting to remove the most fundamentalist elements, allies of the Emirate throughout the world.

The French leaders of both the Socialist and UMP parties, who have become great friends and defenders of Qatar, and who have made so many round-trip excursions to that country that Doha is today the vacation capital of the French elite, must now clearly examine their conscience. Out of stupidity, blindness or greed, they never cease advertising a country that plays against our national interests and for the world-wide expansion of radical violent Islamism.

Marine Le Pen solemnly denounces the undignified submission of the French elite to that country, which in a few years, has redoubled its initiatives that place France under its tutelage: participation in strategic corporations (Lagardère, Total, Vinci, Vivendi, etc…); acts of proselytizing in our suburban ghettos that target Muslim youth; strong pressures to turn our foreign policy in the direction of support for the jihadists in Libya, and in Syria; arming and financing these Islamist militias.

France must officially distance herself from Qatar and denounce, just as officially, the practices of this Emirate that run contrary to our values, our traditions, our principles and our interests.

In the five-minute video below Marine Le Pen outlines the reasons why this intervention is completely justified. I'm providing an adaptation of her words, not a literal translation:

This is a legitimate intervention to help a moderate country that is French-speaking and historically a friend of France. As a world power we have an obligation to intervene, in the higher interests of France, when the cause is just. Such is the case, this time. France and Mali are joined by a defense agreement making any debate on the role of the United Nations or the European Union useless. France is a great power that has the means to intervene independently, whenever necessary, without necessarily being the vassal of anybody. If coalitions are necessary it is for France alone to decide whether or not to participate. The Islamist advance in Mali must be stopped and I have confidence in our soldiers to accomplish this quickly.

Note: She then expresses her sympathy to the families of those who have already fallen.

The security of the region and of our fellow Frenchmen depend on this intervention. As does the security of Europe and France that have no interest in seeing a new fundamentalist country a few thousand kilometers from their borders.

Another clarification is necessary. If the Islamist mafia, heavily armed, went into Mali it is because of the rise to power in Libya of jihadists who quickly imposed sharia law. The policy of Nicolas Sarkozy, supported by the Socialist Party, consisted of helping, financing and arming the jihadists in Libya. Same thing in Syria, where, François Hollande, in the footsteps of Sarkozy, supports openly the jihadists against the existing government.

Our intervention in Mali derives from a cruel paradox: we are fighting in Mali the jihadists that we put into power in Libya and that we would like to put into power in Syria.

This disastrous incoherence must be denounced. We support this intervention in Mali because it does the opposite of what happened in Libya and Syria. We are now pushing back the Islamists.

Note: She ridicules Bernard-Henri Lévy, inept adviser to presidents, and his theatrical proclivity for war, war that he has never seen. She calls him a "va-t-en guerre" - a person who is always ready to go off to war. And she says that the only bullets he has ever heard whizzing by are tennis balls. (The French word for "bullet" and "ball" is the same.)

The fight against Islamic fundamentalism must be everywhere, in Mali, but also in France where the fight has not really been waged and where the Republic has been backing off, for years, due to pressures, and where we alone have had the courage to speak out loud and clear.

Note: She denounces the continuously diminishing military budget and the danger this creates for the army.

Today, we are on the point of rupture. All military specialists are saying it - between 2009 and 2014 our military forces have been reduced by seventeen percent, and our military budget is only 1.6 per cent of the GNP.

To invest in defense is to invest in the economy and employment, in the future, it preserves the interests of France, our influence, it allows us to be respected throughout the world, and finally it ensures our security.

We demand that budget reductions stop, and that obsolete equipment be replaced so that our forces can operate in complete safety. That is what a great modern power is. My fellow citizens, always stay behind our soldiers, and be proud of their efforts.

The UMP and the Socialist Party have seriously failed, where we saw clearly.

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At January 21, 2013 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A most timely post, in my opinion, tiberge

We have seen it building up. I mean, the shopping spree, which of course, makes France some sort of female that can do nothing but obey her pimp.

At January 21, 2013 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Here in France there is a mess. If things change for the better in Mali, we are prepared to return home."

"Mali: We want to be recolonised by France"

"Kofi, it was surely better under the Whites"
LCP, French TV: "How has Africa - Togo in particular - managed its 50 years of liberty?"

Very poorly, according to Kofi Yamgnane, successful immigrant to France, and now candidate for presidency in Togo, who states the following about the failure of his homeland.

In the villages of Togo, people, and in particular the elderly, keep telling me that it was really better during the colonisation, Kofi says.

- You just want to cry, says Kofi about infrastructure that has stopped working now that the French no longer are there to keep the schools running, roads maintained, etc etc.

Rather telling statements about France and Africa Anno Domini 2013

At January 22, 2013 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


The fact that Western countries have now take to overturning the few moderate regimes in Muslim countries, the ones who are favourably disposed to us, can be viewed in a different light.

It must be obvious, that no matter if the regime is moderate or not, the people themselves, if given the chance, vote overwhelmingly for Muslim Brotherhood type parties. The conclusion is that the country itself is fundamentalist at the core.

Why then pretend that we dealing with moderate Muslim countries, when their citizens are actively involved in the Jihad against us, while hiding within a "moderate " Muslim country, and thus preventing us from taking action against them.

Under these circumstances, it is better we overturn the "moderate" regimes, and let them revert to what they actually are.

In the fullness of time, the entire ME will be part of one caliphate. Now we will have a proper enemy, something that the Western military has lacked since the fall of the USSR. Embargoes, economic immigration and other sanctions can now be applied, as was done with the Warsaw pact.

In addition, full scale military actions can be taken, as the caliphate just does not have the deterrence capability which the USSR possessed.

This is a along war, and if my contention is correct, we are moving along quite well.

At January 22, 2013 8:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Council of The European Union
Brussels 10 December 2012

EU prepares mission to train Malian army

"The EU training mission in Mali (EUTM Mali) is intended to help improve
the military capacity and the effectiveness of the Malian Armed Forces in order to allow,
under civilian authority, the restoration of the country's territorial integrity. It represents an
integral part of the EU's comprehensive approach to the situation in Mali and the Sahel."

At January 22, 2013 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

EU training Malians
(From above document)

"Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security
Policy / Vice-President of the Commission, said:

"The presence of terrorist groups and the oppression of local populations in the north of Mali, as well as human rights violations,
not only pose a grave threat to the Sahel region, but also to North Africa and to Europe.

We are determined to fully mobilise all the tools we have, in cooperation with our regional
and international partners, to help Malians restore the rule of law and re-establish a fully
sovereign democratic government with authority throughout the country. European military expertise can contribute significantly to this effort, as part of our wider support to
the democratic transition and our humanitarian assistance to deprived populations."


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