Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wombs for Rent

Warning: Some profane language at the end of post.

Back in December, Pierre Bergé, former partner of Yves Saint-Laurent, and co-founder of the House of Yves Saint-Laurent Couture made a statement that made history, so to speak. His words probably did as much as anything to harm the gay movement and to energize its opponents. The recent Manif pour Tous on January 13 that saw a million (or more) demonstrate against the proposed law to legalize gay marriage and adoption was proof that Bergé's words had possibly ricocheted.

What did he say? Le Figaro reported on December 16, 2012:

"We cannot make distinctions between rights, whether it is medically assisted procreation, surrogate motherhood, or adoption," stresses Pierre Bergé, president of Sidaction and founder of Têtu. "I am for all freedoms. To rent your womb in order to have a baby or to rent your arms in order to work in a factory, what's the difference? It's shocking to make a distinction."

Note: Bergé is an AIDS activist and helped to create Sidaction in 1994. Têtu is a gay publication owned by Bergé.

Even left-wing publications such as Nouvel Observateur were shocked by his statement. One female journalist did not mince her words:

... ever since I read (his words) they have stuck in my throat. (…) Those words denote a certain mentality, a way of thinking that boils down to imagining that everything in this base world can be bought. Those words place the womb of a woman and the arms of a worker on an equal basis, and they legitimize the fact that a uterus can be sold. And since a uterus can be rented out, why not an ass as well?

And according to Marie-Claire, a French women's magazine, angry reactions were quick to explode on Twitter. One reaction:

- Bergé's statement reveals one thing: an excess of Opium does great harm to the mind."

Note: Opium is YSL's popular perfume.

As for Le Salon Beige here is how one readers sums it up:

- "It's shocking to make a distinction"… He said it. The enemy for these madmen is discernment in general, the act of distinguishing true from false, good from evil, ugliness from beauty. The proper of man, his dignity, consists in this capacity for judgment. For Bergé and Company, everything is equal, everything is… for sale. Thanks to Pierre Bergé for summarizing so well and in such a pithy manner the ideology that governs him and his accomplices.

Note: The words "everything is… for sale" is an approximation. He says in French "tout se… vautre", referring to the action of wallowing, often wallowing in sleaze or debauchery.

More recently, he accused the demonstrators in the January 13 Manif pour Tous of being "homophobic" and "antisemites". A 44-second video posted at the blog of Olivier Demeulenaere will give you an idea. In the video he says that everyone has his "good gay" just as everyone had his "good Jew".

- You say they are homophobic, but they say no.

- They are obliged to say no. Of course they are homophobic. Everyone has his good gay, like everyone had his good Jew.

- Is that your profound conviction?

- It's my profound conviction. Not for everybody, but for most of them.

He equates being "anti-gay" with being "anti-Jew" and insists that to deny it is too easy.

Below, still another photo from the January 27 pro-gay marriage demonstration, that illustrates the level of the marchers and their agenda. The slogan is directed at Frigide Barjot, organizer of the Manif.

"Frigide, your ass must be jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth."

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At February 01, 2013 1:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The slogan is really quite typical. From what I've observed everywhere, they are a vulgar bunch. yes they really do seem to love it. I really do think that this might be an indication of a kind of sickness... And tiberge are you aware that the topless femmes in Paris then went onto the Vatican and past week in Switzerland being vulgur,screaming like banshees,like lunatics.

At February 01, 2013 2:42 AM, Blogger tiberge said...

@ anonymous, 1:56 a.m.

Yes, I was aware if that. They were making a spectacle of themselves while the Pope was speaking. But I think the police stopped it quickly. My impression is that they, along with people like Pierre Bergé, have dealt a death blow to the cause of gay marriage, and its corollaries. If this law passes, I can't help feeling there will be a major upheaval politically. Of course, I could be dreaming...


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