Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Cambridge Welcome

This article at Nations Presse puts into perspective the circumstances surrounding Marine Le Pen's visit to Cambridge, England, where she addressed the Cambridge Union Society following a protest against her presence at the university:

In keeping with its bad habits, the press has once again lowered itself and distorted reality, by focusing public opinion on the derisory demonstration of a hundred-or-so extremists, most of whom were not enrolled in this elite university that has more than 16,500 students.

On the contrary, instead of marching to the tune of death threats, the real Cambridge students came to hear Marine Le Pen who spoke before a full house. Greeting her with applause both as she arrived and later as she left, they were very attentive before asking questions that were certainly at times blunt, but always courteous.

If Marine Le Pen's trip to the United Kingdom was a success, it was above all because the Cambridge Union Society, whose remarkable professionalism should be noted, only invites personalities in power or who exert a major influence.

Unlike the inadequate, defamatory, and sometimes hateful articles in the left-wing British press, quoted by the French press as if they were typical, most of the reactions and commentaries before, during and after this event reflected a British opinion that is traditionally neutral, and above all dedicated to the defense of freedom of speech.

In truth, it has become unbearable for the media and the political establishment to see Marine Le Pen gain international stature beyond the growing popularity she is enjoying in France. This is why they never cease tracking her and twisting her foreign visits into caricature.

This ridiculous game will of course not prevent her from advancing on an international stage that is more and more interested in her actions and her words.

The article was written by Ludovic de Danne, the counselor in charge of European and international affairs for Marine Le Pen.

The photo at the top indicates she was in some danger. The article did not say who the demonstrators were, if not students. 

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At February 21, 2013 5:40 PM, Anonymous dauphin said...

It's been said that sanity is the ability to differentiate; insanity is identification (everything is equal to everything else). If one cannot tell the difference between Marine Le Pen and a fascist, then one is to some degree insane. But I doubt these protesters even take the time to know what Marine's views are, and they certainly lack the intellectual rigour of the Cambridge Union Society members. In their probable support for collectivist ideology, the protesters are in fact much closer to fascism themselves.

While fascism stems from Mussolini and Nazism from Hitler, they are considered the same, so in any case there is any doubt, here is Marine again, denouncing Nazism in the strongest terms:

At February 22, 2013 6:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder when these students will denounce Marxism - the ideology that led to the greatest slaughter of humans in all history.

Some 40 to 50 million people were killed by Marxist communists in the USSR. Some 60-80 million by communist Marxists in China. Then there were others such as Pol pot.

In the Great Scheme of killing humans, Hitler comes in a very poor third.



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