Sunday, February 03, 2013

Despite all the demonstrations, Article 1 passes in the National Assembly, 249 to 97

First came the "flash" from Le Figaro announcing that Article 1 of Taubira's law legalizing homosexual marriage and adoption had been adopted by the National Assembly. Only 348 deputies were present Saturday morning when the voting took place, of whom 249 voted for Article 1, while 97 voted against, and two abstained:

At noon today the French deputies adopted the key article of the bill on homosexual marriage that eliminates the requirement of sex difference as a condition for the right to marry.

More than five thousand amendments have been proposed on the twenty articles that constitute this bill introduced by Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira. Previously the deputies rejected by 183 votes to 85 a series of amendments from the UMP party that aimed to eliminate Article 1, then by 171 votes to 71 another series proposing a "civil alliance" as an alternative to homosexual marriage.

As it has done for the past several days, the opposition, besides defending one by one its numerous amendments, redoubled its speeches, its calls to order and its requests to suspend the session in order to stall the debate.

This bill will be examined for a period of two weeks, including week-ends, and a solemn vote on the totality of the bill is scheduled for Tuesday February 12.

Note: The last line is important because it reminds us that the vote on Article 1, completed on Saturday, is still only the first step. More debate, more demonstrations, and more voting still lie ahead.

But the big news for Le Salon Beige and its astonished readers is that from what we can see of the break-down of the voting, the Front National deputies did not vote at all! This has not been confirmed, but LSB explains why it is probably true, judging by the official report from the National Assembly:

All you have to do is the math: 249 voted for the Article: 235 Socialists + 3 UMP + 8 Ecology + 1 Radical + 2 Divers gauche. While 97 voted against the Article: 94 UMP + 2 UDI + 1 Divers gauche.

In other words, Gilbert Collard, Marion Maréchal Le Pen, Jacques Bompard, Véronique Besse and Yannick Moreau did not vote. These are the five whose election to the National Assembly last June was greeted with such relief and enthusiasm by the patriots, both Catholic and non-Catholic. Only Marion Maréchal Le Pen is officially a member of the Front National, but Bompard and Collard ran on Marine Le Pen's coalition, the Rassemblement bleu marine (RBM), while Besse and Moreau belong to the MPF, a patriotic party that is connected to the UMP. It is truly amazing these five deputies, who have shown every sign of being sincere patriots, did not vote. I do know that Marion was in Avignon on Saturday with the demonstrators. Is it possible she didn't know they were voting? No. But it is possible that she still intends to vote on the final acceptance February 12.

So this may not be the final word.

Meanwhile, Le Salon Beige readers exploded in outrage and shock at what they saw as an unexpected and inexplicable betrayal.

More on this later. And keep an open mind - events change rapidly.

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At February 03, 2013 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very disappointing.

At February 04, 2013 12:11 AM, Anonymous Jewel said...

So now what? Will the French say, as we in the States have said so often when unjust laws are passed,"Well, nothing we can do about it 'cept protest once a year."
Will the French be like this?

At February 04, 2013 1:20 AM, Blogger tiberge said...


I feel as you do. This morning I searched for news that it was all a dream and the five deputies really had voted, to no avail. There is no explanation, but I will keep up with the comments at LSB, where the level of intelligence far surpasses that of the deputies. The fact that half of Sarkozy's party, the UMP did not vote, is not really a surprise, but they are supposed to be the "opposition". However, I cannot get over Jacques Bompard and Marion. Maybe they felt it was not important because they knew there was no chance for success. Maybe they felt it was better to wait for the final vote. I really don't know, but these people have no coherency in their convictions. They give great speeches, but they don't vote. And there's nary a word at Nations Presse where Marine Le Pen talks endlessly about the economy and Mali.

I am still waiting for lights from someone. There must be an explanation.


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